Volume 35, Number 6, June 2000

Dear USG


Visitors Find
Website Informative

Dear USG,

I just found your web site (www.glass.com) and found it to be very informative. Please put our glass shop on your mailing list. Even as a glass shop owner, it is good to get recent important information pertaining to the glass industry that I can pass on to my customers.

Lewis Cohen
Connecticut Plate Glass Co.
Bridgeport, Conn.


Dear USG,

Thank you for responding to our request for information. We went to your website and found the exact equipment that we were looking for in the classifieds. Saved us a bunch of time and money. Thanks again.

Steven Massie
Keepsakes Under Glass
Bunnell, Fla.


American Shower Door
Does Not Sell Products
in Lowes

Dear USG,

Your May issue of USGlass (see page 37), featured an article titled, “Can They do it All?” by Tara Taffera. In this article you discussed the relationships between certain manufacturers and the home center market of the shower door industry. You stated that “In Lowes ... American Shower Door will be found in the aisles.”

American Shower Door products are not found in ANY of the home centers you mentioned in your article. Had your editor checked with us before using our name in the article, we would have given her the correct information. American Shower Door has been in business since 1935, selling a quality product to glass dealers worldwide. We have never had
a relationship or made any sales to the businesses mentioned in your article.

Since our corporate philosophy emphasizes that we deal with glass dealers who sell a quality custom product, we had concerned phone calls from our customers asking if these policies had changed. Please assure your readers that American Shower Door has not in any way altered its policies and USGlass has incorrectly stated that our products are available in the “big box” stores.

Carol Perry
marketing vice president
American Shower Door
City of Commerce, Calif.


Editors Note: USGlass regrets the error referred to above. Unfortunately, USGlass fell victim to a case of mistaken identity and worn abbreviations. Taffera personally visited each of the stores mentioned in the article. At Lowe’s she saw a $373.99 38-inch Victorian shower door displayed as what appeared to be ASD but actually was an ASB (American Shower & Bath) enclosure. It was not an ASD (American Shower Door) enclosure, nor was it from Arizona Shower Door, another ASD profiled on page 54. We regret the error. n



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