Volume 35, Number 7, July 2000


fire-rated glazing

New Product Meets Safety Standards

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Federal Way, Wash.-based Technical Glass Products (TGP) has added a new product to its current portfolio. FireLite Plus is the impact safety-rated version of the company’s wireless fire-rated glass ceramic FireLite. According to TGP, this new product meets the highest standard of impact safety for glass, CPSC 16CFR1201, Category II.

FireLite Plus provides fire ratings from 20 minutes to three hours and passes the “fire hose stream test,” and its performance will not be affected by sprinklers or extinguishers. FireLite Plus is available as tested and listed in sizes up to 36- by 96-inches.


doors and door hardware

ODL Offers a
Breakthrough® in
Entry Door Windows

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Lasting Impressions is a new series of Breakthrough resistant glass door and side windows that is now available from ODL. The Zeeland, Mich. company’s product comes in floral designs, overhead transoms, doorlites and sidelites and, according to ODL, are 180 percent more resistant than tempered glass.

“Lasting Impressions allows builders and remodelers to provide peace-of-mind to homeowners in an elegant way,” says Scott Spence, senior product manager for ODL.

According to the company, Lasting Impressions features clear waterglass creativity, intertwined with iced granite, clear bevels and streamed glass for a unique, floral design. The doorlite can be complemented with matching side windows and overhead transoms.



sAdd Some Color with New
Two-Color Paint Application

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New from Cranberry Township, Pa.-based TRACO is the company’s Two-Color Paint Application. According to the company, this process selectively coats both the interior and exterior of an extrusion in a continuous procedure, for a finished two-color result.

TRACO says customers can now choose how their windows will look on both the inside and out and can select from a variety of colors.




Fen-Tech Opens Up with
New Window System

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The pre-formed, cellular PVC vinyl window system is the most recent advancement from Fen-Tech Inc. of Superior, Wis.

The product is designed for the treatment of architectural windows and pre-formed cellular PVC vinyl radius casing, extension jambs, custom grills and insulating glass units. Vinyl shapes are available for most any radius. According to the company, this new system can cost up to 35 percent less than curved laminated wood systems and can be delivered within one week. \


mirror and mirror-related products

12 Volt Mirror and Glass Notching Kit From CRL

Designed exclusively for the glass industry, C.R. Laurence Co. Inc. (CRL), of Los Angeles, has introduced its 12-Volt Mirror and Glass Notching Saw Kit. The saw kit features a 12-volt cordless saw with a long lasting nickel cadmium battery cartridge, two diamond blades, one for glass and one for tile, a battery charger, an 8-ounce bottle of CRL Diamond Tool Coolant, a coolant canister and a wrench, all stored in a plastic storage case.

“Prior to this introduction, our most powerful notching saw was 9.6 volts,” said Bill Gyore, CRL product manager. “This new portable model is a powerful upgrade, providing a longer work life per charge.”


Reflecting Possibilities from Meek Manufacturing

For a clear choice in mirrors, Meek Manufacturing Company of Fort Smith, Ark., has a line of several stainless steel framed models. The company’s original SNAP™ framed mirror features an angle frame, constructed of 18 gauge type 304 stainless steel with welded, polished corners. This mirror is theft and vandal resistant and offers a quick installation, according to the company.

Meek’s stainless steel channel framed mirror is also available. According to the company, it too, is easily installed on a non-visible mounting that is corrosion resistant and features a galvanized, theft-resistant locking system.

The stainless steel A.D.A. is a solid, fixed tilt mirror and it too is theft resistant. The frame, which is completely enclosed, extends 4 inches from the top of the wall and 1 inch at the bottom.

All frames are available in bright or satin finish and a variety of glazing options.


A Source in Beveling

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If it’s beveling services you need, you may want to check out GLASSource, with locations in Grand Haven, Mich., and Franklin Park, Ill. The company offers complete beveling services, including up to 2-inch shape or straight-edge bevels on 1/8- to ¾- inch glass or mirror. In addition to shapes and edges, mirror color options of silver, black, beach, blue, green, gray and bronze are also available.

GLASSource uses state-of-the-art machinery and orders are instantly quoted and delivered on a weekly basis throughout Michigan, Illinois, Ohio and northern Indiana.


Palmer Helps QuickSet™ Your Mirrors

For quick mirror installations, Palmer, of Louisville, Ky., offers QuickSet Mirror-Mastic®. According to the company, QuickSet is a faster setting mastic for copper backed glass mirrors. The product can be used for mirror-to-mirror or mirror -to-non-porous substructures, is water resistant, resilient, absorbs normal vibration and allows for expansion and contraction due to typical room temperature changes, according to Palmer.


The Glazers Choice®
in Adhesives

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For professional mirror installations, Glazers Choice Mirror Adhesive is available. According to the company, the product guns smoothly, staying in place when applied. The company also adds that build-out allows for sight line adjustment needed in seamless appearances. Twenty minutes of open time offers adequate preparation without losing adhesion.




Antique Additions

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A line of handcrafted, antique mirrors is available from National Products of Louisville, Ky. The line, Antique Décor Mirror, is designed for architectural, furniture and framed mirror applications, according to the company.

The mirrors are available in six different color patterns, 1/8-inch or ¼-inch thickness, custom pattern cuts or block sizes with either beveled or seamed edges.


Sommer & Maca Introduces
New Strip Cutter

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The latest innovation from Sommer & Maca is a self-oiling, cutting head strip cutter, which the company says will cut clean and smooth each time. A Toyo carbide cutting wheel is featured, as well as a heavy-duty aluminum roller assembly and ball bearing wheel guides which the company says will ensure easy positioning along the glass’ edge.

The strip cutter is available in 24-, 48- and 72-inch sizes and has a 134-degree angle wheel. The Toyo TAP 154 degree wheel is available for heavy glass scoring.


screen printing

ICD Introduces Aqua-Vue™ Ink

Industrial Control Development Inc. (ICD) of Vancouver, Wash., now offers Aqua-Vue screenprinting ink. According to the company, the product provides a highly decorative effect unachievable with other inks. The inks can be used in interior or exterior lamination applications such as wall cladding, store fixtures, skylights and more. In addition, the ink is available for screen printing or spraying.

The inks were cured by Casso-Solar Corp. of Pomona, N.Y.


insulating glass and related materials

TruSeal’s T.A.P.E. Takes on
the Fabricating Process

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Grid installation accuracy, labor reduction and capital efficiency are features of TruSeal’s Totally Automated Production Equipment (T.A.P.E.™). The Beachwood, Ohio, company’s latest launch takes on IG unit production using the Swiggle® Seal to ensure a consistent placement to the glass edge. The system automatically marks the spacer for grid placement in relation to the edge. According to the company, T.A.P.E. offers an efficient and economical automation approach.


glass block

Weck Offers Wide Assortment
of Glass Blocks for 2000

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The 2000 line of Weck glass blocks has expanded for Glashaus Inc. of Crystal Lake, Ill. According to the company, focus on traditional block products has shifted to architectural interest and performance options. New products include the 2-inch thick Weck glass block, 33 percent lighter and thinner than standard size blocks; preassembled shower panels that pair with standard shower stall extrusions that feature the 2-inch thick glass block; preassembled aluminum frame and vinyl frame windows that feature the 2-inch thick glass block; and the mortarless BlokUp metal grid systems for the 2-inch thick glass block.\


TEC Offers Advanced Bonding for the Industry

Advanced autoclave equipment is now available from Thermal Equipment Corp. (TEC) of Torrance, Calif. According to the company, both vertical and horizontal airflow designs are available to provide maximum uniformity.

“Autoclave systems are most efficient when they are tailored to fit each application’s needs,” said Loyd Champion, project manager. “Systems engineered for one company are not always the best option for another. This is why we enjoy working with our customers to look at all options to reduce maintenance and energy costs while keeping productivity high.”

TEC also provides automated conveyer systems, double door designs, a variety of heating mediums, cooling systems, turnkey installations and complete door control systems.


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