Volume 35, Number 8, August 2000



What Makes a Company One of the Best?

What makes a particular organization one of the best? Is it the great 401K plan? What about the mammoth barbecue blowout held every year? If you ask ten individuals, you’ll probably receive ten different answers. Nevertheless, USGlass decided to tackle this subject—no matter how subjective it may be. We accepted nominations from employees and also talked to various individuals in the industry in an attempt to determine the best companies for which to work in the glass industry (see page 50). Once we compiled our list, the chosen companies were asked to complete a survey of the benefits they offer. Although other factors definitely play a role, for many people benefits play a large part in making a future employment choice. And we’re not just talking about medical, dental and vision insurance—most companies (even in the glass industry) offer some form of these. But, many of the companies on our list offer extra perks to keep employees happy, such as flextime and company excursions. While these extras may seem small, like the saying goes, “it’s the little things that matter.”

While items such as a great retirement plan, full medical benefits and employer-paid tuition assistance, may lure people to a particular company, according to Jerry Wright of AAA Glass & Mirror, it’s more than that. In his article on page 54, Wright says that when interviewing potential employees, “show that you are a solid company with a clear sense of the future, such as having a mission statement or a statement of purpose.” Thus, just rattling off your list of perks and benefits, no matter how impressive, may not be enough to make your company one of the best.

USGlass has decided to make the “Best Companies to Work For,” a new annual feature. So, let us know what you thought of this year’s list and how we may improve. What do you think makes a particular company one of the best? I’d love to hear what you think. E-mail your comments to bestcompanies@glass.com. I hope you enjoy our best companies feature and I look forward to receiving your feedback.

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