Volume 35, Number 8, August 2000


Lassoing in Good People

Texas-Style Guidelines to Consider When Rounding Up New Employees

by Jerry Wright


Success is something we all want. It rarely comes easily, but takes time and hard work. In order to get our jobs done, we have to marshal the necessary resources and apply them well. In other words, we need good people to get things done. In this industry, one of our biggest challenges is to attract, integrate, motivate and keep people going.


The Value of Good People

Those we describe as “good people” often set the pace on their work teams. They inspire others with their example and enthusiasm and in turn, those around them strive more diligently.

Individually, good people bring unique characteristics to their work team. As good people work together, we find that the work gets done and people enjoy what they are doing.

But what do we do to keep these good people on our team? The environment in which we operate is extremely competitive, with limited resources. Companies compete against one another vigorously for customers and for resources. There certainly are other employers who would love to have some of your key people working for them. They will try and use all sorts of methods to persuade them to leave you and join their team.

If your employees feel like they are valued members of your team, they will be less receptive to other offers.


Starting Right

If you create the right kind of image, your recruitment efforts will be more successful. Think about this: What image does your company present to potential employees? Are you a part of your trade associations and a contributor to the concerns of your employees? Understand that the same positive exposure you get in the outside world ultimately will strengthen your bonds with your workers.

In the long run, if you want to attract and keep good people, you must have something to offer them. They must see joining your team as a positive career move. Show these potential employees that you are a solid company with a clear sense of the future, by having a mission statement or a mission of purpose. Anything you can do to reinforce feelings of pride and achievement will strengthen your position in reaching and keeping the people.


Take Notice

Have you ever been ignored at work? At some point, everyone wants attention and when we don’t get it, we get hungry for any kind of acknowledgement. We actually can learn a lot about attention simply by watching children. Have you ever noticed how a child responds to positive attention? Yet if they don’t receive any from parents, or other adults, they deliberately misbehave to gain attention. Adults are the same way. Research has shown that people often leave an employer because they haven’t received any recognition.


Values, Policies and Ethics

Establishing a list of company policies and ethics lets your employers know what you will and will not tolerate in the workplace. Value each person, work together as a team, and remember we are all here for the

Keep these rules in mind and you may find and keep a few good people yourself.

Jerry Wright is the president/owner of AAA Glass & Mirror in Fort Worth, Texas. If you have any employee-related questions or concerns, e-mail them to employment@glass.com. Wright will answer your questions in a future issue.


Happy Trails

Since rules are a part of most any company’s day to day activities, Wright offers a few of his company policies that may help you not only maintain a comfortable working environment, but also keep your employees from steering to other employers.

• Prohibit discrimination of any kind;

• Facilitate a family feeling;

• Value professional standing;

• Promote integrity;

• Insist on workplace safety;

• Apply progressive discipline early;

• Offer flexible working hours;

And whenever possible

• Provide advancement opportunities by promoting from within your company.


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