Volume 35, Number 8, August 2000


IG sealant systems

New Hot Melt Butyl Sealant Provides Durability for Insulating Glass Units

Millions of insulating glass (IG) units have been fabricated with D-2000 Reactive Hot Melt Butyl IG Sealant from Delchem of Wilmington, Del. The company says the sealant sets new and higher standards for long-term field durability, service-life and IG unit performance.

D-2000 is a warm-applied, reactive, hot melt butyl sealant, which contains no silicone, isocyanates or hazardous materials. Upon application it immediately begins to react with atmospheric moisture, cross-linking and forming covalent chemical bonds with the glass and spacer. According to the company, IG units fabricated with D-2000 have attained full product certification from IGCC and IGMAC. Units fabricated with D-2000 have completed more than 68 continuous weeks in a P-1 chamber without failure. Another set of units completed more than 88 weeks in a high humidity temperature chamber without failure or dew point degradation.

According to the company, IG units fabricated with D-2000 provide more than 20 years of field service life under the most demanding and stressful environmental conditions.


mirrors and mirror products

Their Glass,
Your Imagination

Located in Antwerp, Ohio, the motto at Spec-Temp Inc. is “If you can imagine it, we can fabricate it for you at the highest level of quality and integrity.” The company services a wide range of customers with glass products for vehicles, furniture, appliances, shower doors and more.

Spec-Temp can bend glass, screen print, perform edgework and temper or heat-strengthen all types of glass. The company is ISO 9002 registered, with a fully documented, world-class, quality system and have been TUV-Rheinland certified since 1995.



Forever Finish Debuts from Ultra Hardware

Pennsauken, N.J.-based Ultra Hardware Products L.L.C. has introduced its Forever Finish product line including locksets, deadbolts, doorknockers, letter slots and more.

According to the company, the Forever Finish line comes with a lifetime warranty and is manufactured with a physical vapor deposition (PVD) finish that is four times harder than brass or gold. According to the company, Forever Finish will not pit, fade, tarnish, corrode or rust.



Computers Mean Business
Offers New Software Package

Ontario-based Computers Mean Business Inc. has added a new product to its line of software, geared towards commercial building product manufacturers and glazing contractors. Intelli-Opt© Advanced Lineal Optimizer allows the user to run three different optimization routines and lets him or her choose the best result for production and ordering. It also features detailed cutting lists reports, ASCII export and Saw Interface files.


For an All in One System, Choose
D-CALC Fenestration

Whether you operate in Windows® 95, 98 or NT, D-CALC Fenestration is a fully integrated software program that works with each. It is offered by D-CALC America Inc. of St. Louis, Mo. and the product targets industry manufacturers of aluminum windows, doors, storefronts and more. D-CALC allows users to create 2D and 3D designs, modify products, and offers services that provide purchase orders, quotation and management reports.



Quick, Set and Bend with Tamglass

For moldless, horizontal, tempering and bending glass, Tamglass, of Finland, has introduced the Quick-Set-Bend (QSB™) system. According to the company, QSB provides a high volume production environment and a short changeover time for quick, profitable production runs on cylindrical and non-cylindrical shapes such as J-bends and S-shapes. In addition, the machine’s full oven width can be utilized to produce a single bent shape or multiple bent shapes with single or changing radii.


Taking Glass One Step Further: Interior Glazing System

wpe2.jpg (6350 bytes)    wpe5.jpg (7938 bytes)

Pilkington Profilit™ is the newest interior glazing system from the United Kingdom-based company. Pilkington says the product is engineered and applied in a new manner. While the product has been used often in European projects, it is new to the United States. Profilit curves easily and offers the designer both aesthetic and economical options to incorporate in the use of columns, serpentine walls or curved walls.

During Profilit manufacturing procedures, the product is cast into a series of channel shapes, which are interlocked to form double glazed units. The complete glazing system is held within an aluminum perimeter frame. No intermediate aluminum-framing members are necessary to provide structural integrity.


Suppliers Offer Variety of IG Machinery Options

Two-In-One Seal System from Billco Manufacturing

wpe6.jpg (46273 bytes)

The Billco Linear Coater system from Billco Manufacturing Inc. of Zelienople, Pa., is designed to apply both the primary and secondary seals to linear spacers simultan-eously. The company says it is the first system available commercially designed to provide a true dual-seal insulating glass unit. Features of the system include self-diagnostics, programmable logic control, color touch-screen operator interface, laser controlled base die and automatic adjustment of the coating dies.

Billco offers a wide range of equipment for producing insulating glass units and fenestration products including the original Billco “Flip Top” Washer and the Billco patented Heat Press.


Bottero Takes the Modular Approach

wpeD.jpg (26271 bytes)Bottero Flat Glass Inc. of Pomona, N.Y., has unveiled a new solution for insulating glass production facilities. This solution automatically loads, cuts and breaks sheets of glass ready to be assembled into insulating glass units. The company says this modular approach, using standard glass machines that are custom-integrated with the insulating glass line, meets the needs of both low and high production facilities. Complete control of the cutting operation is maintained throughout the cycle, yielding higher employee productivity and efficiency. The glass flows from storage area to assembly area in this turnkey system minimizing operator intervention.


Aztech Offers Automatic Gunning System

wpeB.jpg (30453 bytes)

Aztech Sales Associates Inc. of Somerville, N.J., offers the AGT-VIII Automatic Gunning System. According to the company, this automatic, high-volume insulating glass gunning system can produce up to 1,000 IG units per shift with one operator. The company also says the system provides dramatic savings in material and labor costs over hand gunning, and seals both double- and triple-glazed IG units with a only a few minutes changeover time.


Stay Cool With Prestick’s E’VN Heat

wpeE.jpg (9783 bytes)Prestik Manufacturing Inc.’s E’VN Heat Insulated Glass Press produces finished units directly out of the press with no cooling period. The Ontario, Canada manufacturer says users can close the final corner prior to entering the oven.

According to the company, the E’VN Heat uses a different approach to heating the IG sealants; rather than using primarily convection heat, it uses more radiant heat, which selectively heats the sealant and not the glass and the air space. According to the company, the result is a cooler finished IG unit. This has allowed IG manufacturers to be able to seal their units immediately after exiting the press, and in some cases, having the unit sealed prior to entering the press. Other benefits include precision thickness control and easy replacement of IR emitters.


From 50 to 500,
Sommer & Maca
Offers Production Line

The dual seal vertical insulating glass production line from Sommer & Maca Industries Inc. offers a variety of options so users can customize the line to production and budget needs. The company says the line is ideal for manufacturers with production needs of 50 to 576 units per shift. The line is composed of a vertical washer, lighted inspection station, assembly area, computerized process and a tilt unloading table.

Customers have the choice of 63-, 79- or 98-inch high vertical washers, with the ability to process glass lengths of 78-, 110- or 140-inches. The assembly and press stations are available in automatic or semi-automatic versions. Additionally, several sizes of tilt sealing and unloading tables are offered.



TRACO Introduces Impact Resistant Hurricane Products

wpe10.jpg (6844 bytes)

Based in Miami, Fla., TRACO Security Windows and Doors Inc., offers a line of impact-resistant, hurricane-ready, windows and doors. According to the company, its Security’s Shutterless™ Impact Resistant products are designed to withstand hurricane-force winds of up to 200 mph.



Thermal-Gard Window Program Growing

Thermal-Gard of Punxsutawney, Pa., has recently launched production of its newest product line–vinyl-clad replacement windows. These windows will be presented in a wood-grain interior/classic white exterior model, and will be offered in a double hung, slider, casement and patio door lines. Rich Paulsen, director of sales and marketing, believes that the versatility of this product ensures that Thermal-Gard’s customers “will not have to compromise the aesthetic value of a window to achieve thermal efficiency.”


fire-rated glazing

InterEdge Technologies Brings Belgium’s Pyrobel to the U.S. Market

InterEdge Technologies of Sausalito, Calif., announced an agreement to introduce Glaverbel’s Pyrobel fire-rated glazing to the U.S. market.

“We are extremely pleased to be representing the next generation of clear, fire-rated products in the United States and thrilled with our association of such a fine company as Glaverbel,” said M. Scott Foote, president of InterEdge Technologies.

Pyrobel, manufactured in Belgium, is comprised of multi-layers of glass separated by an extremely clear intumescent innerlayer that expands upon the application of heat. This process sets up a barrier to fire and high temperatures allowing safe egress for building occupants and a higher level of property protection. Foote said that under intense fire conditions, a maximum temperature rise of 250 F can be expected with Pryobel, compared with a rise of over 1,000 F with other products currently available.


glazing systems

Commercial Slider from Columbia

Columbia Commercial Building Products of Rockwall, Texas, is marketing a new heavy commercial slider. The product is thermally-broken and features a 4-inch frame depth with full receptors. It is available glazed or open for 1- or ¼- inch glass.


Sheffield Plastics Offers
Illuminating Solutions

HYZOD SolarGlaze is a multiwall polycarbonate sheet recently introduced by Sheffield Plastics. According to the company, the product features a ribbed design that provides diffused, evenly dispersed light and clarity and 82 percent more visible light transmission. In addition, the SolarGlaze maintains UV surface treatment for weathering resistance, is lightweight and warranted against loss of light transmission and hailstone damage. SolarGlaze is ideal for use in greenhouses, skylights, solariums and other such projects.


insulating glass and related materials

Ensinger Introduces
INSULBAR® Thermal Barriers

Manufacturers of aluminum windows, doors and curtainwall can take advantage of Ensinger’s INSULBAR structural thermal barriers for strength, resistance to heat transfer and design flexibility. The product is made with glass-reinforced nylon 6/6 and includes a glue wire of thin polyolefin monofilaments. According to the company, INSULBAR is the strongest structural thermal barrier on the market, and provides a stronger combination of insulation and strength than similar products.


Window and Door Related Hardware

Security Lock Secures Schlage Ties

wpe11.jpg (1401 bytes)

Security Lock recently announced that it now maintains total inventory of all Schlage mechanical and electrified access hardware in each of its warehouse centers. The Schlage line includes residential, commercial and institutional locks, knob and lever designs, interchangeable cores and cylinders. Complete in-depth inventory is maintained for all Schlage products in every architectural finish, function, design, backset, voltage, key-way and switch option, allowing Security Lock to now provide single-source availability for the entire Ingersoll- Rand family of companies.


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