Volume 35, Number 9, September 2000



CRL Extends AMZI Line

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C.R. Laurence Co. Inc. (CRL) of Los Angeles has introduced two new products for use with the company’s Production Diamond Glass Drilling Machine (AMZI), a portable drilling machine with variable speed controls. The Stainless Steel Collett (AMZ229) installs in the AMZI chuck and allows the drill to be used with any straight shank drill with a center borehole for coolant flow.

CRL product manager Bill Gyore believes many customers “were reluctant to use the AMZI” because they already had “a good deal of money invested in straight shank diamond drills.” However, by using the AMZ229, these customers “can utilize their own straight shank drills with center bore holes as they phase into Belgian mount drills.”

In addition, CRL has also introduced a new Base Ring with Drain and Tube (AMZ228). With the adaptation of the standard base ring, coolant is still confined within the base ring while drilling, yet drains to a separate container or pail, leaving less to clean up after each hole is drilled.



TingWall® Revolutionizes Curtainwall Technology

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Pittsburgh’s Advanced Building Systems Inc. hopes to revolutionize curtainwall systems with its newest product, TingWall. Developed by Dr. Raymond M. L. Ting, a professional engineer with more than 30 years of experience, the company says TingWall is designed to withstand the worst of weather conditions. Following Ting’s “Airloop Principle,” TingWall utilizes pressure-equalized airloops to separate water seals from air seals throughout the system: an inner airloop within each panel, and an outer airloop between panels. Panel engagement in the specially-designed structural mullion carries wind load, and wind or seismic induced building side-sway.

The company says TingWall requires less maintenance than most curtainwall, is easily adaptable for retrofitting older buildings, as well as for new construction, and requires no exterior caulking. TingWall’s Universal Joint System provides design flexibility allowing mix and match of virtually any type of facing material, all without problematic boundary conditions.

Vitrododi Patents Glass-Handling System

Vitrododi International, located in Italy, has invented and patented a system to handle and place lites of glass. The system, which can also pick up wood, metal, plastic, and plexiglas, consists of two 120-mm lever suction cups hinged to one another. The suction cups are then placed on the glass sheet base to lift it.

 Bottero Introduces
Automatic Shape Edger

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Bottero’s North American Market has a new choice in shapers with the new 432 BSE Automatic Shape Edger now available. According to the company, this machine can create several profiles on flat glass shapes including pencil, flat, bullnose and waterfall.

The shaper features three stacked, peripheral wheels, that are cooled by water and guided around the shape through CNC technology. Bottero says the machine was designed specifically for those who need to automatically grind and polish straight or shaped glass and mirrors, with small to medium thickness. Other product features, according to the company, are reduced set-up time, high accuracy and speed, and a compact size.


Doors and Door Hardware

Premdor Partners with Owens
Corning to Launch QuietZone

Toronto-based Premdor, manufacturer of residential and commercial doors, is working in collaboration with Owens Corning to market the Owens Corning QuietZone™ Acoustic Door System. According to a recent survey of homeowners by Owens Corning, many are stressed, even losing sleep because of noises coming from both outside and inside the house. The company says QuietZone Acoustic Door Systems will help eliminate this problem.

“The addition of the QuietZone Acoustic Door System will offer homeowners a solution for achieving peace and quiet in their home,” said Wayne Power, general manager of Owens Corning acoustic system business. “The expanded system prevents noise from traveling from room to room.”

 Stay on Guard with Alarm Locks
From Security Lock

Guard X™ code-compliant exit alarm locks are now available from Security Lock Distributors of Boston. According to the company, the lock features a 2- by ˝- inch aluminum latch case, which resists tampering and vandalism from inside the door. The lock is available in a variety of finishes and comes non-handed, with an armed indicator light.

 Adams Rite Revives
Popular Lever

The Adams Rite Manufacturing Company has brought back the lever operator for its MS® series of deadbolt locks. The new lever, the 4550 MS Lever, has a special clutch mechanism that the company says will protect the lever from vandalism and abuse. In addition, the lever assists narrow stile doors with deadbolts to meet the American Disability Association’s guidelines for accessibility.

4550 MS doors can be locked or unlocked with a quick movement of the lever. The lever is made even more user-friendly by an indicator which quickly reveals whether the door is locked, according to Adams Rite Manufacturing Company.



New Laminate Contains Teflon®

The Lamart® Corporation of Clifton, N.J., has introduced the TF-12, a new foil-supported Teflon pressure-sensitive adhesive laminate for applications in the glass industry on roll covering, equipment cleanup, release surface, mold lining, bench tops and many other uses. According to the company, TF-12 has such a high level of capability that no special tools are required for its application.



Pilkington Introduces Four New Texture Glass Patterns

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Pilkington of Toledo, Ohio, has added four new products to its U.S. Texture Glass line: oak, charcoal sticks, digital texture glass and contour texture glass. Paul Gore, product manager for Pilkington Texture Glass, comments that “the use of any of the new textures would really add a unique look to patio furniture, office partitions and any architectural design application.” In addition to its decorative applications, Pilkington Texture Glass, a rolled, patterned glass that has a specific pattern or design impressed onto one surface, can also be used where privacy and sound abatement are needed. This makes it ideal not only for commercial buildings, but family residences as well.


IG and Related Products

TruSeal Adds Muntin Bars
to Product Line

TruSeal Technologies Inc. of Beachwood, Ohio, has added muntin bars in both standard and profile styles to its IG and glazing products line. The standard model provides a classic grid system for double-glazed insulating windows and features concealed intercept joints and a butt seam for reinforced strength. Conversely, the contour shaped, pre-finished, aluminum muntin system of the profile edition is designed for use in double-pane insulating glass applications. According to the manufacturer, the step profile affords an authentic three-dimensional effect to the muntin grid system reminiscent of traditional wood grill bars. In addition to offering the muntin bars in a variety of sizes and colors, TruSeal also has added muntin end clips, internal crosses and external four post cross connectors to its products line.

Glassline Hits Market With
Three New Products

Glassline Corp. of Perrysburg, Ohio, has three new products designed specifically for coating glass. According to the company, the first of these, an inline edging system for batch furnaces, seams the glass at high speeds while a wide hold-down timing belt and heavy-duty gearbox ensure against scratches on coated glass. In addition, Glassline has released a high-speed unloader and loader for coated glass. Utilizing dual arms, the machine lifts the glass from its underside. Then, a rack advance unit adjusts the rack for each piece of glass in a way to eliminate scratches usually incurred in the process of lifting coated glass, according to the company.

Glassline’s third new product, an edge-deletion system, employs a high-speed direct drive spindle for precise pressure control and automatic wheel wear compensation to level tempered surfaces, according to the company. Two designs of the deletion system are available, automated in-line deletion line, or the CNC edge deletion system.

Wood’s Powr-Grip Offers Full Line of Vacuum Lifters

Wood’s Powr-Grip of Laurel, Mont., offers a variety of production line vacuum lifters built to handle the demands of the glass processing line. Each model helps to speed production, reduce operator fatigue and reduce glass damage. The company says a variety of models are available, including vertical lifters, rotators, tilters and rotator/tilter combination units. Each is designed to quickly and effortlessly maneuver glass between storage racks, cutting tables and processing machinery. Optional features, including variable frame dimensions, individual vacuum pad shut-off, vacuum loss warning buzzer, and DC vacuum back-up and a customized lifter to meet particular handling needs.


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