Volume 35, Number 10, October 2000

Dear USG


RAMCO Salutes City Glass

Dear USG,

This letter is in answer to R.L. Smallwoods-Roberts’ of City Glass in Janesville, Wis., question concerning small to midsize glass companies purchasing metal and receiving it properly. His type of company is the reason Reliable Architectural Metals Co. (RAMCO) in Detroit exists. RAMCO is a fabricator/distributor of aluminum storefront metal, aluminum doors and frames as well as curtainwall systems.

First off, RAMCO doors test better than any known test for aluminum doors. RAMCO delivers standard doors and frames as well as stock lengths in one to two days and non-standard doors and frames and fabricated frames in two weeks or less. RAMCO stocks clear, bronze and black anodized material in - and 1-inch thermally broken flush glaze tube and curtainwall. RAMCO manufactures narrow-, medium- and wide-stile doors and makes a tremendous amount of custom doors with any kind of hardware you may want. RAMCO is an original equipment manufacturer for Jackson and Adams Rite Hardware, and can mix door stiles. The company offers one wide- and one narrow-stile, arch top doors and various types of top and bottom rails. (Ten-inch bottom rail is standard.)

RAMCO’s pricing is approximately 10 percent more than buying direct from the big guys, but there are no freight, no wait and no freight claims. Freight usually eats up 5 percent; freight claims cannot be priced, so the end result may be less than you pay now.

Also, most shops take pride in their fabrication as most everyone considers their fabricators to be the best in the business. RAMCO does all layouts in the office and the metal is cut to size, and sent to the machine room where, with the help of 30 or more presses, it is punched and sent to be assembled. The assembler then screws the metal together and the frames are ready to be shipped at a cost that is no more than breaks-even for your fabrication without any cut-off for stock.

Door, frame, transom and sidelite(s) arrive at your shop at the precise sizes ordered so you do not have to cut the height down or add the sidelite(s); add this cost to your savings.

I do not know who could help in Wisconsin but I think that Arch Aluminum is taking over Coolidge’s Metal Fabricating Plant and could be a viable alternative.


Virgil S. Taylor
Retired General Manager


USG Serves the World

Dear USG,

I am very proud to receive one of the world’s best informative and most useful magazines related to the glass and mirror industry. Your publication has all the important details a glass retailer would require. I feel very fortunate to receive such a magazine. I would like to inform you that the details in USGlass are very useful for me and I was searching for such a magazine for years in India. Since you could provide me with the best, I am really thankful and grateful for it.

Sannuthi M. Manohar
SRI Srinivasa Mirror Industries
Karnataka, India




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