Volume 35, Number 10, October 2000



Swanberg Promoted
at MTH Industries

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Chicago’s MTH Industries has a new executive vice president and chief operating officer. Michael Swanberg has been with the company for more than 17 years, during which he has held several positions. “Mike has consistently exhibited true professionalism in every endeavor and his dedication and loyalty to MTH Industries is above reproach,” said Lyle Hill, who continues as president and chief executive officer of the company.

As chief operating officer, Swanberg will maintain his present duties while also directing MTH’s daily activities.


Former PPG President and COO Passes Away

J. Earl Burrell, former president and chief operating officer of PPG Industries in Pittsburgh, died Monday, August 28, at his home in Naples, Fla.

A graduate of the University of Michigan, Burrell was with PPG for more than 40 years, after starting in its chemicals research department in 1941 in Barberton, Ohio. In 1946, he transferred to the company’s operating department, and then to its chemicals complex in Natrium, W.Va., in 1952, as operations superintendent. In 1956, Burrell was named assistant to the vice president of chemical operations at PPG’s headquarters where he went on to become general manager of chemical operations in 1958, vice president of chemical operations in 1961, chemicals vice president and general manager in 1966, corporate executive vice president of operations in 1975 and president and chief operating officer in 1976. Burrell retired from the company in 1984.

Burrell is survived by his wife, Margaret, six children, eight grandchildren and one great-grandson.


Stolarz Ascends Through the Ranks at Rebco

Rebco Inc. of Patterson, N.J., has named Tony Stolarz its newest vice president of sales and manufacturing. “Tony has been an asset to Rebco since starting with us nearly 20 years ago,” said Rebco president Peter Bonzani. “He has a keen understanding of Rebco products and its appropriate applications.”

Stolarz originally was employed in the drafting department at Rebco, where he worked with its numerous products. Later, he became involved with the sales of Rebco’s products until he was named to his most recent position as sales manager.


C. R. Laurence Announces Product Team Expansions and Appointments

Los Angeles-based C.R. Laurence Co. Inc. (CRL) has expanded its customer service program with several new appointments. Doug DeRusha has been named Eastern national sales manager, Lou Joella, West Coast national sales manager and Paul Kennedy, national sales manager for Canada.

Also at CRL, Wayne Christensen, formerly of North Hollywood Glass, has joined the company’s technical sales division. He has more than 39 years of experience and has been involved in all phases of the glass industry.

A Minute With ...

      Barry McGee

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PPG Industries Inc.

With almost 30 years of experience in the glass industry, Barry McGee recently became the newest vice president of flat glass for Pittsburgh’s PPG Industries. After earning his bachelor’s degree from the University of Memphis and his master’s degree from the University of Tennesee, both in physics, McGee took his first position at PPG directly out of college. Excited about his newest position and continually working to improve the glass industry, McGee reflects on his past experiences at PPG, his new position and his hopes for the future of the glass industry.

Q. Tell me about your first assignment at PPG.

I was in the aircraft and specialty glass group at Huntsville [Ala.]. I was involved with bird impact testing on aircraft windshields. Believe it or not, we’d fire chickens at the windshields. If the windshield failed, I would perform a break analysis to determine the reason for failure. And we couldn’t fire them frozen, because we were simulating a bird-in-flight test.

Q. What do your new duties entail?

The same as Mr. Leggett’s were—we service all of the non-automotive areas of flat glass. I also share joint management of glass research and development and glass engineering.

Q. Is your family excited about your new position?

This position will require a bit more travel than my previous one did, but of course the family is still excited. I’ve been involved with all areas of glass at PPG.

Q. What changes have you seen during the last 30 years at PPG?

The development of a significant quality process, tremendous productivity, the re-emergence of developing value-added products and an entirely different service approach to the industry.

Q. What changes have you seen overall in the glass

The move towards higher-performing products, the steady improvement in customer service and major consolidations within the industry.

Q. How would you like to see the glass industry change?

We need to expand the value of glass and subsequently market this value to the consumer with a greater focus on glass as the material of choice in the construction business.

Q. What are your hobbies?

My hobbies are travel, golf and skiing. One of my favorite trips was visiting southern Ireland three years ago, seeing the area where my family


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