Volume 35, Number 10, October 2000


Shower Doors

Hidden Guide System Holds Door, Offers Distinct Look for Shower Doors

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Style-Rite of America® of Clifton, N.J., has introduced three new product lines, the Duchess® 2000 series of framed aluminum tub and shower enclosures and the Victoria® and Princess® lines of frameless enclosures. Each of the new products utilizes the SR Building Block System™, which consists of interlocking extrusions, allowing flexibility and design options. Likewise, each shower door contains a guide system, hidden from front view, which captures the doors with both upper rollers and lower guides, according to the company.

The Victoria frameless heavy glass sliding enclosures are glazed with 3/8-inch tempered glass. However, all other units of the shower door are glazed with 3/8- or ½-inch tempered glass. The door is also equipped with polished, bright dipped and anodized aluminum extrusions, solid brass hinges, or optional solid brass extrusions. The shower door, constructed from heavy glass, is designed to fit anywhere, home or office, according to the company.

The Princess frameless sliding glass enclosures are glazed with ¼-inch tempered glass with polished, bright dipped and anodized aluminum extrusions. Depending on the model, the company says various other finishes and glass options are available on each door.


Basco™ Completes Shower Doors With Brand-New Finish

Basco Showers of Elegance of Mason, Ohio, has added a new finish to its line of frame options for shower doors. The new nickel finish comes in three shades, polished nickel, satin nickel and platinum. According to the company the nickel finish is not only complimentary to most nickel faucets and fixtures, but it is also a sturdy, lasting product. To create the finish, nickel enamel is electrostatically applied to the aluminum frame and heat-bonded to create a durable finish that the company says will resist scratching, cracking and chipping.

The three shades of nickel finish are available for both standard and custom closure designs with a lifetime guarantee on each frame, according to Basco.


GLASSource’s Shower Doors ‘Work Right’

GLASSource, located in Grand Haven, Mich., currently is promoting its major line of shower doors, WorkRight®. The company says it has an unlimited selection of WorkRight framed or frameless shower doors as well as heavy glass, euro, overheight and steam unit styles, according to the company. Made to fit and easy to install, GlassSource says its shower doors include all standard items as well as ornate patterns such as glue chip, reed, antique, etched and v-grooving. In addition, the doors come in a variety of colored metals including brushed satin, brushed nickle, almond, biscuit, white, black, silver and gold, according to the company.


Contractors Wardrobe® Offers Extensive Line of Shower Door Products

Contractors Wardrobe of Valencia, Calif., has introduced a new product, the Rotary Gear Hinge for shower doors. Designed to blend with the enclosure frame and to provide unified support over the entire length of the door, the hinge will not rust and offers bind-free operation, according to the company.

In addition, Contractors Wardrobe features a line of heavy plate hardware for frameless shower and steam enclosures, including solid-forged brass hinges, stainless steel ¾-inch and 1-inch diameter through-glass towel bars, handles and pull-knobs. Likewise, the company says it offers a maintenance-free, stay-clean, open bottom track for shower doors equipped with a Perm-Adjust® roller.


LCS Secures Showers with Distinct Latches

LCS Precision Molding of Elysian, Minn., features two uniquely distinct shower door latches, the LCSR723 and the LCSR718, according to the company. The LCSR723 is a two-piece latch with an integral plastic spring. LCS says the latch’s lack of metal parts helps it to resist corrosion. In addition, the LCSR723 is available in several different colors or brass-plated.

The LCSR718 is a tension-style ball latch. The company says this latch, which utilizes a stainless steel spring, guarantees firm closure and is available in various colors.



UCB’s Uvekol® Meets Requirements

The Uvecryl Coatings Group of UCB Chemicals, based in Smyrna, Ga., has announced that its product, Uvekol S, has met the American National Standard Institute (ANSI) Z97.1 and CPSC 16 CFR 1201 Category II standards for safety glass certification. According to the company, Uvekol S is used primarily in contemporary architectural glass design when the glass is mounted or glazed for use in public areas. UCB says the product is also used often on storefronts, atriums, sliding glass doors and shower doors.


Fire-Rated Glazing

TGP Fires Up With Pyrostop®

Technical Glass Products(TGP) of Kirkland, Wash., has introduced a new fire-rated, impact safety-rated, transparent wall panel, Pyrostop. According to the company, Pyrostop reduces the transfer of radiant and conductive heat emanating from a fire. The transparent wall panel is composed of multiple sheets of glass. When exposed to fire, the sheet of glass closest to the fire will fracture and the inner fire protection layers will foam up to form an opaque shield against radiant and conductive heat.

According to the company, Pyrostop is fire-rated for up to two hours and is currently available throughout the nation.



McGrory Glass Inc. Presents Acid-Etched Lustrex Series

McGrory Glass Inc. of Aston, Pa., is venturing into a new realm with its newest line, the Lustrex Series, a line of acid-etched glass products. According to the company, Lustrex products are superior to coated sandblasted items because of their satin-like surface quality and resistance to oil, dirt and fingerprints. Lustrex is available in thicknesses from 4- to 12- mm and colors including clear, blue, green and other colors, or with a mirror finish, according to the company. Likewise, McGrory’s acid-etched glass can be produced either tempered or laminated.



Wausau at Florida Airport

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Wausau Window and Wall Systems recently introduced a new curtainwall system, the Series 8750 four-sided structural glazed curtainwall. According to the company, the new system serves as a complement to buildings with full-size glass expanses and no visible exterior frame. Likewise, the system can be special ordered with operating vent or entrance door inserts, internal structural reinforcing, integral Venetian blinds, and exterior aluminum trim covers. The company says the curtainwall system is also available in a number glazing systems, color-matched anodic or organic coatings.


Vistawall Creates Curtainwall System and Accompanying Vent

Vistawall Architectural Products of Terrell, Texas, has designed a new curtainwall system, CW-250. According to the company, the CW-250 is designed for flexibility and engineered for performance and easy installation. CW-250 has a closed cell, PVC foam gasket at the interior weather seal that the company says yields excellent performance while minimizing labor costs.

In addition, CW-250 features a 2 ½-inch face dimension, no exposed fasteners, 1- or ¼-inch vision and spandrel glazing capabilities, pre-punched pressure plates, captured and butt glaze mullions, heavy-duty mullions and low-profile corner transitions, according to the company. Along with the CW-250, Vistawall has created the 4500 Series Vent to accompany the curtainwall. The 4500 Series Vent has no exterior site lines and is designed to equal the performance of the curtainwall system, according to the company.


Disneyland Utilizes URS-2000

wpeE.jpg (6111 bytes)URS 2000 panels from Global Architectural Panels were used on this Disneyland garage.

The new unitized rain screen system, URS-2000, is a product of Global Architectural Panels, located in Gardena, Calif. URS-2000 is formed from .125-inch aluminum and offers a back-vented rain screen system designed for new and existing building claddings. The company says URS 2000 is equipped to handle storms of all sorts and is already the choice of such companies as Disneyland, which used the new material for a garage it built recently.



Premdor Celebrates Year 2000 with New Patio System

wpeF.jpg (3441 bytes)Premdor of Pittsburg, Kan., recently developed the 2000G Patio System, complete with low-E insulating glass and a multi-point locking system. According to the company, the flush glazed glass reinforced plastic (GRP) unit appears wooden, yet resists the nicks, dents, splintering and warping which real wood endures. Likewise, the company says the paintable patio door is maintenance free on the outside, equipped with Ice-White prefinished panels, vinyl-wrapped jambs, PVC brickmould, three-way adjustable hinges and brass interior handles. To maintain warmth, the door also contains a core of polyurethane, strategically placed between the GRP panels, which the company says reduces the escape of heat from the home. The 2000G Patio System is covered by a lifetime warranty.


Window and Door Related Hardware

Open Up To CRL’s New Door Closers

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C.R. Laurence Co. Inc. (CRL) of Los Angels has expanded its line of adjustable power surface mounted door closers to include the PR80 Series and the PR82 Barrier Free Series. According to CRL, these two new series of compact, adjustable models possess a variety of useful attributes, such as the built-in back check function which can help protect doors and hardware from damage in the opening cycle. In addition, the closer can accommodate door weights of 33 to 264 pounds and the closing speed can be adjusted to suit individual

In addition, the company says the adjustable latching speed closing action accelerates over the last few degrees of arc, in order to overcome latch resistance, door seals, or wind pressure. Both series feature precise heavy-duty rack and pinion gears, parallel arm brackets, mounting hardware, a ten-year warranty, and can be purchased in either aluminum or bronze finishes. 

Shower Door Designed for Small Spaces

Coastal Industries Inc. of Jacksonville, Fla., has expanded its Paragon™ Series with the introduction of a Bi-Fold Shower Door. The shower door, available in widths from 19 ½- to 40-inches, is designed to fit into the tight confines of boats, recreational vehicles and manufactured housing.

“We see the Paragon Bi-Fold product as an answer to many of the space limitation problems that are prevalent in areas of restricted size, said William M. Cobb,

According to the company, the door is equipped with hinges strong enough to endure rigorous daily use, along with a full-length, double magnetic latching system to ensure secure closure. In addition to its sturdy construction, the Paragon Bi-Fold system is decorated with a Euro-style design with polished aluminum finishes, available in polished bright gold or silver anodized aluminum, according to the company. Each shower door is glazed with 5/32-inch Aquatex tempered glass.

Jam-Packed Catalog Available from Security Lock

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The massive 1,008-page catalog from Security Lock Distributors of Boston covers it all in safety and security devices. Find product information from major manufacturers of access control along with specifications, finishes, functions, accessories and options and ordering information.

recent launches

A new line of all-welded carts and trucks for material handling applications is now available from Lyon Metal Products. The line equips end users with the necessary means to select and transfer equipment and merchandise ... FDR Design Inc., offers a new single-line gas filler available in two varieties. One filler features a calibrated flow rate of six liters per minute, and the other maintains a flow rate of 15 to 28 liters per minute EdgeCrafter offers a line of Alpha Professional Tools for straight edge and beveling Porpus Materials Inc. has introduced its Windows-based External Surface Area Analyzer … The Load Bear, an adjustable support system for projection windows has recently been introduced by Fen-Tech Inc. … With the help of a carbide tip, chisel-shaped head, and quad flute design, the new Powers S-4 Plus SDS drill bit from Power Fasteners boasts a 27 percent faster drilling speed Sprayway, Inc. claims that its new easy to use Spray No. 209 Mirror Edge Sealant protects mirror edges from blackening and reduces silver deterioration that often is the result of handling, humidity, moisture, and storage lock …. Hy-Lite Products Inc. has introduced a pale green color to its selection of block colors, available nationwide in wave and frosted wave patterns ...To create attractive displays with minimal distractions, CRL has introduced its new Cable Display System, which combines slim, perpendicular cables, glass shelves to provide a frameless look that emphasizes products, and not the display system


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