Volume 35, Number 11, November 2000

Our Newest Products(s)

You’ll find a number of new and extra-ordinary things in this issue of USGlass. That’s probably already apparent to you by the cover of the magazine. If you’re a reader in the United States or one of its territories, this issue includes a CD containing the new NAGS flat glass numbering system.

There’s been much discussion about the new flat glass numbering system. Reviews of the numbering system itself have been very positive; reviews of the inclusion of pricing information has been roundly denounced and NAGS has decided not to include pricing models after all. So why all the fuss? Well, we asked NAGS if you could judge for yourself and they responded by sending you a free copy to review. So have at it. The CD is on the cover, and the instructions for use appear on pages 43-46. And be sure to let NAGS know what you think of the system after you’ve tried it out, as I am sure they’d be most interested in your feedback.

Enclosed with this issue, you’ll also find the premier of Door & Window Maker™ (DWM). It is included as a supplement with this issue of USGlass, but starting next year it will have a life of its own. If you’d like to receive this new quarterly publication, please complete the subscription request form on pages 7 and 8 of Door & Window Maker.

DWM is really the brainchild of USGlass editor Tara Taffera, who will also serve as publisher of the new magazine. She had been challenged repeatedly by the velocity and quantity of news and information our readers in the door and window industry needed and wanted. Our USGlass Openings section had grown to the point where it could run 40 or so pages an issue. (The conditions were similar to those we noticed when our auto glass magazine, AGRR: the magazine driving the auto glass repair and replacement industry was launched last year.)

At the same time, she began to notice that these readers were asking for more and more information about window and door manufacturing processes and components. “There’s really nothing available that focuses strictly on manufacturers and provides the kind of information they need to run their plants and businesses,” she said. “So we set about to create a thought-provoking publication that would help these readers.”
Taffera completed the business plan earlier this year, and we held a launch meeting with our sales staff then as well.

Together with all our staff, Taffera and art director Marcia Malinowski have created a new type of door and window publication that I am sure will meet readers’ needs. We’ve been overwhelmed by the interest in and support for this publication and I’m happy to be able to bring it to you today.

By the way, DWM wasn’t the only thing Taffera and Malinowski were busy creating. Both were in the process of welcoming their first children—both daughters—within ten weeks of each other. The Malinowski’s beautiful daughter, Lauren Ella, was born on August 26. As I write this on November 6, Isabella Rose Taffera is due to make her debut any second now. Mom, Dad Cory and all of us here are excited to see her.

Trying to juggle the introduction of a new publication into a company already full of schedules, dates and business travel is always a bit stressful. But trying to do so while working around the introduction of two new little ones who have no regard for deadlines or schedules was a bit challenging—and a bit of fun. The entire team here made sure Isabella knew she had to stay put until DWM went to press, and I’m happy she decided to cooperate.

On one particularly busy day, Tara and I were reviewing all the things she was balancing to see if we were going to make it to press before she made it to the hospital. “Remind me when your due date is again?” I asked her. “For which?” she shot back. “For USGlass, AGRR or DWM?” I had actually meant her baby’s due date, so we had a good chuckle over that.

Anyway, the nicest part of juggling schedules and moving them around is when you have to do so for good and happy reasons, as was the case this time. Please take a look through the enclosed DWM and let Tara know what you think. You can e-mail her at ttaffera@glass.com. Marcia is back at work, but don’t expect an answer from Tara for six to eight weeks. You can feel free to contact managing editor Ellen Giard in the meantime.
Have a Happy Thanksgiving!