Volume 35, Number 11, November 2000


New Anti-Reflective Coated Glass Introduced by German Company


In a world that often revolves around computer monitors and television screens, HY-TECH-GLASS, a subsidiary of Glas Trosch, has introduced the new LUXAR brand of anti-reflective coated glass to provide some much-needed clarity. According to HY-TECH-GLASS, complex and expensive technology for years made anti-reflective coatings an infeasible option for thwarting glare and mirror-like effects on glass. However, recent advancements have made such coatings both an efficient and economical preference. In particular, the manufacturer claims that one of the most important uses of its new technology will be in the area of security glass. In the past, reflections and mirror-like effects often warped a customer’s view of merchandise, but according to the company, LUXAR can make display-window products shine in the best light possible. Now, glass showcases, artwork encasings and even computer monitors and television screens, can all benefit from a heightened degree of contrast, resolution and reduced glare.

Sprayway Extends Line
Sprayway Inc., based in Addison, Ill., has added two new products to its line, Spray No. 920 Industrial Polishing Oil and Spray No. 43 Ammoniated Glass Cleaner. According to the company, glass and mirror professionals will find Spray No. 920 a useful item to have on-hand for grinding and polishing all metals and glass. Sprayway recommends use of the spray every half-hour that the machine is in use in order to minimize belt loading and changing, increase production, improve finishes, extend the life of abrasive belts and wheels and keep belts soft and free-cutting.
Sprayway’s Spray No. 43 also is available for use on windows, mirrors, windshields, chrome, stainless steel, tile, formica, showcases and porcelain. According to the company, the ammoniated glass cleaner eliminates accumulation of dirt, grease, soot and grime.

Custom Service Hardware Promotes New and Improved Products
Custom Service Hardware Inc. is busily promoting its glass and wood panel moldings, which are now in stock. According to the company, its moldings make glass replacement easy, keep glass from rattling when a door is closed and provide a finished look when installed around corners of doors. Made from a soft rubber, the company says the moldings also fit easily around curved door shapes, cut cleanly and sit securely within the frame.
In addition, Custom Service Hardware is encouraging users to check out its newest updated tape measures, MeasurePro Centering Tapes. According to the company, the tapes not only measure, but also display fractions on the top line and indicate the centered measurement in red along the bottom. The tape measures are available in two sizes, 27-foot with a 1-inch blade and 16-foot with a ¾-inch blade.

DFI Urges Use of Patented Process
Diamon-Fusion International (DFI) is promoting a patented process for improving glass and glass surfaces. According to company literature, Diamon-Fusion® utilizes the process of chemical vapor deposition to make the glass water-repellent, stain resistant, hard to scratch, hard to break and graffiti-resistant. Through chemical vapor deposition, a diamond-like material is bonded to the surface, which later prevents minerals from sticking to the surface. DFI says the process saves
time, money and protects the

EDTM Introduces SP2065 Solar Transmission Meter
Toledo, Ohio-based Electronic Design to Market Inc. (EDTM) has introduced its SP2065 Solar Transmission Meter. According to the company, the meter identifies a window’s solar transmission percentage and also ranks its performance as high, medium or low solar-gain. Likewise, the SP2065 indicates the presence of low-E coatings and EDTM says it can be used as a sales tool to demonstrate a window’s performance abilities.

Triatic Inc. Introduces Flexible Diamond Abrasive Products
Triatic Inc. of West Hartford, Conn., has introduced a new line of Flexible Diamond Abrasive products. The line includes an assortment of tools including 2-, 3-, 5-, and 6-inch sanding discs, hand pads, and 91/2- by 11-inch flexible diamond sheets. Triatic’s flexible diamond products can be used for sanding and finishing composites, glass, fibre-reinforced plastics, ceramics, quartz, stone, and other non-metallic materials. With the products available in three grit sizes from stock, the company says there are a number of advantages to flexible diamond products including cooler cutting, longer period of sharpness, less dust, a longer life span and more than 200 times that of sandpaper.

BMS-3000 Joins Naturalite’s Array of Skylight Systems
The BMS-3000 structural skylight system is Terrell, Texas-based Naturalite Skylight System’s newest addition to its long line of skylights and accessories. According to the company, the BMS-3000 system features a patented glazing clip to provide a
thermal break and positive stop to prevent glass breakage, along with tubular framing and a one-piece rafter cap to reduce installation time. The skylight system will hold both glass and plastic glazing materials in clear, tinted and coated varieties, and is available in a variety of finishes, including anodized, baked enamel and Kynar®. In addition, the BMS-3000 system has flush integral gutters which the company says provide clean sight lines 2½-inches wide.

inspection systems
Lasor/Systronics Revolutionizes Glass Inspection
The 2f1 Vision System has just been released from Lasor/Systronics, located in Norcross, Ga. The 2f1 Vision System is a glass inspection system that detects, defects and measures the quality of optical glass.
The 2f1 Vision System incorporates a new illumination and sensor unit and thus the LASOR/Systronics inspection system is able to look for defects and obtain both the distortion and deformation in two directions in a single unit.

PSA’s for Glass and Glazing from Adhesives Research
Pressure-sensitive adhesives are available in a wide variety from Glen Rock, Pa.’s Adhesives Research. The company says its operations are growing and expanding in order to meet the changing demands of manufacturers in the year 2000 and beyond. The Arclad® PE 2000 Series of glazing tapes is one way Adhesive Research is meeting manufacturers needs. The product is a double-sided glazing tape, which reduces potential movement between the adhesive and glass. It is available to window manufacturers in 1/32-, 1/16- and 1/8-inch thickness.

Adchem Offers New Double-Coated Tape
The Adchem Corporation of Riverhead, N.Y., has developed a double-coated adhesive tape, 4355M. Using both rubber and acrylic adhesive technologies, the tape is designed for foam fabrication bonding in transportation, appliance and other applications and also features a biostatic additive that inhibits microbial growth. One side of the tape is designed to adhere to foam materials, while the other side is meant to bind itself to surfaces such as talc-filled polypropylene, HDPE and others.

Glazing from Adhesives Research
The double-sided ARclad® 8231 glazing tape offered by Adhesives Research, of Glen Rock, Pa., is part of its line of ARclad foam glazing tapes that the company says are AAMA-certified components for cellular foam glazing. The pressure-sensitive tape offers anchorage to foam and bonding to both the sash material and glass, according to company literature. Adhesives Research also offers pressure-sensitive tapes for use in simulated divided lite windows. According to the company, the ARclad foam muntin mounting tapes adhere muntins to wood, painted aluminum and unplasticized vinyl windows and doors. The double-sided tapes incorporate a UV-resistant polymer and are combined with a 100 oz.-plus adhesion to wood, aluminum, vinyl and glass.

EGlass Technologies Inc. Provides Software for Flat Glass Industry
eGlass Technologies Inc., based in Kansas, now offers a line of software products designed specifically for the flat glass industry. Brad Kryger, president of eGlass Technologies Inc. said “We went on a search and found a company in New Zealand that had developed a line of software products called ClearCut in the late 1980s which became the standard for flat glass merchants in New Zealand and Australia.” Shortly after discovering ClearCut, eGlass purchased the rights to the software line and now offers the software which includes production scheduling, bar coding, and ISO 9002 compliance, according to the company. The program automatically produces work orders and labels to track production, with options for text labels, colored labels and coded labels. Likewise, ClearCutPlus links its users to the Cut Planner, a program developed by Pattern Systems International of New Jersey. The Cut Planner can be linked to most automatic cutting tables, according to the company, and optimizes cutting to reduce labor and glass costs.


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