Volume 35, Number 11, November 2000

Tooling Around…
The Latest in Glazing Tools and Supplies

What will be the next addition to your toolbelt? With Christmas approaching, that will be a tough question for all to answer, considering the range of tools the industry has to offer. From classic, but newly-advanced, drills, screwdrivers and saws to innovative low-E coating detectors, to cloths for cleaning these products and tools, shoppers and shop owners will be left staring at catalogs and shelves for hours wondering the same question—what will be the newest addition to the glazier’s toolbelt this year?


CRL Offers Array of Tools

C.R. Laurence Co. Inc. (CRL), based in Los Angeles, recently introduced several new tools.

According to the company, CRL designed its new Port-O-Holer Glass Drilling Tool for use in mirror installation and glass fabrication. The tool can be used in conjunction with both the cordless or 110-volt power drill with a ground fault circuit interrupt (GFCI) and any 2-inch smaller plated diamond drill with a 3/8-inch shank. The Port-O-Holer holds a diamond drill in place, while also holding down the glass or mirror surface with an 8-inch vacuum cup. To drill, a cordless or power drill attaches to the diamond drill in the frame through a disconnect feature. The drill housing is then filled with coolant and a built-in gasket seals the housing to the glass for minimal leak drilling, according to CRL.

In addition to its Port-O-Holer, CRL has developed its new Glass Break-Out Tools, the CRL BOT10 and the CRL BOT20. The CRL BOT10 employs a cutter head and spring-loaded breaker to cut holes and circles in glass quickly. Similarly, the CRL BOT20 works the same way, but without the cutter head.
“Because they have few moving parts, CRL Break-Out Tools are simple and effective, yet require little maintenance,” said Billy Gyore, product manager. “These are must-have tools for anyone who does break-out work.”

The company also recently introduced the CRL Vacuum Cup Holster, designed to hold any 8-inch Wood’s Vacuum Cup on a glazier’s belt. According to CRL, the new holster is made from high-quality leather, and will not only weather rough working conditions, but will protect the cup from the same conditions while you work. A steel snap holds the cup in place inside the holster, which can be attached to any belt up to 2 ¼-inches wide, the company says.

Mirart Introduces Swivel Drill
Mirart Inc. of Pompano Beach, Fla., has introduced the swivel drill to aid those installing mirrors. According to the company, the swivel drill can drill a two-by-four outlet hole in one quick set-up. Mirart says a suction cup holds the machine firmly in its place and it is equipped with a diamond drill coolant retaining ring. The machine head first pivots right to drill the first hole, then left to drill the second hole. The swivel drill comes with a rubber plug to prevent coolant leaks when drilling the second hole on the mirror. Mirart says the machine also features a 1000-rpm single speed motor with power of 100 volts (AC), adjustable nylon wear pads and a gear drive.

Gunther Holds it Together with Mirror Mastics
Gunther Mirror Mastics, based in South Bend, Ind., has released two new brochures packed with tools and supplies for mirror installation and maintenance. Both brochures feature Gunther’s Pro Mastic, an asphalt-based mastic, which the company says it has redesigned and made easier to use than ever before. In addition, the brochures include such products as Seal-Kwik™ for protecting mirror edges against black edge, mirror clips for holding mirrors in place, Ultra/Bond® for bonding mirror, glass, drywall, wood and metals and finally, Gunther’s array of mastics, including Extra/Build®, Premier® and Gunther Pro™ for adhering mirrors to walls.

Jacone Distributors Makes Cleaning Simple with Glasseez®
Jacone Distributors Inc. of Middletown, Ohio, offers its classic Glasseez, a wiping towel for cleaning glass in all stages of its life—from manufacturing, to installation, to finished glass in storefronts or other locations. According to Jacone, the four-ply towels won’t scratch any surface and clean glass without the hassle of lint. Likewise, the company says the towels can be used repeatedly with water or glass cleaners, as long as they have not encountered a greasy or oily substance.

Gila Distributing Offers Range of Products
Gila Distributing Inc. of Canton, Ga., offers its embossed architectural coatings which it says provide “decorative translucent appearance.” The company says these coatings are available in an array of designs and patterns and can be utilized in both commercial and residential applications. In addition, Gila says it can customize the embossed architectural coatings with frosted, dusted crystal and Gila-etched materials. In addition, Gila has available a number of tools and supplies for use in the application of window film. Among its array of tools is Gila’s special plotter, designed to cut frosted, Gila-etch and dusted crystal films into custom designs. Likewise, the company offers scrapers, knives, squeegees and blades for use with window film.
Fletcher-Terry Offers Oval/Circle Cutter
The Fletcher-Terry Company, located in Farmington, Conn., says its new Oval/Circle Glass Cutter allows its operator to switch easily between scoring ovals and circles on all types of glass. According to the company, the cutter is equipped with a suction cup, an easy-to-read scale and easy-to-adjust offset settings. The cutter makes ovals from 4 ½-inches to 24-inches high and circles up to 21-inches in diameter.

Venture Tape Features New Applicator Machine
Venture Tape Corp. of Rockland, Mass., has introduced a brand-new automated linear Glazing Tape Applicator. According to the company, the machine applies Venture Glazing Tape at a rate of 120-feet-per-minute and cuts off automatically. In addition, the company says the machine increases productivity and efficiency continually, while also improving its own field performance.

Venture Tape also has available its exclusive adhesive system, developed for adhering glass on one side and sash surfaces on the other side. According to Venture, the distinct glazing tape is weather-resistant and helps to maintain a window’s strength.

Dalloz Safety Uncovers Newest Products
Dalloz Safety of Reading, Pa., has introduced the Willson® Millennia™ Crystals™ protective eyewear. The eyewear features lightweight, nylon frames in translucent colors as an extension of a previous, popular line of eyewear released by Dalloz.