Volume 35, Number 12, December 2000



AAC Goes Online

The Aluminum Anodizers Council (AAC) has gone online. The group's website features basic descriptions for the novice web-browser including an extensive definition of both anodizing and coil anodizing. The site also offers a list of frequently-asked-questions on the topic of interest. In addition, it offers a list of the organization's members, a description of the AAC and its cause, links to documents related to the AAC, information on the group's workshop for anodizing, and finally, links to other sites of interest for the anodizing enthusiast.



W & W Returns to World Wide Web

W & W Glass Systems Inc. of Nanuet, N.Y., has re-launched its website. According to the company, the website is the most comprehensive design/build source for its Pilkington Planar structural glass system. The site demonstrates ways in which the system has been employed across the United States, along with graphic examples of the extensive range of applications of the system. W&W's site also includes a "What's New" page, on which it releases Pilkington's latest technological developments, including information on the company's Optiwhite™ Low Iron Float Glass, integrated fittings and Anti-Buckling Fin Technology.



ISRI's Recycling Guide Now Available

The Institute of Scrap Recycling Industries Inc. (ISRI), located in Washington, D.C., has placed its guide, Scrap Specifications Circular: Guidelines for Nonferrous Scrap, Ferrous Scrap, Glass Cullet, Paper Stock, Plastic Scrap, on the public area of its website for all to view. Previously, the guide was available on the website, but only to a select few, which limited its readership and the public's knowledge of recycling matters.

"This move to the public side of the ISRI web site will continue to ensure that the most widely used standards for recyclables transactions are globally available to facilitate the growth of recycling world-wide," said Robin K. Wiener, president.



ENI-Net Publicizes Your Business

Coming to you from Gainesville, Fla., is ENI-Net, a full service B2B portal for engineers, architects, contractors, buyers and suppliers in the environmental and construction industries. By providing a directory listing of contractors and suppliers, the company said it aims to assist them in gaining increased recognition and publicity for a less expensive price compared to most modes of advertising.



PPG Creates New Commercial Glass Site

PPG Industries of Pittsburgh invites web browsers to learn from its newest reference guide, http://www.ppgcommercialglass.com. The website, designed to ease and facilitate architectural glass selection, provides visitors with the opportunity to see the visual benefits of PPG's architectural glasses by showing the products in actual applications. In addition, website visitors can obtain technical data on PPG's architectural glasses. n



Apogee Takes on the Web

Apogee's newest venture, http://www.apog.com, may be of interest to you. Apogee Enterprises, based in Minneapolis, went live on the web recently in an attempt to provide an overview of its family of companies and provide timely information to its shareholders.

The site contains a list of glass technologies and glass services businesses, along with a listing of the company's press releases. Finally, the site also provides an employment section to assist the job-seeker in finding career opportunities at Apogee.