Volume 35, Number 12, December 2000


Hy-Lite® Acrylic Blocks Let in the Light

HYLITE If your customers are asking for more light, the new acrylic block products from Hy-Lite may be an answer. "One of the most popular types of acrylic block products we've been asked to create this year, are small, direct-set square windows," says Mike Shon, Hy-Lite vice president and general manager. "Homeowners are using these simple units in every room of the home to bring in more light. We've found they're especially popular in homes with high ceilings, such as living rooms and bedrooms."

The direct-set square windows are available with either aluminum or vinyl frames and are offered in such patterns as wave, frosted wave and cross rib. A selection of colors as well as optional decorative muntins and trims are also available.

In addition, Hy-Lite is also making some changes for the year 2001. The company has decided to offer its METALLON™ metal finishes on both new construction and retrofit windows after January 1, 2001. According to Hy-Lite, METALLON finishes are made from more than 95 percent metal and can be cold-applied to both the interior and exterior frames on the company's windows. The finish is available in brass, bronze, copper, nickel, stainless steel, aluminum and iron ore.

Technical Glass Products Releases FireLite NT

Technical Glass Products of Federal Way, Wash., has released FireLite NT, an impact safety-rated version of the wireless fire-rated glass ceramic FireLite, with 3M™ Scotchshield™ Ultra Film applied to the surface. According to the company, FireLite NT meets the impact requirements of ANSI Z97.1, as well as CPSC 16CFR1201 Category II (400 fpi). Available in three finishes, the fire-rated glass can withstand fire for durations of 20 minutes to three hours in doors, and up to 60 minutes in other applications, the company says. The glass fits in standard-fire-rated frames and comes in sizes up to 3,325-square-inches of exposed glazing.

Moduline Offers Array
of Window Products

Moduline Windows of Wausau, Wis., says it offers an extensive line of products and applications for heavy commercial and architectural aluminum windows.

According to company literature, the line includes a variety of fixed, projected, casement, top-hinged inswinging, side-hinged inswinging, pivoted, sliding and hung windows. Moduline's windows come in a number of brands, including the Signature Series™, Even-Line Series®, Facade Vents™, E-Z Vents™, Contemporary Series™, Four Seazons™ Compression Seal Slider, Integral Blinds, Renaissance™, Pinnacle Hospital Series™ and the Sentinel Security Series™. GED


GED Introduces 'Smart' Machine

Glass Equipment Development Inc. (GED) of Twins-burg, Ohio, has introduced a new machine, the Smart Linear Sealant Ext-ruder for applying sealants and dessicant matrix materials. According to the company, the machine utilizes a positive displacement gear pump to insure accurate material application on either Int-ercept® IG spacer frames or rectangular bar. GED says the gear pump eliminates the need to adjust the machine to changing conditions, including fluctuations in air pressure, ambient temperatures and material viscosity variations between batches or barrels. Likewise, the Smart Extruder ADAMS maintains sealant application to your specifications.


fire-rated glazing

Adams Rite Produces
Fire-Rated Exit Device

The 3900 Series fire-rated exit device for wood doors is the latest launch from Adams Rite Manufacturing Co. of Pomona, Calif. The new series features a fully fire-rated Warnock Hersey listing for up to 90-minutes with 8- by 8-foot pairs and 4- by 8-foot single doors.

According to Adams Rite, the 3900 Series offers smooth, quiet operations and meets Americans with Disabilities Act guidelines. In addition, the construction of the device features a patented top latching mechanism that interlocks the door to the frame, and the series requires no metal chain in the door. The 3900 Series is designed for single doors, double egress and same swing pairs.

setting blocks

CRL Introduces New Line of Setting Blocks

C.R. Laurence Co. Inc. (CRL) of Los Angeles has introduced a new line of setting blocks, including Vinyl Set beveled corner setting blocks, EPDM and silicone rubber specialty setting blocks and neoprene setting block material in bulk rolls.

"Our new Vinyl Set beveled corner setting blocks are real time-savers," said Bill Gyore, product manager. "With these corner setting blocks, there is no need to notch vinyl, and any 'waves' that normally occur with standard setting blocks are eliminated."

Similarly, Gyore said that the EDPM and silicone rubber specialty setting blocks will cushion and support glass and will act as a centering device for glass installed for special applications.


Hourglass Releases Innovative Program

Hourglass Software has available its HOURGLASS™ program, which it says will allow glass shop owners to quickly and effectively communicate with EFCO customers, salespeople, suppliers and glaziers while monitoring completion of their projects. For instance, all joints are square-cut the software manages all of the information involved in each project, including pricing, policies and other information associated with the job. In addition, HOURGLASS prints invoices, work orders, purchase orders, checks and labels.


Get Ready to
Quick Set™ with EFCO s Latest System

The Series 945 Quick Set is the newest storefront ribbon window system from Monnett, Mo.-based EFCO Corp. According to EFCO, the new system offers several labor-saving features. According to company representatives, all joints are square-cut to facilitate the shop fabrication of "ladders" that can be transported to the job site as a unit for quicker installations. In addition, the System 945 is fabricated with number-12 fasteners throughout for strength and easy erection.


Super Pressurex Increases Accuracy

Sensor Products Inc. of East Hanover, N.J. has introduced Super Pressurex® to its product line. Billed as a tactile force indicating sensor film, it immediately and permanently changes color proportionally to the amount of pressure applied when it is placed between impacting or mating surfaces, according to the company. The film is marketed for use in virtually any situation that calls for a determination of the distribution and/or magnitude of pressure when materials or solid surfaces come in contact with each other.

PPG Sees Clearly with
New io Eyewear

Pittsburgh-based PPG Industries Inc. is marketing its "io Eyewear," adjustable-tint glasses. According to the company, the lenses of these new glasses adjust their tint by way of a push-button for the operator. A 40-person team has worked for nine years to perfect the product, PPG says, and did so using its own Intelligent Optics electrochromic technology, a tiny computer chip and intricate circuitry embedded in the frames and batteries placed in the temple tubes to power the system.

"It's pretty exciting for PPG to have a product like this," said Michael J. Callahan, general manager of electro-optics.

According Belinda Martin, who handles public relations for the company, it has no plans yet to expand this innovative new glass into the architectural arena.

On the Launchpad

MILGARD Milgard Windows recently added a new double hung, double tilt window to its vinyl classic series. The manufacturer claims that the window offers the traditional look of a wood double hung without traditional maintenance problems. Features include full size mount screens and the ability for both vents to tilt in. ... Targeted towards workers in the constru  ction and maintenance industries who are exposed to irritating, drying substances, Gloves in a Bottle GLOVE IN A BOTTLEforms with the outer layer of skin cells to protect against the drying effects of most workplace chemicals . n