Volume 36, Issue 2, February 2001

Pinpoint Introduces New Microgage Kit

PINPOINT LASER SYS Pinpoint Laser Systems of Newburyport, Mass., has added two new items to its Microgage 1000 kit—a precision leveling base and a high-accuracy 90 degree laser beam splitter. According to the company, the new leveling base features three high-pitch adjustment screws, and when used with the Microgage laser, provides flatness measurements to 0.0001-inch over a 15-feet range.

Also included in the Microgage kit is a 90-Line Right Angle attachment that the company says can be used for squaring machinery, checking parallelism and more. The company says the laser beam passing through the 90-line is split into two new laser reference beams that are also 90 degrees to one another.

Portable Computer Ready for Any Job Site

If you’re finding yourself in need of a computer while out on the job site, you may want to consider the newest launch from Panasonic. The Toughbook 72 is the company’s new notebook PC. The Toughbook 72 won’t come cheap, however, costing about $3,500. The PC weighs 6.4 pounds, is moisture resistant, has a magnesium case and a gel-mounted hard disk. It runs on an Intel Pentium III 700-MHz processor and has 128 MB of memory and 20-GB hard drive. The PC will take a built-in, wireless modem.

measuring systems
See the Light with Electronic Design to Market

Electronic Design to Market (EDTM) of Toledo, Ohio, has made available its Digital Visible (Solar) Light Power Meter, model #VP1150. According to the company, the meter allows users to access transmission characteristics of visible solar power through transparent mediums such as glass. It can also help identify lighting requirements, identify and quantify glare from light, identify specialty glass types, as well as film

Also from EDTM is the EURO-E low-E coating detector. The instrument is designed to detect the presence and location of any low-E coatings on a single piece of glass. The company says the detector can also test glass installed in a sealed insulating unit, and will detect any type of low-E, whether sputtered or pyroltic.

Lamar Corp. Introduces 882-L Copper Tape
The Lamar Corp. of Clifton, N.J., has made available its 882-L Tape, a copper pressure-sensitive tape designed specially for EMI/RFI shielding for the glass industry. According to the company, the tape features a 0.0014-inch copper foil backing, acrylic conductive adhesive and a polyethylene-coated paper interliner. In addition, the Lamar Corp. says the tape permits conductivity along and through the tape and adhesive.

architechtural metals

Gray and Cityscape Colors Now Available from Copper Sales Inc.
Copper Sales Inc. of Anoka, Minn., has introduced two new standard gray colors to its product line of architectural metals. The company added both gray and cityscape to the line, making both available in 24-gauge steel and .040 aluminum, and creating 28 color options for those purchasing architectural metals from Copper Sales.

Delchem Calls New Sealant: Revolutionary D-2000
Delchem Inc. of Wilmington, Del., has launched its D-2000 REACTIVE Hot Melt Butyl IG Sealant, referring to it as “the next generation of IG sealants, a sealant that is setting newer and higher standards within the IG industry.” The company says that according to its testing on the sealant, it should survive a life span of service between 50 and 100 years.
The sealant will be available in the United States from Delchem and in Canada from Delchem’s distributor, HCI Canada Inc.

PPG Offers a Wide Selection of Coil and Extrusion Coatings
PPG 2 No matter what sort of application you may be working on, PPG Industries of Pit-tsburgh has a variety of coil and extrusion coatings from which you can choose. According to PPG, the coatings are made using its Kaleidoscope Workcell technology, which the company says provides short lead times and reduced batch-to-batch variability.

Products available include: Duranar fluropolymers, Duracron acrylics, Acrynar durable spray acrylics, Megaflon fluoropolymer coatings and more.

Polytronix Inc. Introduces Variable Light Transmittance Glass
Polytronix Inc. of Richardson, Texas, has developed Polyvision™ panels, which it says can transform a cloudy white translucent barrier to an optically clear state with the flick of a switch. According to the company, the panels are made by laminating polymer-dispersed liquid crystal film with architectural grade PVB between two lites of glass. Once the polyvision is applied, the transparency of the lites of glass can be controlled electronically with a switch. The panels are available in sizes up to 3- by 8-feet.

cleaning aids
Dynaloy Unveils Poly-Flush
Dynaloy Inc. has developed a new product for the flushing of meter-mix and dispensing equipment. The product, Poly-Flush, can be used for flushing polyurethane, polyester, epoxy, acrylic and other two-component materials, according to the company. Dynaloy says Poly-Flush is low-toxic, non-chlorinated and nonflammable and can serve as a replacement for other hazardous and/or flammable solvents.

Simpson Door Debuts Infinity Doors, Mission Style Doors and the Craftsman Collection

Simpson Door Co. of McCleary, Wash., debuted its newest product lines at the 2001 International Builders Show in Atlanta February 9-12. The company displayed its lines of Infinity Doors, Mission Style Doors and the Craftsman Collection.

According to the company, its Infinity Doors are distinguished by their patented precision-manufacturing process and their composition of one single composite slab. Likewise, the Mission Style Doors are characterized by rectangular panels set into the door without molding, says Simpson Door Co. Finally, the Craftsman Collection, inspired by the work of architect Frank Lloyd Wright, features six exterior designs with matching transoms and sidelites and are available in douglas fir and american red oak.

Hinges and Protective Eyewear from Custom Service Hardware

Custom Service Hardware Inc. (CSH) of Cedarburg, Wis., now offers a selection of hinges available in various styles, sizes and finishes/colors. According to the company, the expanded hinge collection includes surface-mounted, self-closing, concealed, wraparound, demountable hinges and more. In addition, CSH now offers a selection of Crews® safety glasses for eye protection. According to company representatives, all Crews safety glasses meet ANSI Z87.1-1989 safety standards, and offer 99.9 percent Ultraviolet protection and scratch-resistant lenses as well.

acrylic block
Architectural Products Launches Glass Block Alternative
Architectural Products by Outwater LLC of Woodridge, N.J., has developed Acrylic Plastic “Glass” Block alternative plastic block windows. According to the company, the windows are lightweight, “yet nearly indestructible,” and provide fewer difficulties during installation than real glass blocks often do. Outwater’s Plastic “Glass” Block is installed in a modular fashion, without the use of mortar or cement, and is 75 percent lighter than a glass block, the company says. The Plastic “Glass” Block is available in a variety of sizes, shapes, thicknesses, colors and patterns.

Skywall Offers Light-weight Panels for Easy Installation

SKYWALL Using light-weight translucent panels from Skywall Translucent Systems could mean easier skylight and curtainwall installations. According to the company, the panels, which weigh less than three pounds per square foot, are custom-designed and fabricated for diverse projects and conditions. Features include glare reduction and the ability to resist the effects of ultraviolet rays along with oxidation and temperature variation.

Three New Advantage Additions from Wausau

Wausau Windows and Wall Systems of Wausau, Wis., has added three new products to its Advantage program. The 3150 Double Hung Tilt Feature double block and tackle balances and a tilt sash. It also has a flush screen frame.

The 4250 Offset is available with a 1-inch setback from the exterior face of the frame to the exterior face of the glass, and features vent-to-frame construction.

Also new to the program is the 2250 Insert Vent. It is a project-in and project-out operational unit and is available with either glazed-in or flat-back frames.


In the January 2001 issue of USGlass, Showcase department (see January 2001 USGlass, page 51) UCB’s Uvekol® Ultraviolet glass laminating resin is actually cured in 20 minutes, and clean up takes less than ten minutes, according to UCB. USGlass regrets the error.

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