Volume 36, Issue 3, March 2001

Dear USG

USG is a Resource for International Readers

Dear USG,
First of all, I want to thank USGlass magazine for providing the magazine to industry readers like myself. It gives me great knowledge of new inventions and discoveries about glass. With so many competitors in the glass industry here in the Philippines, it is hard for small-scale retailers like me to compete. Sometimes due to economic crises, shops lower their prices of glass and sell directly to homeowners and residents. 
Anyway, as a glass and aluminum retailer and also a glazing contractor, the only way to outwit them is by innovation, research and development. Could you please give me some information about glass tempering, the making of aluminum molds, glass bending and aluminum bending? Can these things be done in small-scale models just for garages?
Thank you for your assistance.
Wilson B. Manalo
W. Glass Haus Enterprises
Makati, Metro Manila Philippines
Note: Readers with information for Mr. Manalo can contact him by e-mail at wbmanalo@hotmail.com.

Love that Lyle

Dear USG,
My boss passed on his copy of the November issue of USGlass magazine to me to “review and file.”
I had never seen a copy of it before, so I took a few minutes to acquaint myself. The last thing to catch my eye was Lyle Hill’s column, “The Business.” I wanted to let you know that I laughed out loud when I read “by the time you read this our democratic process will have elected a new president.” Could anyone have had any idea when he wrote those words that someone would read them on December 6 with the presidential issue still waiting to be resolved?
More importantly, I commend Lyle’s nod to matters of faith. I share the same gratitude for the freedom we enjoy to worship according to our own conscience in America. 
I’ll look forward to seeing what he has to say in future issues. 
Bob Johnson
Purchasing Manager
Hunter Manufacturing Group Inc.
Lexington, Ky.

Dear USG,
I’ve never sent in a note before, but I just love Lyle Hill’s articles! It’s the first page I turn to when I get my USGlass magazine. October’s article was great—we metal pushers never get any respect. I think it’s hilarious!
Mike Neal
Regional Sales Manager
U.S. Aluminum
Waxahachie, Texas

Thanks, USG!

Dear USG,
It was very thoughtful of my friends to send me the disk of photos of the Hall of Fame Dinner. It will be treasured by myself and my family in the years to come. We are most grateful for your consideration.
You have been most considerate and we are very thankful.
Walter Williams
Cardinal Glass Co.
Rockford, Ill.