Volume 36, Issue 3, March 2001


architectural panels

Citadel Introduces Architectural Panels

Citadel Architectural Panels of Indianapolis says it now offers more than 25 different panel choices from which to choose, each designed for specific applications. show1
The company says that its Panel 15, for instance, was designed to provide an economical, long-lasting solution in a laminated wood-core panel. In addition, with 20 available molding profiles, a variety of looks can be achieved.
Envelope 2000 is a formable panel that can be used to add curves and shadow lines to a building’s exterior. Three standard systems are offered—a rout and return system, a rainscreen principle system and a reveal molding system. With these systems available, Citadel claims that virtually any custom design can be created with color matched or complementary reveals from ½- to 1-inch.
Panel 20 can create a system look without the fabrication, and offers clean lines and sharp details, according to the company. Several finishes are available including Kynar 500® and Kynar 500 Metallic colors for both panels and moldings.
The lightweight SinoCore™ has a corrugated polymer core and is water-resistant. These panels are offered in textured or smooth finishes for both front and back aluminum skins.
GlazeGuard offers a standard ¼-inch panel core of tempered hardboard or a water-resistant corrugated polymer. Standard 1-inch panels are also available with hardboard stabilizers or polymer stabilizers. A fire-resistant composition is also offered. Custom thicknesses are available up to 3 ¼-inches. All panels are available in textured or smooth aluminum finishes.


Promeco Offers Two New Sandblasters 

show3Promeco is cutting the power supply with its two new sandblasting machines—the PR 2 and PR 3, both of which require only air to operate. The PR 2 is suction fed and the PR 3 is pressure-fed. 
show2The PR 2 is portable with integral recovery and reclaiming abrasive system. According to Promeco, the blasting gun incorporates the abrasive feeding and recovering devices making the shot blasting operation clean and safe, enabling use in any working area without special protection. The unit is supplied with the blasting gun, air abrasive valve control, pipes and 10-feet of hose.
The PR 3 is comprised of a generator to provide the abrasive to the nozzle, a reclaimer to suck away debris and an air ejector to produce the vacuum necessary to pick up the used abrasive. Also included is a dust collector, a blasting gun, a rubber hose and a movable frame on rubber wheels.


Pilkington Announces Self-Cleaning Glass

Pilkington plc has recently announced the developed a new glass—Activ™ self-cleaning glass—which has been created for use in external windows. Pilkington says the new glass incorporates a proprietary dual action coating, using hydrophilic and photocatalytic properties to eliminate water and organic and inorganic deposits from the glass’ surface.
“This exciting new product, which virtually eliminates the chore of window cleaning, is expected to secure a significant part of the world’s flat glass market,” said Paolo Scaroni, group chief executive. “We look forward to launching this product at the end of this year,” he added.
The hydrophilic properties allow the glass to attract and sheet water on the surface, preventing the formation of separate droplets, and ensuring that loose dirt and dust particles are easily washed away naturally during rainy weather. Secondly, with photocatalytic properties, UV-radiation allows the glass to react chemically with dirt and deposits, breaking their adherence to the glass. After several days, during which the coating becomes active, UV-radiation absorbed during daylight ensures that the chemical reactions continue through the night. 


Tempering Systems Get Tough with TUFFPLANT

Small- and medium-sized glass companies may want to check out TUFFPLANT glass tempering systems of Staffordshire, England. The company offers three standard formats, one for 80- by 40-inch glass, one for 95- by 44-inch glass and one for 118- by 59-inch glass. In addition, TUFFPLANT also says maintenance-free parts are used wherever possible to minimize cost, and all components can be replaced “off the shelf,” reducing down time if repairs are necessary. 
The control system is based on the Windows NT™ operating system.

Virtek Sees Clear with GlasMark


Virtek Vision International Inc. of Waterloo, Ontario, has introduced the Virtek•GlasMark portable laser marking system for glass. According to the company, the new system permanently marks glass utilizing the company’s laser technology and software.
“The Virtek•GlasMark is a complete turnkey solution utilizing the accuracy of galvanometer-driven beam steering and the power of an air-cooled CO2 laser,” said Cec Archibald, vice-president of Virtek’s Industrial Laser Systems Business Unit. “The system is light and portable so it can be easily moved by hand anywhere on the production floor.”
The system runs on Windows 98 software and can read any vector-based graphic file format, according to the company. It can mark the glass with text, numbers, machine-readable codes, graphics and logos. Likewise, the glass can be marked from top or bottom positioning and left or right reference points. Position and location can then be displayed graphically.

doors & door hardware

show5Hydro Aluminum Wells Adds M-2800 Sliding Glass Door to Product Line

Hydro Aluminum Wells of Baltimore has announced the addition of a sliding glass door to its Wells M-2000 commercial and architectural aluminum sliding glass door line. The new door, Wells M-2800, has been tested to comply with the AAMA HC 65 standard.
“The Wells M-2800 meets or exceeds virtually any non-coastal requirements throughout the United States,” said Jeff Henderson, sales manager for patio doors for Hydro Wells. “This door enables us to support the commercial and architectural community with another addition to our expanding product line.”
The Wells M-2800 features air infiltration performance of .13 cfm/sq. ft., water resistance of 9.75 psf and a structural load of 97.5 psf, interior and exterior. The panels are fully-reversible on the sliding glass door system, and it can be customized to meet any size requirement, according to the company. The door is available in baked enamel, Kynar and anodized in a variety of standard and custom colors.

New Wood and Metal Stile Doors Debut

Carpinteria, Calif.- based Forms+Surfaces has introduced a new collection of wood stile and rail doors, metal stile and rail doors.show6
Wood stile and rail doors can be constructed using a variety of materials, patterns and finishes with beech, red oak, cherry or jarrah wood. According to the company, they are ideal for interior and some exterior uses. The doors feature solid wood stile and rail construction and are hand-sealed on the top and bottom edges to avoid water penetration.
Metal stile and rail doors offer a selection of stainless steel, aluminum, copper and other fused metals for construction. They are made using state-of-the-art metal forming techniques. The metal coverings are laminated by pressure to a solid wood core and the top and bottom joints are sealed with silicone.


Frank Lowe Rubber & Gasket Co. Offers Tapes You Can Stick With

Frank Lowe Rubber & Gasket Co. Inc., based in Farmingdale, N.Y., has introduced two new specialized tapes. The first, a high- strength glazing tape is available for both vinyl and aluminum windows, and features a UV-resistant acrylic adhesive, and is coated on closed cell polyolefin foam with an easy release blue plastic liner. It comes standard in 1/16- and 1/8-thickness.
The second new addition is a line of high bond acrylic tapes. The company says that its window muntin bar tape was designed for the demands of the simulated divided lite market and can be used for the attachment of muntins to both the interior and exterior of aluminum, wood or vinyl window systems.