Volume 36, Number 4, April 2001


Color Trends for 2001:
Copper is In and Platinum is Out

As we approach the middle of the year ever-so-quickly, a number of companies are still predicting what the most current trends will be in the minds of consumers when it comes to their homes and offices—and, what the industry can do to fill those desires.

Metallon Inc. of Parkersburg, W.Va., has conducted a study among numerous color experts who have discovered that copper and brass will be the most trendy metals for 2001, rather than the formerly-popular platinum and chrome. According to Nada Napoletan Rutka, former president of the Color Marketing Group and founder of Nada Associates of Pittsburgh, the increased desire for copper and brass is part of society’s tendency to head back toward nature. “Metals typify natural materials, and for this reason, we see more natural finishes versus highly-polished ones,” Rutka said. “For home furnishings, silver has been very important color wise for the past few years. As we move forward, we are seeing a shift toward gold, as well as bronze and copper. These metals reflect the warmer colors of the new millennium.”

Ken Geremia, manager of communications for the Copper Development Association, agreed. “Architectural applications and specifications for copper are definitely on the rise,” he said. “Over the past ten years, we’ve seen a continual increase of 5 to 6 percent in copper applications by architects on an annual basis.” He continued, “We believe the renewed interest in copper is because of its dependability, look, feel and longevity.”

In addition, the Color Marketing Group based in Alexandria, Va., has made its yearly predictions for the colors most consumers will seek in architectural applications and other facets in the year 2001. Among those colors are the following: Marrakesh Red, a soft, earthy red; Apricot Ice, a pale, vibrant shade of melon; Orange Spice, an energetic, sophisticated orange; Copper Blush, a beige tinted with white and pink; Latte, a warm brown blend; Burnished Sage, green, gold and brown blended into one; Industrial Taupe, a soft and slightly pink color; Cityscape Gray, a neutral, specific shade of gray; Storm, a deep gray based on minerals that often reflect shades of blue and green; Mysteria, a calm, mid-toned purple; Java Bean, dark brown with a purple tint; Vin Roughe, the color of Chianti; Fuschion, an unisex, sporty, yet sophisticated, shade of pink; Glass Block, calm shade of aqua; Capri Blue, soft pastel version of the water in a “tropical paradise;” and, Paddy Green, a bright but bold bluish-green.

Solutia Announces Five-Year Expansion Plan
St. Louis-based Solutia Inc. has announced that it will open several new plants and expand some of the currently-existing facilities throughout the next five years. According to the company, the need for expansions was incurred by the growing demand for Solutia’s Saflex polyvinyl butyral product line. By the end of the five years, the company hopes to increase its worldwide production capacity by approximately 20 percent to meet the demand for Saflex in automotive and architectural applications.

“Solutia is committed to serving the anticipated growth in both the architectural and automotive markets,” said Vicki Holt, vice president and general manager for Performance Films at Solutia. “We are aggressively preparing ourselves to meet these increased demands, and our commitment is to deliver the best value in PVB in the marketplace to our customers. By providing laminators with the highest quality product available, they can create superior glazing products designed to help protect people and property.”

The company plans to increase the capacity of its Indian Orchard plant in Springfield, Mass., to produce its Saflex gradient automotive product
lines. The expansion will begin in early 2002. In addition, the facility will gain the ability to produce Saflex SV PVB, a PVB specially formulated for the vacuum bag and ring lamination processes.

The expansions follow a busy year for Solutia, during which it also had several upgrades and advancements at its many manufacturing facilities, including an upgrade of a Saflex plant in San Jose dos Campos, Brazil.

“The installation will improve the quality of Saflex produced in Brazil as well as increase the plants reliability,” Holt added.

Spectrum Starts Up New Production Line
Spectrum Metal Finishing Inc., a powder coatings applicator in Youngstown, Ohio, has begun production on a new horizontal liquid finishing line. The company will now operate separate production lines for both liquid and powder coatings in the newly-expanded 70,000-square-foot facility. According to a statement by the company, the plant layout has been redesigned for greater production efficiency, while meeting the latest environmental standards for air and water.

Coastal Glass Distributors Stocks Pilkington’s Texture™ Glass

Coastal Glass Distributors of Charleston, S.C., now has Toledo, Ohio-based Pilkington’s Texture Glass available for national distribution. According to information from the company, Coastal Glass is the only U.S. source that distributes all 20 patterns of the glass, including the three newest designs, Oak™, Charcoal Sticks™ and Digital™ Texture Glass.

Pilkington Texture Glass is available in a variety of styles, textures, obscurity levels and a range of fabricated options, including tempered, cut-to-size annealed and stock sheets.

“In most markets, there is a real lack of choice when it comes to types of pattern glass available,” said Jack Hoey, president of Coastal Glass Distributors. “By stocking all 20 patterns of Pilkington Texture Glass, we now offer retailers a readily-available supply of a wide range of designs.”


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