Volume 36, Issue 4, April 2001

Quick Fix Drilling System Debuts
Janbac of France has unveiled a few new drilling options. Among these are the company’s quick fixing DRILLCLIC system for diamond drill bits and the automatic and manual double-sided drilling machine (series FE).
The company recommends the DRILLCLIC system in cases where frequent changes of diameters are required. Additionally, the system can be used with diameters up to 50-mm, offers instantaneous fixing of the cone/drill bit assembly on both upper and lower spindles, allows separation of the cone/drill bit assembly via ergonomic pliers and permits traditional water cooling through the center of the spindle. Janbac’s Series FE drilling machine is designed specifically for drilling thick and multi-ply laminated glasses. The product combines heavy-duty spindles and strong motorization with traditional hydraulic spindle control, which offers major benefits to the user, according to the company. The Series FE can process glass between 3- and 55-mm in thickness. Additionally, the machine operates in manual and automatic modes, automatically lowers the drill bit protection via a pneumatic shutter, automatically ejects slug in a collecting tank and independently adjusts the water flow on the top and bottom spindles.

Naturalite Introduces New Acrylic-Domed Skylights

Naturalite Skylight Systems of Terrell, Texas, has introduced two new self-flashing acrylic-domed skylights: the SFA (single-dome) and the SFADD (double-dome). Both skylights come with insulating metal curbs and are designed from acrylic plastic dome material with an extruded aluminum frame. The curb consists of a 9-inch-high aluminum wall, 1- by 4-inch treated-wood nailer and ¾-inch thick polyisocyanurate insulation adhered to the metal curb, and is finished with removable .062-inch extruded aluminum cap flashing and snap-in-place corner covers. The frame features an integral condensation gutter and sufficient drainage slots.

JF Swinehart Introduces JFS INCON®
JF Swinehart Co. Inc. of Fostoria, Ohio, has developed the JFS INCON Gas Infrared Flat Glass Tempering System. According to the company, the system speeds flat glass production and lowers energy costs. It utilizes gas infrared burners, computer-controlled strategic zoning and a computer-controlled burner height adjustment. The company also says the furnace can heat to operating temperature in less than five minutes with no peak electric demand charges and cools down quickly. The entire machine is 84-inches wide and it operates on less than 50 amps at 480 volts. According to the company, the heating system requires only two low horsepower fans, a combustion blower and exhaust blower.

“Even with the recent increases in the cost of natural gas, the energy cost to heat 1-square foot of glass is substantially less than current systems in operation,” said Gary Kackley, president and chief executive officer for the company. “We have taken more than 20 years of gas infrared experience and developed a very straight forward, rugged, efficient, low maintenance tempering system that performs well above our initial expectations.”

MAPPI Meets Bending and Tempering Needs
If machines for bending and tempering are what you’re looking for, Italy’s MAPPI has a number of products to suit your needs. The company recently introduced TOM, a glass bending and tempering furnace designed for small productions such as furniture, building and automotive glass. According to the company, TOM ensures that the surface of the glass remains intact because there is no contact with any support.

MAPPI also has available GMT, a fully-automatic modular bending furnace that means new heating stations may be inserted at any time to increase production capacity. The GMT is recommended for large productions of curved glass such as laminated glass for use in lines of buses and trucks.
MAPPI has also designed AU and AU Mini tempering furnaces. According to the company, these furnaces are the only ones that have an opening and removal system of the upper and lower heating chambers, which allow complete access to the heating station. Additionally, the successive loads of different thicknesses and shapes may be inserted into the furnace, resulting in increased production efficiency.

TopDRILL Adapts to Your Specifications
Looking for a drill that requires a small amount of floor space, yet is designed for rough industrial use? Then Schraml’s topDRILL, designed for vertical glass drilling, may be just the product for you. According to the company, with the topDRILL all drill hole dimensions are known, thus cumbersome marking is no longer required.
Schraml also recognizes that not every company requires the same features for a glass-drilling machine. TopDRILL, maybe adapted to your requirements with regard to output and size. For example, heights of 1,300- or 2,400-mm are possible and the machine may be connected to a vertical glass washing machine.

storefronts and entrances 
New Series 3000 Thermal Multiplane System Available from Vistawall
Vistawall Architectural Products of Terrell, Texas, has introduced the Series 3000 Thermal MultiPlane system as a new framing option to meet storefront needs. The system is 2- by 41/2-inches and can accommodate infills ranging from ¼- to 1-inch. Features of the new system include screw-spine and shear block assembly, as well as outside and inside glazing options. It also includes door frame components and complete 90- and 135-degrees corners.

door & door hardware
CRL Introduces European Style Commercial Door Closers
Los Angeles-based C.R. Laurence Co. Inc. is debuting a new series of European Style commercial door closers, the DC60 series. These surface-mounted hydraulic door closers incorporate a slim design that projects only 119/32-inches from the door, and feature die cast aluminum bodies and standard back check. Available in aluminum and bronze finishes, they range in power sizes of 2 through 4. Parallel arm brackets and mounting hardware are included with each closer.

Luxury from Weather Shield® Legacy Series™
Medford Wis.-based Weather Shield Windows and Doors has introduced an extension to the Weather Shield Legacy Series, hinged and patio door systems with French and swinging patio doors. Designed for custom and luxury homes, these doors feature adjustable 4-inch hinges that match the handle finish and allow for height changes. A solid wood core with strong extruded aluminum exteriors are featured in the 2 ¼-inch thick door panels. The doors come in a variety of widths, up to 3-feet, 6-inches with door heights up to 10-feet.

cleaning aids
Stay Clean with Effective Industrial Solutions
Effective Industrial Solutions Inc., based in Georgetown, Ontario, offers a range of industrial cleaners used for a variety of purposes. I.G.W.55:1, for instance, is a highly concen trated cleaner used to remove wax, oil, grease and dirt from the surface of glass before making insulating glass sealed units. The substance is non-toxic, non-flammable and non-corrosive, the company says. In addition, it will not leave any residue on the glass surface, which could interfere with sealant adhesion on the glass.

A second cleaner, HD Wash, is used to clean slightly soiled products such as PVC window profiles, aluminum and insulated steel doors before painting. According to the company, it is non-toxic and water-soluble.
HD II is a cleaner designed as an alternative to other toxic and flammable products on the market. This high-performance cleaner is said to remove ink, silicone and epoxy, permanent marker, wax, grease and other materials from most surfaces prior to painting. All of these cleaners are available in either 5- or 55-gallon drums.

Stay Safe with Two New Products from Wausau
Wausau, Wis.-based Wausau Window and Wall Systems has introduced vandal-resistant window screens for building protection and new aluminum detention windows.

The screens open with vents, attach to the window unit to prevent removal and can withstand 100 foot-pounds of impact. Wausau claims that the screens have met and surpassed the requirements set by the Screen Manufacturers Association ANSI 6001-1990 Heavy Class for the categories of impact resistance, forced entry and sag load.

“These screens offer building owners and tenants extra protection from damage caused by vandals,” says Merle Glaser, Wausau’s regional sales manager for the Chicago area.

A urethane powder coat can be added to the screen’s 18-gauge stainless steel perforated metal panel for long-lasting durability. Also, the finish of the frames can be designed to match that of the windows. The screens feature concealed hinges and tamper resistant custodial locks.

Recent Launches
Los Angeles-based C.R. Laurence has introduced the Overlay System of Beveled Mirror Strips that transform existing mirrors into showpieces.

For walls, doors, mirrors, windows and more, Sprayway Inc. of Addison, Ill., has made available its heavy foam Utility Cleaner Spray No. 862. According to the company, Spray No. 862 breaks up dirt and grime, which can be wiped away easily.