Volume 36, Issue 5, May 2001

USGlass 18th Annual Guide 
to New Products and Services

Whether it’s machinery, tools or other glass related products, you’ll find the latest in new product lines and services in the USGlass 18th Annual Guide to New Products and Services. Flip through the next 15 pages to find the perfect product, new or improved, suited for the perfect project.

Shower Doors & Hardware
Sign-Off on the Signature By-Pass Shower Door Options from Southeastern Aluminum
showerdoor Looking for a new shower enclosure alternative? Southeastern Aluminum Products of Jacksonville, Fla., has recently launched a heavy glass option for its Signature By-Pass series. 
According to a company news release, the frameless door features 3/8-inch thick glass, hanger brackets with through-the-glass holes for safety and a dual durameter center guide with a rigid frame and soft guide fins for a smooth operation. The Signature series is also available with ¼-inch glass. Finishes available are silver, gold, brushed nickel or white.

Scratch Removal Systems
See Results with Glas-Weld
Based in Bend, Ore., Glas-Weld now has available a new way to remove scratches from glass. Glas-Weld says its system is unique because it does not use abrasives, thus it does not leave a distorted spot in the glass.
Instead, Glas-Weld says it uses pressure sensitive pads and scientifically-formulated compounds to remove the scratches. The method, the company says, has been tested and passed by the American National Standards Institute and the British Standards Institute to be optically free of distortion and deviation.

TruSeal Technologies Debuts Swiggle® Seal Tool
Beachwood, Ohio-based TruSeal Technologies Inc. has introduced a new tool for use when applying Swiggle Seal to curved insulating glass units. The Swiggle®PRO radius tool is hand-held and features an adjustable inset adjusting system. The company says that by turning the inset adjusting screw, fabricators can create a variety of uniform insets that meet requirements when sealing specials—units that are curved, oval or that include one radius side.

“For window fabricators, specials typically require more manual labor, which tends to increase costs and slow production,” said Tim Harris, TruSeal’s technical manager. “The SwigglePRO radius tool helps to eliminate those problems, allowing Swiggle Seal to be applied to curved units with the same consistency and nearly the same speed as a standard, rectangular unit.”

According to Harris, the time required to seal the flexible spacer system with SwigglePRO compared to application by hand was reduced by almost 50 percent with the new tool, from 80 seconds to about 45 seconds per unit. 
PMC Offers Variety of Software Products
PMC of Flemington, N.J., now offers a variety of new software products for a number of different applications. 

The recently introduced Bedmate™ features configurable and efficient racking techniques to increase the load bed of the tempering furnace. 

Computerized glass optimization systems, Optimate™ and Window-mate™, are said to ensure optimized usage of glass inventory. Both systems provide numerical control instructions and production schedules for plant operations. 

Shapemate™ has been designed to assist plants in cutting specialty shapes. According to information from the company, a computer-aided drawing interface stores customer drawings for future use to ensure consistent product reproduction. software

PMC has also developed Trackmate for real-time tracking during manufacturing. The company says the Remake Module provides control over production of remakes, while the Production Tracking Module is said to display order item information instantly.

Another new product is Softmate™, which the company says is the most complete order entry system available for the glass industry. Order entry is linked to accounts receivable, inventory control and purchase orders from SBT/ACCPAC Pro to integrate all aspects of the plant. The system also features data transfer to PMC’s Optimate for total plant control.

Storefronts and Entrancesstorefronts
Frame It with EFCO’s New System
EFCO Corp. of Monett, Mo., has introduced the System 945 Quick Set™ storefront window framing. The company says the system is thermally improved and has several labor saving features. For example, all joints are square-cut to facilitate the shop fabrication of stacks, which are said to be transported to the job site easily for quick installation. Also, according to the company, the System 945 features number 12 fasteners for strength and easy erection.

Tamglass Introduces Two New Machines
Tamglass has answered the demands of the glass industry by developing two new machines. 

The first, the HTF ProE™, is suggested by the company for large glass production with a concentration on quality and efficiency. According to Tamglass, the high demands for quality low-E glass products lead them to develop a production system to ensure that the coating on these products maintain a high level of quality throughout the tempering process. The HTF ProE™ includes a new patented coated glass system CGS™, which can be used to create convection profiles using air jets to heat the center of coated glass where it is required.

Another new product from Tamglass is a bending and tempering system for products in the architectural and automotive industries. The HTBS ProE™ can be used to create large cylindrically bent glass sheets for many applications including automotive and architectural safety glass. Bending takes place on an adjustable roller bed where no molds are necessary. The bending radius is adjusted by computer.

Centrifuge System Available From US Centrifuge
US Centrifuge of Indianapolis has a centrifugal filtration system that it says offers continually-cleaned coolant for minimal tank cleaning, durable construction and a two motor design for added power. 

According to information from the company, compacted glass grinds are cleaned automatically from the system and deposited in a bin for easy disposal. Also, US Centrifuge says the systems are pre-programmed in the factory, while start-up and operation requires minimal training.
Variety from Vitrododi 
Vitrododi, of Italy, has been busy adding to its line of fenestration machinery. 

Isomodulo R uses a roller press available in heights of 1,600-, 2,000- and 2,500-mm. Panel coupling and aluminum profile-laying are performed manually with assisting equipment. The company says the Isomodulo R can produce 300 to 400 units in eight hours.

In addition, the Isomodulo P is fitted with a panel press and is computer-controlled. With automatic glass sheet coupling and pressing, profile-laying is the only operation performed by hand with assistance from square-shaped supports. Isomodulo P is available in heights of 1,600, 2,500 and 3,000 mm and produces one unit every 35 to 40 seconds, the company says.

The Isomodulo Jumbo is similar to the P line, but has an Empire washing machine. The washing machine features adjustable brushes for glass thicknesses from 3- to 35-mm and a program for automatic coupling of triple glasses and structural glasses up to 100-mm offset per side. 

Vitrododi suggests its Stratovit for laminating large pieces of glass, printed or wired glass, custom measured glass and soundproofing.
Vitrododi has also developed a variety of straight line edgers for complicated profiles of thicknesses up to 

25 mm. The Border 4 has two diamond and two polishing wheels; the Border 5 can have a combination of two diamond and three polishing wheels; the Border 4+1 is fitted with a 45-degree cup wheel with four peripheral wheels for mitering; and the Border 4+2 has a group of two wheels recommended for flat edges.

Get an Edge with Sommer and Maca’s New Edgersommermaca
Cicero, Ill.-based Sommer and Maca Industries Inc. has introduced the new VFE-4 four cup flat edger that feeds glass of any size or thickness, from 1/8 to ½ inch continuously. 

A solid rear vulcanized rubber registration conveyor keeps glass of different thicknesses in line during grinding. Without adjustments to be made, the company says the VFE-4 is a time-saver and does not require highly trained operators. 

The heavy-duty machine base and adjustable glass racks support 100-inch long glass panels, and edge grind depth can be changed using a lever. Sommer and Maca says the machine ensures quality grinding and longer wheel life by continually lubricating the wheel during grinding. A set of processing wheels is included with the machine.

Hegla Introduces New Glass-Cutting Machine
Based in College Park Ga., Hegla Corp. has launched its new Optimax-CH-4 multihead CNC glass-cutting machine. According to a news release, the system is designed to increase throughput for both traditional high-volume producers and also fabricators with high-volume throughput of small- to medium-lot sizes.
The company says the Optimax-CH-4 features four cutting heads for cutting shapes, circles, rectangles, squares and strips. Hegla adds that the machine also offers fully-automatic head positioning with an independent drive for each cutting head, allowing multiple parts to be optimized within a single cutting plan, and maximizing yield while still utilizing the benefit of multiple heads from standard stock sizes.

In addition, the system features a Windows operating system, and is compatible with all Hegla automatic loading and breakout options. It is available in both Optimizer and Lehr-End sizes.

Grab Hold with Wood’s Powr-Grip’s New Hand Cup

Laurel, Mont.-based Wood’s Powr-Grip Co. Inc., has introduced its newest product for lifting and moving glass with irregular surfaces. According to the company, the 8-inch diameter cup features a new sealing edge and softer vacuum pad, which attaches to most textured surfaces and can carry up to 75 pounds. The two available styles of cup are the N4950TS with a metal handle, pump and valve, and the N4000TS with an ABS handle, pump and valve.

Stand Tall with New Upright Wet Belt Sander from CRL
Los Angeles-based C.R. Laurence Co. Inc. (CRL) now has added its GL4W 4- by 106-inch upright belt sander to its line of wet abrasive belt sanders. 
The GLW4 has five built-in rollers at the front of the water tank, which act as a rest for the glass while it is being sanded. A built-in water spray system removes glass dust and particles before they can become airborne, while an electro-mechanical solenoid automatically activates the spray system when the machine is on.

A 1-HP, 115/230-volt, 3450-RPM, single-phase industrial motor, powers the sander.

“This is a rugged glass working machine, built for use in production shops,” said product manager Bill Gyore. “All parts are carefully machined and balanced to ensure a smooth, quiet operation. Because it is manufactured to precision tolerances, it is built for high-volume usage with very little maintenance,” he added.
For more info, circle card #86.

Find The Cutting Edge from Pistorius
Pistorius Machine Co. Inc., based in Hauppauge, N.Y., has designed a new saw for aluminum, wood, plastics and fiberglass. With a range of accessories offered, the company says the machine can be customized for specific cutting applications. 

There are five models available, both manual and automatic, which vary in cutting capacity. According to information provided by the company, the machine is equipped with high-efficiency sawdust ducts, has little operating noise and has an optional Protex metered pulse type sawblade lubrication system for mitering aluminum.

CTD Introduces New Products 
CTD Machines Inc. has added two new products to its line of machinery. One is the model M25R quick indexing mitre cut-off saw and the second is the model D45AX 14-inch High Top, a heavy-duty 14-inch fixed 45 degree pivoting double mitre saw. According to the company’s news release, the mitre saw is rugged, accurate, heavy-duty and will mitre up to 45 degrees. The company says the base and disc are made from precision-machined iron castings for continual accuracy. 

The double mitre saw features heavier iron castings and larger bearings and can cut in ranges from 2-inches high by 6-inches wide or 3 ¼-inches high and 3 ½-inches wide. 

Zanetti Meets Beveling and Edging Needs

Two of the products available from Italy’s Zanetti Machine are the FP-10 straight-line edging machine and the Bismatic 2 Plus beveling machine. The products are distributed in the United States by Salem Distributing Company of Winston Salem, N.C.

According to the company, the FP-10 is capable of producing a flat edge profile with front and back seams. The edger utilizes ten cup type wheels: six to produce and polish the flat profile and four to produce and polish the seams. Adjusting the flat edge diamond wheels to compensate for wear is fast and accurate and the polishing control system ensures sharp, crisp corners. Polishing wheel wear, activation and pressure is controlled by a patented electro-mechanical system, which monitors the location of the glass and activates the polishing wheels from a neutral position to the proper height and pressure. The machine has a working speed of 236 inches per minute and can process glass thicknesses from 3- to 30-mm.

The Bismatic 2 Plus is an automatic or manual-beveling machine for straight or shaped glass sheets without a template. The machine is equipped with an articulated arm, which is assembled with the wheel holding head and a sucker rotating glass-holding plate.

Adhesives and Sealants
Tremco Introduces TremGlaze™ Window and Door Glazing Products
Tremco of Cleveland now provides a complete line of window and door glazing products engineered specifically for high-speed plant requirements and installation demands. The TremGlaze product group encompasses an extensive line of fully compatible, high-performance sealants, tapes and custom rubber extrusions. Items include S300 and S500 advanced neural cure silicone products, E1200 Thermoplastic window and door installation sealant, SA1100 siliconized acrylic latex sealant, cross-linked butyl tapes, and TremGlaze custom rubber extrusions.

Laser Etching Equipmentlaseretching
Marking the Industry with Vytek Laser System 
Vytek Industrial Laser Systems of Littleton, Mass., has introduced a laser-etching machine, the Vytek Laser System. Images, logos and text can be etched onto a variety of surfaces including stone, tile, marble, glass, slate, wood and plastic. According to information from the company, the system can undertake large and small pieces and is easily adjustable.

Dirk Burrowes, president of Vytek Industrial Laser Systems, emphasized two benefits offered to the glass industry by the system. “The basic premise for the glass industry is that the laser eliminates the sandblasting process and, consequently, handling, raw materials and a fair amount of labor. Also, the system offers a greater level of detail than has ever before been available with acid- or other laser-etching systems,” said Burrowes. He added that the system is a printer with results similar to sandblasting, but because of the precision of the laser, details can be much finer.

Burrowes attributes the machine’s success to the profitable aspects it offers. “From the perspective of the manufacturer and supplier, they now have a method to offer a profitable solution with custom detailed work,” he said.

Burrowes is hopeful that the Vytek Laser System will fulfill the needs of many in the industry and create a new aspect of glass-etching. “It is a new means of advertising, communicating and custom identification,” said Burrowes. “The system can be used for a variety of products from commercial glass to artistic items.”

New Brochure from GE Insulgard Corporation
GE Insulgard Corp. has released a new comprehensive catalog to compile its products for the ballistic security industry. The catalog includes product descriptions, pricing and ordering information.

Keep Up to Date with Construction Codes from BOCA
BOCA (Building Officials and Code Administrators) International of Country Club Hills, Ill., has assembled a set of construction codes for use in the United States and worldwide. According to BOCA, the 2000 International Codes combine the efforts of the National, Uniform and Standard codes to provide code 

Within the set, building, residential, fire, mechanical, plumbing, property maintenance, zoning, energy conservation, fuel gas, private sewage disposal and electric codes are included. The 2000 International Codes are available in print, on CD-ROM and in bundle packages.

Doors & Door Hardware
Open Up To New Exit Devices from International Door Closers
With operations in Anaheim, Calif., and Nashville, International Door Closers Inc. has added two new products to its panic line—the Series 7100 concealed vertical rod and the Series 7300 rim panic exit device.doorsanddoorhardware

According to John Linder, executive vice president, both products have been tested and approved by Underwriters Laboratories Inc. for panic hardware. While both the 7100 and 7300 were designed for aluminum and glass doors, the 7300 is also suitable for wood and hollow metal doors.
In addition, Linder adds that both have been designed for quick and easy installation, and the 7300 can be installed completely with only six screws and in 20 minutes. Both devices are available in satin aluminum finish to be used with clear anodized storefront doors, or storefront bronze finish for bronze-anodized storefront. 

One of the most important features of the Series 7100, Linder adds, is that it is reversible. And the 7300 is non-handed. In addition, both devices are available for 36- and 48-inch door widths and can both be installed onto doors as narrow as 30 inches.

Slide Into Fleetwood’s New Sliding Doorslidingdoor
The Norwood 3000 HP sliding door from Fleetwood Windows and Doors of Corona, Calif., has recently passed the Dade County, Fla., impact-resistance test, according to information from the company. The 3000 HP door was tested in a 6068 two-panel configuration at a 60psf test pressure. The Norwood 3000 HP is a marine-glazed door, which allows for KD kits to be shipped inexpensively from California to the East Coast. It is available in two anodized finishes, clear and dark bronze, and two painted finishes, tan and white. It is also available in custom colors.
Simpssimpsondooron Door Launches Infinity Door Line
Simpson Door Company of McCleary, Wash., blends tradition and technology in its new collection of handcrafted interior and exterior doors. The  company says the patented manufacturing process of constructing doors from one seamless panel reduces the possibility of shrinking, splitting, or stile and rail separation. The 20 new styles of its Infinity Doors are highlighted by raised panels and raised or flush moldings, and are primed and ready to paint. They are available in widths from 2- through 4-inches and in heights of 6-feet, 8-inches to 9-feet.

Bronze Craft Makes a STORM
Bronze Craft, of Nashua, N.H., now offers a four-bar hinge called the Storm. The hinge is constructed from 300 series stainless steel for extra stability against wind and has a Delrin sleeve for smooth operation. 
Designed for heavy duty, high-load-bearing casement and projected windows, the company says the STORM is asymmetrically shaped to ensur e little rubbing on the weather seal. 
The company says the Storm hinge has been tested to AAMA 904.1 standards and is available in inline and offset mounting configurations.

International Door Products Introduces the Door Cart
If your company is in need of a more efficient means of transporting, removing or installing doors, International Door Products Inc. of Harrisburg, Pa., says its new door cart can meet those needs. The company says the door cart is capable of supporting the door in the horizontal position.

In addition, the company adds that the cart is capable of holding a weight capacity of up to 500 pounds and door heights ranging from 7 feet to 9 feet, 6 inches. The door cart features a linear structure and lightweight design, can be used either inside or out and has a tilt bed.

The company says that by using the door cart, it is possible for users to save up to reduce manpower by up to 50 percent.
Abrisa Distributes Front Surface Mirrors for Glass Troesch
Abrisa Glass and Coatings of Santa Paula, Calif., is working with Switzerland’s Glass Troesch to distribute, stock and fabricate the latter company’s front surface mirrors for the United States. According to Abrisa, a shortage in a worldwide supply of front surface mirrors compelled Glass Troesch to expand its offerings of mirrors to make available the FSM94-X. The FSM94-X is 94-percent reflective front surface mirror that comes in thicknesses of 3-, 5- and 6-mm, in a sheet size of 74- by 110-inches. The mirror is manufactured in a vertical magnetron sputter process, which Abrisa says allows for a high-level of durability and a minimum number of pinholes. The aluminum mirror is then enhanced with a multi-layer dielectric overcoating.
Stick with Mastic Stik™ from Palmer 
Palmer Mirro-Mastic®, of Louisville, Ky., has introduced the new Mastic Stik to aid in mastic application. Developed by Joe Gardner of Gardner Mirror, the tool is made of light PVC with a long handle designed to scoop out mastic while keeping hands clean. The company says the Mastic Stik will not scratch the backs of mirrors and can remove dried mastic from those areas efficiently. The tool also allows the user to effectively retrieve most of the product from the can. Mastic Stik is reusable and can be cleaned with mineral spirits.

Decorative Glass
The Best of Both Worlds from Glasslam and Tropical Graphics
Whether your projects are residential or commercial, Glasslam of Pompano Beach, Fla., and Tropical Graphics of Oakland Park, Fla., have teamed to create and offer Artlam, a new method to transfer images to glass digitally. 

According to a press release, Artlam combines Glasslam’s system of polymers that chemically bond to glass and Tropical Graphics’ digital dye sublimation printing process to offer the benefits of computerized, full-color digital image transfer. 

Glasslam says that through this method, virtually any image can be reproduced, whether it’s a company’s logo or a coral reef.

Windows and Window Hardware
Saint-Gobain Introduces Panorama™ Screen Bar
Saint-Gobain BayForm of Weston, Ontario, has introduced its new rollformed screen bar, the Panorama, for double-hung windows. 

The Panorama features latch corners, perimeter groove and lift built in to eliminate a separate pull handle. The screen system is available for both 5/16- and 3/8-inch screen track windows. BayForm Panorama is said to have a shorter lead-time for ordering and is available in a variety of colors. The unit consists of one profile and four corners for easy assembling.

Windows and More Available from Kawneer
Kawneer Co. of Norcross, Ga., has added two new windows to its extensive line of fenestration products. The first, Kawneer Sealair® 8325TL (thermal) windows, are designed to retain heating and air conditioning and feature the IsoLock® Thermal Break to prevent dry shrinkage. The windows have 3 ¼-inch deep frames for larger projects, are tested for forced entry and are offered as fixed, project-in, project-out, inswing and outswing casement.

Also new, Kawneer Sealair® 8225TL windows, which Kawneer says, are a high-performance, thermally-broken window system. They are available as projected, casement, top-hinged, pivoted and fixed. A 2 ¼-inch deep frame option includes factory glazing, dual glazing and Venetian blinds.

In addition, Kawneer now offers its Trifab® VersaGlaze® (VG) framing systems. Glass planes can vary from front, center, back or can be multi-plane. Some features of the VG framing systems include screw spline, shear block, with structural silicone glazing and weatherseal options. 

For thermal protection, Kawneer offers an Isolock® Pour and Debridge Thermal Break option. A high-performance flashing option has been added to eliminate perimeter fasteners at the sill and consequently their blind seals.

Window Film
Gila Takes Glass from Ordinary to Extraordinary with New Illusions Line
Imagine transforming clear glass partitions and panels into works of art. College Park, Ga.-based Gila Inc. says its possible with its new Illusion line of decorative film. According to information from the company, several patterns are available through the line that will make the impression your customers desire.

Security Glass
Find Safety and Variety with Security Impact Glass
Security Impact Glass of Riviera Beach, Fla., offers a range of impact and hurricane-resistant laminated glass products. 

SAF-GLAS laminated glass is available in different configurations for commercial glazing applications and comes in tinted glass, colored polycarbonate (P.C.) or P.E.T. interlayer styles. SAF-GLAS is constructed using three standard glass types—annealed, heat-strengthened and tempered. The 1.7-mm thickness is standard, but a polycarbonate interlayer thickness is available from 3- to 12-mm.

Also from Security Impact Glass, SAF-GLAS Sunglas high-performance reflective laminated glass offers impact resistance and the reflective qualities of its Sungate reflective coating, the company says. Sunglas is available in a variety of colors.

For high visibility and protection from unwanted heat, Security Impact Glass offers Sunglas LE series laminated glass, which is comprised of laminated glass with a Sunglas LE coating between the outboard layer of glass and Polycarbonate interlayer. Sunglas LE series can be laminated with clear or tinted glass and can be used in skylights.

Skylights and Sunrooms
Step into the Light with New Rooms from Patio Enclosures
To bring more lights into your customers’ homes and offices, Patio Enclosures Inc. of Macedonia, Ohio, has re-engineered and expanded its line of enclosures. 
The company’s Allview room, a seasonal enclosure and the Comfortview room, an insulating enclosure, are both available in either aluminum or vinyl, and are engineered to meet building codes for U.S. and Canadian climates.

Features for the new enclosures include dual point door locking system with top and bottom latching, handles available in colors to match the room, the company’s, heavy-duty tubular designed extrusions in doorframes for a tight interlocking fit between doors and more.

Aluminum and Glass Pickett Railing from Railcraft USA

Railcraft USA Inc. of Hastings, Minn., now offers a new aluminum and glass or picket railings system for both interior and exterior applications including patios, porches, enclosures, swimming pools and hot tubs. 
Railcraft says the use of high-strength aluminum alloys with weather-resistant, powder-coated aluminum makes its product an effective replacement for steel or wood. According to the company's news release, advanced welding techniques and innovative powder-coat painting lines ensure quality with an improved look. 

The railing is offered in seven stock colors and a choice of two profiles. 

Cleaning Solutions 
Clean Up With Gunther
Gunther Mirror Mastics of South Bend, Ind., now offers an all purpose cleaner, Mirror & More Cleaner™, to clean glass, mirror, chrome, porcelain, stainless steel and appliances. According to the company, the cleaner removes dirt, grease and other deposits without streaking or leaving a film. The cleaner is said to contain no chemicals that are harmful to mirrors and is available in several sizes. cleaningsolution





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