Volume 36, Issue 6,  June 2001

 SPOTLIGHT1In the Spotlight

It may be a small part of the window, but it’s what makes it move: the hardware. In this special spotlight, check out the array of window hardware now available from a number of companies. From new frames to hinges, the industry has a world of options before it in the crucial area of window hardware.

Bronze Craft Develops New STORM Hinge
Bronze Craft Corp. of Nashua, N.H., has added the STORM four-bar hinge to its product line. This hinge is designed for heavy-duty, high-load bearing, casement and projected windows, and is constructed of 300 series stainless steel for superior wind load performance. The STORM’S slide mechanism offers a non-structural Delrin sleeve for smooth operation, and its asymmetric end cap ensures accurate collection of the vent without rubbing on the weather seal, according to the company.

Deal International Develops New Hinges
Deal International Inc. of Rochester, N.Y., has introduced a complete line of casement and awning two-bar hinges with stainless steel tracks and a notch to allow for welded windows. The awning hinges are available in 10, 14, 18, 22 and 26 inches to fit all window sizes and heights. In addition, these casement hinges come in steel or stainless steel arms with brass or stainless steel rivets.

Vision Releases New Lines of Latches and Other Hardware
Vision Industries of Brooklyn, N.Y., is introducing a new patented line of snap and slide tilt latches. According to the company, the new line includes standard-size and uniquely-designed smaller latches. In addition, a new line of vinyl casement hardware, featuring a single operating locking and unlocking technology, and a heavy-duty four-bar hinge for projection and casement windows, are available.

The company also offers zinc die-casting, injection-molded and stamped parts, such as sash locks, keepers, balance shoes, patented tilt latches, night locks, weep hole covers, pivot bars and hinges for project and casement windows.

Roto Hardware Systems Feeling Secure
Roto Hardware Systems of Essex, Conn., has a new addition to its line of window hardware—the new G5 locking system for wood and vinyl casement windows. The G5 non-handed locking bar system features mushroom-head-style locking pins for security and adjustable locking pin bars for improved field adjustments. The system, which can be used with either wood or vinyl casement windows, includes a removable handle and is available in various powder coatings and architectural finishes.

LCS Updates Corner Key
LCS Precision Molding of Elysian, Minn., has introduced a locking corner key technology. According to the company, the hardware is particularly useful when replacing corner keys that require screws or staking. 
In addition, LCS has created a gasket coupled with the locking feature that, when used with a sealant, ensures against moisture leakage, the company says. 

Truth Hardware Develops Two New Window Operators
Truth Hardware of Owatonna, Minn., has introduced two new products: the Rear Mount Maxim® Operator and the Ellipse® Operator. The Rear Mount Maxim Operator, designed for use with casement and awning windows, utilizes a sealable case to help reduce air and water infiltration, according to the company. Made specifically for the aluminum and composite window market, it is compatible with casements as large as 40 by 84 inches and awnings up to 60 inches wide.

Likewise, Truth’s new Ellipse Operator has a sealable case, created by placing a special lip around the operator’s base that accepts a gasket and thus seals itself. The company says that in addition to blocking out water and air, the sealable case also eliminates the need for slow, caulking.


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