Volume 36, Number 7, July 2001


a message from the publisher


As Good as It Gets

In television, a great interview subject is called a “get.” In print, a great interview subject is called ... well ... a great interview subject. I was privileged recently to spend some time interviewing Paolo Scaroni, group chief executive of Pilkington plc. The exclusive interview took place during Glass Processing Days (GPD), the four-day biennial educational/networking event that Tamglass Engineering Oy sponsors in Tampere, Finland. It was a great treat to learn about the new advancements in glazing technology going on worldwide, and to do so in such a hospitable and sincere country as Finland. One of the highlights of that trip was the interview with Scaroni.

Scaroni has the commanding presence; he immediately impresses you with his focus, his intensity and his global vision. Though I met with him at 10:30 in the morning, his staff allowed that they’d been on the move since 6 that morning and had already visited one of Pilkington’s plants in the area. We talked about a number of issues including the introduction of the company’s Activ™ self-cleaning glass in North America (please see the related story on page 24 of this issue), the integration of LOF into the Pilkington family, the big challenges in the worldwide automotive glass market and the future of the in
Scaronidustry. “Activ was a logical step for us,” said Scaroni. “ LOF [which Pilkington purchased a number of years ago] was a great innovator and Pilkington is a great innovator. We are excited to be launching it full-scale.” 

Press deadlines being what they are, the full interview along with complete coverage of Glass Processing Days will be included in next month’s issue. But as I reviewed this issue and its focus on our industry’s leaders, my interview with Scaroni came to the forefront.

You’ll see a focus on leadership throughout this issue, with our compilation of the most influential companies and people in the business (see page 40). Although they may not know it, many of those listed are heroes of my own, who effect the industry in ways so subtly they may not even be aware of it. After all, isn’t that exactly what influence is?

P.S.: The Texas Glass Association and USGlass magazine will be co-hosting Glass TEXpo ’01 at the Adams Mark Hotel in San Antonio on August 17-18 (see details on page 70). Hope y’all can join us for this great event.


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