Volume 36, Issue 7, July 2001



Decorative glass

Beveled Look Achieved Without the Beveling Process

To bring the look of beveled glass to windows and doors without the beveling process, 3M, Glass Equipment Development (GED) and Silver Line Building Products have joined forces to create 3M® Accentrim products.

According to a news release, Accentrim products are available in ½-¾- and 1-inch edge bevel and V-groove patterns. They are applied professionally either manually for existing home and business applications, or with automated equipment for high-volume applications in manufacturing products such as windows and doors.
Originally developed by 3M, the company partnered with Silver Line in 1999, who worked with 3M on development and testing procedures. GED created the automated equipment that would be needed to apply the product for large-scale users like Silver Line. 

According to information from GED, the new application table creates the look of beveled glass quickly and at an affordable cost. GED says the machine comes equipped with user-friendly software that allows the operator to save and recall a variety of patterns, colorful visual aids for assistance in calculating and entering position values and a maintenance screen that allows for adjustment of system variables or the fine-tuning of table 

The first two levels of automated application equipment are presently available, which applies the products in either horizontal and vertical directions quickly on a standard-size lite of glass in less than three minutes, according to the release.

ODL Adds New Hues to Door Glass Line

ODL of Zeeland, Mich., has added the new Radiant Hues product to its Elegant Bevel Series® door glass line. The new line is constructed of a combination of clear bevels with clear and gray renaissance glass, and is available in a variety of sizes with sidelites and an overhead transom. According to the company’s news release, the special bright zinc caming complements the pewter and brushed aluminum commonly used in homes.

“Radiant Hues brings a distinctively high-class style to the entryway of a home,” said Scott Spence, marketing manager for ODL. “The elegant glass combinations offer homeowners a level of privacy while still allowing natural light inside the home. Radiant Hues decorative glass for doors, sidelites and transoms do a great deal to enhance both the interior an-exterior of a home.”

Find thrudysarte Cutting Edge with Rudy's Art Glass

The Rudy Art Glass Studio in York, Pa., says it offers a line of products and services to meet most any commercial, residential or architectural need.  One product the company manufactures is Cracked Ice glass, which is laminated to two layers of solid glass and available either clear or colored. The company also offers merchandise such as laminated stained glass, pigmented light diffusing innerlayers, precision drilled holes and custom table tops and bases.


Electric Mirror Unveils New Shower Mirror Defogger 

Electric Mirror of Lynnwood, Wash., has introduced its in-shower bathroom mirror defogger. The company claims its product is easy to install and simple to use. According to information from the company, power is fed from the shower light to a low-volt transformer. Low-voltage wire runs behind the wall to the defogger location and is clipped to the terminal ends of the defogger. The company says the thin defogger fits unnoticeably on the back of the mirror. At the flick of a light switch, the heater warms the mirror and thereby prevents condensation. The defogger comes in 7- by 15-inch size s and 10- by 20-inch sizes. The company adds that the defogger uses less power than a light bulb and is compatible with a standard 120-volt power supply. 

Glass block

Crystal Block Introduces New Glass Block System
Crystal Block Systems Inc. of Fort Worth, Texas, has introduced its new glass block system. According to information from the company, Crystal  Block windows are constructed with tempered glass and come ready to install—no assembly required. Windows are available in vinyl and thermal- or non-thermal aluminum frames in four colors from which to choose—white, bronze, tan and mill.

The company adds that Crystal Block is available in hundreds of sizes, including several special shapes.


Researchers Find New Coating that Kills Germs

A new coating that works on glass has been discovered recently, which guards against infections commonly spread by bacteria.
“You could coat any type of surface with this material and it would be there permanently,” said Joerg Tiller of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. “It is chemically-attached so it cannot be washed away.”

A recent study showed that the coating, called hexyl-PVP, was able to kill up to 99 percent of common disease-causing organisms. According to Tiller, the coating was applied to glass slides and tested by spraying them with a concentrated solution of common household and hospital bacteria groups. The results were then compared to non-coated glass slides, also exposed to the solutions. Results showed that on slides treated with the coating 94 to 99 percent of the bacteria was killed.

Tiller said the anti-bacterial coating could be incorporated into the manufacturing process so the surfaces of many different products could be permanently sterile. He added that he and his partners do own a patent on the product, but are not involved in any efforts to put it on the market.

Glass and glazing

Sully North America Breaks Out Security Glass Lines

Sully North America, a Saint-Gobain company based in Trumbauersville, Pa., has several glass lines available, which the company says offer security and impact resistance. 
For instance, ToroGlas® is a chemically-reinforced glass, which Sully says offers the high strength of thermally-tempered glass, while still maintaining optical qualities of annealed glass. When struck, the break pattern of ToroGlas is said to remain localized without dicing. According to Sully, features include its scratch and abrasion resistance, thermal-shock resistance and high optics. ToroGlas is available in thicknesses from .6 mm to 12 mm.

Also from Sully is D-Fence Glas™, a full line of high-performance transparencies. According to information from the company, when impacted, D-Fence glass products do not shatter immediately, explode or spiderweb. The company says the product’s mechanical and flexural strength, combined with its impact-resistant core, helps to contain breakage locally. D-Fence Glas is also said to resist scratching and is available in options such as opaque and patterned glass, coated low-E, transparent mirror and more.

Sully’s D-Fence BRGlas is its line of bullet-resistant products. These products combine laminated glass with an impact-resistant Noviflex® core and base layer of thin, chemically-strengthened glass. Sully says these products are lightweight and offers low installation and shipping costs.



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