Volume 36, Issue 8, August 2001



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BOCA, ICBO and SBCCI to Consider Merging into the ICC

A merger of the Building Officials and Code Administrators (BOCA), International Conference of Building Officials (ICBO) and the Southern Building Code Congress International Inc. (SBCCI) into the International Code Council (ICC) could be in the works if resolutions towards that end are approved at the groups’ annual business meetings this fall. 

The members of the groups will consider resolutions dealing with the timeline for the merger, and according to the ICC, “resolutions considered by each membership will be identical in purpose and intent to remove any ambiguity as to the intended result.”

The purpose of the resolutions will be to authorize the development of a merger plan, with a timeline, to be delivered to the members at the 2002 annual joint conference September 29 – October 3, 2002. At that time, an affirmative vote on the plan would authorize its implementation and the merger of the organizations. January 2003 is the expected date for the merger’s completion. 

“We are acting on the members’ resolutions and are proceeding as promptly as possible,” said Jon S. Traw, P.E., and ICBO CEO. “ We understand that in consolidating each of the business functions there are many legal issues and outside interests that have to be considered. We have learned from the consolidation of certification services and we are proceeding forward.”

It was during last year’s annual business meeting that the members decided to “work toward an ultimate goal of creating a single model code organization.” Since then, agreements have been reached on several key components, including consolidation of the certification programs. Other issues discussed during last year’s meeting include bylaws, internal structure of the future organization, regional locations, personnel, membership needs and organizational services.

“The signing of this historic agreement … reflects the members’ commitment to the public’s life safety by extending the national consensus process of the International Codes to the development of national certification examinations for those who regulate construction,” said SBCCI CEO William J. Tangye, P.E. “This was only the first program, but be assured, we will proceed with the same commitment and accountability through completion of the entire merger with all aspects of the business."

BOCA CEO Paul K. Heilstedt, P.E., agreed. "Consolidation of the certification programs is just the first in a series of steps [that] will change the face of the model code organizations, which has able served our state and local governments for decades," he said.

BOCA, ICBO and SBCCI are all founding members of the ICC, and have formed partnerships with groups around the world dedicated to public safety in the built environment.


ITA Postpones Auto Glass Anti-Dumping Decision

At presstime, the International Trade Administration (ITA), which acts as a division of the Department of Commerce, had postponed its decision in the Chinese windshield anti-dumping case filed by Pittsburgh-based PPG Industries, Safelite Glass Corp. of Columbus, Ohio, and Viracon/Curvelite of Owatonna, Minn., until August 31. According to Patrick Kerwan, a spokesperson for the department, the decision had been expected on August 7 sometime between noon and 2 p.m., but was postponed unexpectedly. (For related stories, see March 2001 USGlass, page 26 and USGlass’ sister publication AGRR May/June 2001 pages 10 and 32 and July/August 2001 page 4.)
The postponement follows the International Trade Commission’s unanimous March 27 ruling that “there is reasonable indication of injury or threat of material injury to the industry by way of alleged dumping," as was fond in its preliminary investigation. The ITA is now left to decide in its own preliminary investigation if the dumping of imported windshields from China is occuring and, if so, to what level. 

See the next issue of AGRR for more details.


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