Volume 36, Issue 8, August 2001




For. El IntroducesFor.El Vertical Cutting Line
In an effort to reduce trouble spots often encountered by glaziers, For.El has introduced a new vertical cutting line. According to the company, those using this new line will find quality, productivity, safety and handling more efficient than with other lines. For example, For.El says with this line the stretch factor applied to the PVB membrane is always regular when using its cutting bridge, without any rupture of the PVB. In addition, the company says access to all moving parts is inhibited or confined, so there is only  a slim chance of injury during operation. 

For.El also says the glass handling and storage features of the line are unique. Lites of glass are kept in a vertical position, just as they are stored and delivered as a finished product. An automatic storage system can also be added to the cutting table. In addition, since the actual lien is vertical it is said to occupy a third of the space of a horizontal line.

Bend, Temper and Shape with New Versions of Rainbow TSF
Looking for bending and tempering innovations? Then you’ll want to visit Finland-based Glassrobots at Vitrum 2001 to see the additions to its Rainbow TSF. According to information from the company, the new versions allow bending and temrainbowtsfpering of large glass sizes—the Combi version can take on glass sizes up to 3.500 by 2.600 mm, while the Turbo version handles glass sizes 2.500 by 3.500 mm and 3.500 by 2.500 mm. The two versions incorporate an automatic middle, which enables the production of glass with smaller girth and standard height, along with larger girth and lower height.

Also new at Vitrum, Glassrobots will demonstrate its jumbo-size, serial-made furnace—the Dumbo DBF. According to the company, the furnace is designed for special bendings and large glass sizes up to 3.200 x 6.000 mm. The company adds the bottom of the furnace can be pulled out on rails and pushed back for loading and unloading. Preheating, bending and cooling take place inside the furnace. For cooling, there are vents on the roof, the bottom and on the walls to avoid cool areas.

CcmsmachineMS Brings a Family of Machines to Vitrum
For your beveling and fabricating needs, CMS North America has introduced three new machines it plans to display at Vitrum 2001.

Need a beveler? Then you may be interested in the Best of the Bevel (BOB), which has a sixth axis. According to CNC, BOB features a double-crosspiece frame for ease in operating and programming and producing accurate machining. Router bits or saw blades can be used on the machine, which can drill, edge, polish, groove, engrave and bevel. In addition, BOB can handle glass sizes up to 2,935 by 2,000 mm.
For machining and fabricating stone and glass, CMS has introduced Junior. Designed for small-sized 
production requirements, this CNC machine offers versatility for all machining functions including sawing, drilling, milling, grinding, polishing, scooping, engraving and carving. CMS adds, Junior can handle a maximum glass size of 2,600 by 1,400 mm.

Top Cut has also been introduced for straight or shape cutting, and is available in mini, regular and jumbo sizes. Acms2ccording to information from the company, electronic and software developments give the cutting table high levels of performance, reliabil ity, versatility and quality for manufacturing. Top Cut comes with either a fixed or tilting table. Standard features include pneumatically operated breakout bars, precision rack and pinion, an on-board shape library and CAD software that the company says can increase the number and variety of shapes.

Spec-Tespectempmp Introduces Glass-Bending Furnace
Spec-Temp of Antwerp, Ohio, has introduced a glass-bending furnace that can bend glass with single or multiple radii without tooling for a shorter development time. The company says this furnace has increased its capacity for glass bending by 60 percent in any market requiring curved glass. Spec-Temp’s tempered bent glass is available in short and long runs and is said to be ideal for customized applications.

Billco Expands CNC Machinery Line 
Based in Zelienople, Pa., Billco has expanded its line of Ultra Series high-performance CNC glass-cutting machines. According to information from the company, CNC machines feature the company’s patented MagnaDrive™ technology, which delivers fast and accurate, high-volume glass cutting capabilities. The system employs magnets and linear bearings for both the Billco X- and Y-axis drives, and also eliminates rotary motors, gearboxes, rack and pinion and timing belt drivers used in conventional CNC cutting machines, the company says.

In addition, the machines also feature Billco’s Z95 Super Head™ with a precision alignment system, programmable cutting pressures and more. The machines are available in 144 feet.

glazing systems

SoleraTM Helps Let in the Light
To bring more natural light into homes and offices, Sydney, Nova Scotia-based Advanced Glazings Ltd. has introduced Solera glazing units. The company says these insulating glass units offer volumes of natural light, no glare, no shadows and a high-insulation value. 

According to information from the company, the units consist of an InsolCore®-R light-diffusing insert between two sheets of glass, which is capable of both light transmission and heat transfer. The unit is also surrounded by a hermetically sealed, pressure-equalized, energy-efficient steel spacer system. 

Options available for Solera include a range of glass colors, laminated, tempered, heat-strengthened or annealed glass, a wide range of light transmittances and solar heat gain coefficients (up to 72 percent) and an overall insulating 

locks and hardware

Trans-Atlantic Releases New Door Closer and Electromagnetic Locks
Trans-Atlantic Co. of Philadelphia has available its new series 200 door closer, along with an entire new line of electromagnetic door locks.

According to the company, the series 200 door closer has a compact body with 2 7/8-inch projection, is available in sizes two through five and is capable of mounting regular, top jamb and parallel arm installations. The closer is available in aluminum, duronodic and bronze finishes.

In addition, the company says its new line of electromagnetic door locks feature field-selectable dual voltage of 12 or 24 VDC. The company says the locks will work for both single or a pair of out-swinging or in-swinging doors. All units also have a built-in, removable program board with a variety of features. 

Roto Frank Launches New Operator Series
  Roto Frankroto of America Inc. of Chester, Conn., has introduced a new line of casement hardware called the Roto Pro-Drive Operator series. According to information from the company, this fully-integrated family of casement operators combines outstanding performance with contemporary design, providing window manufacturers with easy assembly and exceptional flexibility for wood and vinyl applications. All components in the series—including dual arm, split arm, single arm and awning operators—have smooth, high-performance operation, contemporary compact design, minimized sash play and a unique recessed worm drive for added functionality and convenience.

LCN Introduces the New FAST™ Power Adjust
A new spring power adjustment design from LCN of Princeton, Ill., makes determining current door closer spring power settings fast and accurate, according to the company. The new FAST™ power adjust feature is standard on LCN 4040 series door closers and allows installers to identify and adjust spring power using only an allen wrench. Adjusting the spring power instead of the hydraulic settings keeps the door in control and eliminates problems with locks, hinges and other door elements. 

Access Hardware to Feature The Mortise UnLatch™
Access Hardware Supply of San Leandro, Calif., has added the Mortise UnLatch from Securitron to its product inventoryaccess . The company says the Mortise UnLatch, which is the sister product to the cylindrical lock UnLatch, is designed to solve mortise electric locking problems, and provides the benefits associated with an electrified mortise lock. According to the company, the Mortise UnLatch installs easily in the frame with no side cut required, making it high-security and vandal-resistant. In addition, the Mortise UnLatch utilizes dead latch functions with one version that is adjustable, so it can work with every mortise lock, the company says.


New Finish from Southeaster Aluminum Products
Southeastern Aluminum Products of Jacksonville, Fla., has introduced a brushed nickel finish for both the Signature by-pass and the frameless CrystalLine hinge door system. The company says the brushed nickel blends well with bathroom finishes such as pewter, brushed chrome and brushed nickel. The Signature premium by-pass shower enclosure includes standard 1/4-omcj polished edge glass, a rounded header and matching through-the-glass towel bars. According to the company, it is also easy to install and comes with snap-together parts. The Signature is available in gold, silver, white almond or black.


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