Volume 36, Issue 10, October 2001


CRL Introduces Powr Edger and Miter Saw
Los Angeles-based C.R. Laurence Co. Inc. (CRL) has introduced its Powr Edger, a single-spindle glass edger for the small- and medium-size glass shop. According to the company, the Powr Edger is capable of grinding and polishing flat with seams and/or pencil edge profiles of glass 1/8- to ½-inch thick without any track changeover.

miter saw CRL’s portable miter saw table.

Bill Gyore, CRL product manager, said, "The advanced features of the Powr Edger make glass edging easier and more affordable than ever for glass professionals who require the type of fast, quality edgework that is normally produced by larger machines, but who prefer a smaller capital investment." Gyore adds, "The Powr Edger's powerful 2-horsepower, variable-speed spindle motor enables glass to be edged or polished at 60 to 120 inches per minute, the fastest speeds ever for a single spindle edger." 

The Powr Edger is constructed with 1,000 pounds total machine weight for vibration free grinding, and the edger's composite casting is impervious to water or rust, the company says.

In addition, CRL has introduced two new miter saw table kits—a stationary table and a portable unit. The stationary miter saw table kit is 18 feet long, 24 inches deep and provides 36 inches of working height. The kit includes boltless metal framing that locks in place with the tap of a mallet and is designed to add two storage shelves below the working surface. The portable miter saw table kit is 265/8 inches wide and 40¼ inches high when the hinged extrusions are folded; it can reach a maximum length of 81 inches with the extrusions open. 

The miter saw table kit also includes a fence clamp for accurate measurements, a built-in adjustable measuring device that allows for extended-length measuring and easy-roll casters, according to the company. "This portable unit allows glass professionals to easily move the miter saw around the shop, or take to the job site," said Gyore. "Both this table and our stationary miter saw table kit provide a quick, easy way to create a clean and efficient shop cutting area."

Ianua Rolls Out Horizontal Tempering Machine
For your tempering needs, Ianua S.p.A offers a horizontal tempering machine. According to the company, the furnace's irradiation effect is combined with convection heating. Ianua says irradiation for the upper part of the machine is given by controlled electric heaters through radiation plates, while forced convection is obtained by air blown through the resistors with nozzles in radiation plates. According to the company, the air circulation is blown so that hot air taken from the furnace is blown on the glass surface by small, electrically driven heat resistant blowers.

tempering machine Ianua’s horizontal tempering machine.

Glassrobots Unleashes the Rainbowmaker TSF™ Series
Finland-based Glassrobots has introduced new members to its Rainbowmaker TSF series of bending and tempering systems. The new versions allow bending and tempering of increased glass sizes, the maximum glass size of the Combi version being 3,500 by 2,600 millimeters and those of the Turbo version, 2,500 by 3,500 millimeters and 3,500 by 2,500 millimeters, according to the company. Due to the girth in these two new versions, the system incorporates an automatic middle support. The Rainbowmaker TSF enables production of glass with smaller girth and standard height, as well as larger girth with lower height. 

Automatic Seaming Line Available from Ashton Industrial
Ashton Industrial has available an automatic seaming line for high-speed processing for mixed production sizes of glass. According to Ashton, lines can be custom-built to the customer's requirements, and the smallest line processes glass sizes up to 2 by 1 m at a rate of 8 seconds per pieces. The company adds the largest can handle glass sizes up to 3 by 2 m with a cycle time of about 15 seconds.
According to Ashton, the lines consistently produce quality edges, yield high output rates and reduce labor costs. 

door frames
Summit Door Inc. Introduces Fire-Rated Wood Door Frames
Summit Door Inc. of St. Paul, Minn., has introduced the FlameTech® series of fire-rated wood doorframes, which act as a barrier to fire and smoke without sacrificing the fine wood materials and expert craftsmanship for which architects and designers look, according to the company. The FlameTech product line includes 45- and 20-minute fire-rated solid wood door frames, sidelites, borrowed lites and vision lites in a variety of configurations and dimensions. 

windows and doors
Silver Line Lines Up with Windows and Doors
For new construction and replacement applications, Silver Line Windows of North Brunswick, N.J., offers several window and patio door options. According to the company, its windows and doors offer technologically advanced features and many options, including the choice of single hung, double hung, basement, bay and bow and garden windows as well as patio doors and more. 

Silver Line says it offers a large selection of stock vinyl windows, and has more than 170 window types and sizes in stock.

LCS Debuts New Muntin Connectors


LCS Precision Molding has introduced its second generation of adjustable muntin-to-muntin connectors. According to the company, the LCS500 and LCS550 series of muntin connectors are affordable solutions, which reduce fabrication time substantially for non-traditional muntin shapes. The LCS550 is a non-traditional connector option that allows the use of butt-cut muntin. In addition, the LCS550 features a center button that conceals muntin ends and is available in colors or brass plating.

bug-detracting adhesives
CGA Helps Fight Bugs
The California Glass Association, based in Placerville, Calif., currently has available for distribution "Bug-It™", an adhesive for fighting bugs on windows. According to the association, the bug stencil comes with a protective backing and is self-adhesive, so one can peel the backing and easily apply the stencil to a window for the purpose of detracting bugs.

architectural metals
Kawneer Offers Array of Framing Systems
The EnCORE thermal framing system is a two-piece, face-and-gutter system from Kawneer that the company says offers thermal economy with numerous design options, a broad selection of system depths and a 1 ¾-inch sight line.

According to Kawneer, the EnCORE system offers thermal economy with many design options.

EnCORE accepts ¼-inch and 1-inch glazing infills and can be adapted to accept other infills in 1/8-inch increments. In addition, the company says its patented QuickSet™ joinery eliminates the need for sealant at the joints. Fabrication choices include screw spline, shear block or Type B. The system can also be structural silicone-glazed, according to Kawneer.


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