Volume 36, Issue 11, November 2001

windows and doors
L.B. Plastics Expands Sheerframe Line


Mooresville, N.C.-based L.B. Plastics Inc., recently expanded its 6700, 8168, 560 and 600 Sheerframe PVC windows series to include designs which satisfy the most stringent coastal applications for new-construction and renovation projects. According to the company, these new high-performance additions will allow a window fabricator to offer dependable, aesthetic products to any market segment. Each of these products has been tested to AAMA/NWDA 101/I. S. 2-97 standards and carries a minimum rating of HLC-50 on both single and mulled units. In addition, each window meets AAMA’s lineal certification standards, according to information from L.B. Plastics.

In other news at L.B. Plastics, the company has enhanced its Sheerframe series 900 patio door line. According to the company, the recent improvements to the series allow the unit to pass AAMA/NWDA 101 as a SG-C50 rating. L.B. Plastics adds that the window now boasts water-resistance performance as great as 12.0 psf. In addition, the 900 series patio door features a full interlock and fully welded sash, along with an optional single or multi-point locking system. The series allows the use of two-, three-, four- or five-panel configurations upon request. The patio doors are available in white, beige and dark-brown, as well as two interior oak woodgrains of light or medium finishes, according to the company.

REBCO Fights Traffic


REBCO Inc. of New York has developed the FRP door for heavy-traffic areas. The FRP door is equipped with a scratch- and stain-resistant face made with a sheet of aluminum and a foam-core center, which the company says allows the door to withstand constant abuse, accidental impact and vandalism. In addition, the FRP door has an impact-resistant pebbled finish, behind which lies a high-density, foamed-in-lace, urethane core. The door is also equipped with a mid-rail for positive attachment of exit devices and security hardware, along with fully replaceable, heavy-duty, extruded-aluminum trim caps, according to the company.

shower doors

Shower Door Do’s Available from CHMI
If you are in need of a new line of shower door hinges, CHMI of Keokuk, Iowa, has two from which you can choose. To begin, the company has a new line of shower door hinges for 5/16-, 3/8- and ½-inch glass. The new 500 series complements its 200 series of hinges, and is available in a variety of custom finishes.

Also new from CHMI is a line of frameless shower door hinges, for 3/8-, 5/16- and ½-inch glass. This new 600 series is available in glass-to-wall, and glass-to-glass mount, and is available in a variety of standard and custom finishes.

Action Bullet Resistant Releases New Literature
If you’re in the market for bullet-resistant products, Action Bullet Resistant of West Islip, N.Y., has available its new catalogs, which feature information on its framing systems. According to the company, the catalogs contain information to help customers better understand the different levels of bullet-resistant products.

In addition, the company says its BR 250 curtainwall level three and BR 25 level three door are both Dade County product approved.


D&W Reflects with New Mirror
Sixteenth-century style antique reproduction mirrors are now available from D&W Inc. of Elkhart, Ind. Pits, black marks, cloudiness, colored hues and tainted silver make the mirror look as though it was made in an early century.


According to information from the company, the mirror is manufactured in the same manner as clear mirror, while the various patterns are made by use of liquid and solid non-conventional materials that are hand-applied by brushing or aerating. Copper and mirror backing are applied last. Mirrors are finished according to specifications, including cutting to size, drilling and etching.

Kawneer Introduces 1600 Wall System5
Kawneer’s new 1600 wall system5 is an inside-glazed curtainwall and ribbon window system that features screw spline construction for easy construction, the company says. The system is also thermally improved and has an optional split mullion design.

According to Kawneer, the profile is 21/2 inches and is available in a 71/2-inch system depth with an optional 6-inch depth. Options include a mullion anchor diverter for condensation management, shear block construction for fabrication versatility, structural silicone glazing and two color designs.


AFGD Introduces New Coatings
Atlanta-based AFGD Glass has introduced three new low-E coatings: Comfort ES 40 R, Comfort ES 46 R and Comfort ES 50 N.
Comfort ES 40 R is a high-performance finish that has both reflective and low-E properties. Similar to traditional high-performance low-E coatings, heat loss is reduced during cold conditions. When applied to a clear glass substrate, the coating is highly reflective to the exterior, producing a silvery look for reflected images. The light transmittance is relatively high, making the glass appear transparent when it is not exposed to the sun. The shading coefficient is 0.29.

Similar to Comfort ES 40 R, Comfort ES 46 R has a slightly lower reflectance and higher light transmittance, making it somewhat less “mirror-like.” Like Comfort ES 40 R, it is also silvery in appearance when applied to clear glass substrates and has a similar U-value. The shading coefficient is 0.35. 

Comfort ES 50 N has a subtle neutral/light amber appearance when applied to a clear glass substrate. It has a low U-value and a shading coefficient of 0.43. 

All three models are edge-deleted for long service life and are available on clear and tinted glass substrates.

Solutia Debuts New Glass Laminate Systems


St. Louis-based Solutia Inc. has launched Vanceva™, its new laminate brand of Advanced Solutions for Glass™ products, according to Victoria Holt, vice president and general manager of the company’s performance films division. Solutia’s Vanceva products will be used in superior performance glazing systems, according to the company. Near-term Vanceva products will be available through Solutia’s distribution partners.
“Vanceva products offer architects, engineers and designers the freedom to think about glass as performing functions they never thought possible,” Holt said. “Our overall marketing strategy is to showcase the superior performance that can be achieved with Vanceva products—and to challenge the way we currently construct buildings and design cars.”

Naturalite Introduces Solar Megaphone™
Terrell, Texas-based Naturalite® Skylight Systems has introduced the Solar Megaphone collimating skylight. The Solar Megaphone uses a patent-pending design to collimate light by minimizing the number of bounces and the distance it has to travel, thus increasing the benefits of natural daylighting. According to the company, its product provides smooth, even, non-glare light to the workspace unlike other products that produce bright and dark spots or glare. The Solar Megaphone provides similar clear-sky light output in summer, winter, spring and fall. Specially designed for applications that use a drop ceiling, the Solar Megaphone fits neatly into T-bar ceiling grids in either 2-by 2-foot or 4-by 4-foot sizes. The Solar Megaphone directs the light to the workspace beneath the luminaire. 


slumped glass
AAG Offers Slumped Glass Options
Artwork in Architectural Glass (AAG) of Good Hope, Ga., offers slumped glass, which is kiln-fired glass that conforms to custom-designed, hand-made molds, producing molded glass creations. 


Not only can the design of slumped glass be 100-percent customized, but holes and notches can be provided and the majority of AAG’s patterns can be tempered to meet safety glazing codes. Insulating units can also be fabricated to meet exterior glazing requirements. AAG’s maximum size is 80 by 140 inches and standard thicknesses are available from 1/8 to ¾ inch. In addition, the glass can be colored to match specific requirements.

architectural metals
Metal Sales Offers Architectural Components
Metal Sales & Service Inc. of Kennett Square, Pa., offers its Metalwërks™ architectural metal components. The company’s Metalwërks line includes column covers, beam wraps, escalator enclosures, entrance canopies, overhangs and architectural wall panel systems. According to Metal Sales & Service Inc., its architectural metal column and beam covers and enclosures conceal structural and mechanical elements in the customer’s choice of metal for interior or exterior use. Each component can be designed with a wide array of attachments and optional side-joint designs including the metal-lock flush joint design, batten style and reveal joints, according to the company.

Metal Sales’ ArcWall 1500 series and 2500 series architectural wall panels systems feature integral panel flanges, custom-fabrication, impact resistance, a variety of low-maintenance finishes, flush or patterned surfaces, floating panel systems and fully concealed fasteners. In addition, the systems are available sloped, flat or curved and no adhesives or laminates are necessary for assembly.
The ArcWall 1500 features concealed joint attachments and can be attached to any substrate at any panel flange easily, according to the company. Likewise, the ArcWall 2500 employs dry-seal joint gaskets and extruded panel joints and frames. In addition, the system is equipped with C-shaped side flanges for cross-sectional strength. 

recent launches
W.S. Nielsen Co. Inc. of Alpharetta, Ga., is a full-service skylight and sloped glazing contractor. The company says it offers consulting, design, sales and certified installation services for owners, architects and general contractors throughout the United States … Dow Corning offers two high-performance silicone sealants, the Dow Corning® 995 structural silicone sealant and the Dow Corning 983 silicone glazing for curtainwall/adhesive sealant. Both can be used in impact-resistant window systems for new construction and retrofit applications … Bimatech’s patented LASER device is designed to project backstops and suction device positions onto the machine bed for fast CNC machine set-up times … 


Fleetwood Windows & Doors of Corona, Calif., has designed a screen upgrade for the Norwood 3070EX exterior multi-slide and pocket system. This new upgrade, which the company says is heavier than the standard screen, is available in four stock finishes and thousands of custom colors … The American Subcontractors Association (ASA) of Alexandria, Va., has developed the Risk Transfer Management Kit: A Guide for Dealing with Insurance and the Risk Allocation Dilemma. The kit includes a 50-minute videocassette of a presentation on risk transfer and a 70-page manual explaining the “ins and outs” of complex insurance and contract topics … For added security when scaling buildings and roofs, Latchways plc of the United Kingdom has available fall arrest systems. According to information from the company, the systems consist of a single cable that can run horizontally, vertically, around corners and up and down inclines.



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