Volume 36, Issue 12, December 2001


Ode to the Holidays
    ’Twas the Night Before Christmas ... 2001
by Lyle R. Hill

’Twas the night before Christmas and all through the nation, 
    Everyone seemed tense, full of fear and frustration. 
The stockings were hung, but nothing seemed the same, 
    There seemed little peace, no joy to exclaim.

Could Santa still make it? Was he still a sure bet?
    Or would he be shot from the sky by an F-16 jet?
Armed guards in the airports, metal detectors everywhere.
    There was little goodwill to have or to share.

Christmas cards had been few, travel was down;
    No one felt safe outside his hometown.
So difficult to rest, so hard to relax,
    And now in our mail, the fear of Anthrax!

The economy has faltered, jobs have been slashed.
    Plans have been cancelled, many hopes dashed.
First came the attack and now we’re at war,
    Oh will it end soon or will there be more?

But hear me good neighbor and heed what I say, 
    Sometimes evil wins, but just for a day. 
In the annals of history, in each and every bout, 
    Good has always prevailed … always won out.

We’ve been through much worse, and not lost our way, 
    And we’ll prevail once again, if on course we stay. 
So let your hearts be merry and be of good cheer, 
    For all will be fine … by this time next year!

Note to Readers:
USGlass publisher, Deb Levy, called me the day after Thanksgiving and asked me what my plans were with regards to a December column. She wanted something light and yet not too light. She wanted something that perhaps referred to the tragic events of recent months, but she didn’t want it to be too bleak or depressing. She also wanted something that gave encouragement to the reader as we began the New Year, but she didn’t want it to be too specific or far-reaching. And she wanted a clever line or two, but she didn’t want it to get too carried away. And lastly, she said she would like it in the form of a holiday poem as I have been inclined to do in years gone by with my December submittals. And … she wanted it in three days because they were going to press early. This is one tough woman. So, on 11/23/01, this poem was written. I do believe that we’re headed back on track as a nation and that we are going to be all the stronger for what we’ve endured in this past year. Merry Christmas to you all and the best of everything in the New Year. 


HILL Lyle R. Hill is president of MTH Industries of Chicago.  lyle@glass.com


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