Volume 37, Issue 2, February 2002

Florida to Implement New Building Code March 1

The enactment of Florida’s new statewide building code has been delayed until March 1, 2002, according to information provided by the Florida Department of Community Affairs. The state legislature chose to delay the code’s instatement because a large number of jurisdictions do not have their wind speed lines drawn and have not adopted an ordinance changing over their existing building code to the new statewide code. Gov. Jeb Bush (Fla.) signed Bill 52C, which officially delayed the enactment of the code, on December 17, 2001. In addition, Bill 52C provided that for those jurisdictions that had not adopted an ordinance by January 1, 2002, the Department will adopt a map setting the location of the wind speed lines for that jurisdiction. This will govern for 60 days after the adoption of the local ordinance.

The International Code Council (ICC) has introduced an online training initiative, International Code Campus at www.icccampus.org. According to ICC, the website offers those involved in the construction industry the opportunity to take training courses at any time through the Internet.


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