Volume 37, Issue 3, March 2002


EAP Glass Compiles “The Rules of Change Orders” for Contract Glaziers
Golden, Colo.-based EAP Glass’s Chuck Dwiggins recently submitted “The 10 Rules of Change Orders” to The Cutter’s Edge, the newsletter of the Colorado Glazing Contractors Association. Dwiggins’s rules are as follows:
    • Study and know your contract.
    • Never give away your leverage. Don’t perform work unless you receive compensation for it.
    • Never depend on your attorney to rescue you. Depend on him for advice only.
    • Under no circumstances should you perform changed work without a written, signed, authorized change order.
    • If you don’t ask for full compensation, don’t expect to receive it.
    • Time is money. Insist on getting the time and money you deserve for the changes.
    • Never surprise the glazing contractor. Inform him early of delays that are affecting your work.
    • Be persistent.
    • Remember that you can be an effective bargainer.
    • The job is not finished until you have collected your money.

Online Network for Contractors Now Available
The Foundation of the American Subcontractors Association (FASA) based in Alexandria, Va., has poled the knowledge of subcontractors, specialty trade contractors, service providers and suppliers to form a program designed to benefit the construction industry. The Contractors’ Knowledge Network consists of four interconnected services that contractors can use to answer questions or receive information on a variety of topics. The Contractors’ Knowledge Depot is the first to be introduced and currently offers an online marketplace of educational products. Combined with The Contractor’s Compass, a quarterly educational journal that focuses on the business management needs of subcontractors, The Contractors’ Knowledge Quest, a research program on varying issues of importance to the industry and The Contractors’ Knowledge Bank, a searchable online library of materials, all the new materials should be available by this summer.

Thanks to the American Sub-contractors Association (ASA) of Greater Milwaukee, a potentially anti-risk transfer piece of legislation has been introduced in the state. 
According to ASA, State Rep. John Gard (R), with input from Wisconsin’s construction community, introduced A.B. 606, a bill that … “voids indemnity provisions in contracts that attempt to pass risk controlled by one party to another party on a construction project.


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