Volume 37, Issue 3, March 2002


window film
Strong Film of the Land
Atlanta-based ShatterGARD Inc. has now released VehicleGARD, a safety and security film that strengthens the windshield, making it virtually impenetrable to rocks, ballistic attacks, vandalism and attempted break-ins. The film is ideal for patrol cars, fire fighting and EMS equipment, military vehicles and civilian automobiles, according to ShatterGARD.

According to the company, VehicleGARD reduces the risk of razor-sharp flying glass caused by minor automobile accidents and in the event that the glass is broken, the films holds all the pieces of broken glass together. 

The film is optically clear and distortion-free, filters up to 98 percent of harmful ultraviolet radiation, is scratch-resistant and carries a 10-year limited warranty, according to the company.
 VEHICLEINSTALL   ShatterGARD says its Vehicle GARD reduces the risk of flying glass in car.                               VEHICLESTRIKE

skylights and sunrooms
Immediate Retraction
OpenAire of Mississauga, Ontario, manufactures custom-designed, retractable roof enclosures and operable skylights. According to the company, its skylights and enclosures feature exclusive, maintenance-free, thermally broken, aluminum framing systems; motorized roof panels that retract using a rack-and-pinion drive; an effective vapor barrier; and the capability of expanding more than 100 feet. In addition, the company custom designs the enclosures and skylights for each application for both new and existing construction. It offers several options in glazing and coating choices and installs the skylight itself.

windows and related hardware
Headed for the Drive-Through
Based in West Chicago, Ill., Ready Access has launched a new line of modular security drive-through window systems. The 600 series, for example, has a movable service panel that self-latches each time it closes, and features a deadbolt lock. It is available in either manual open, manual close or fully automatic electric. Glazing options are: ¾-insulating glass, smash and grab or level one bullet resistant per UL standard 752.
The 600 series is available with 
a moveable service panel that 
self-latches every time it is closed.

packaging and handling
Shipping In-Style
Air 2000™ is the newest packaging system from Pactiv Corp. of Lake Forest, Ill. Air 2000 is an inflatable pouch system that Pactiv says is designed to suspend and protect a product between two layers on inflated coextruded film.

To create the pouch, two layers of film are heat sealed around the edges, creating two opposing chambers, enabling the pouch to inflate, and a pocket to hold the product. The company adds that the pouch can conform to a variety of shapes. It is also said to take up minimal storage space until inflated. Pactiv says it can reduce significantly packaging time compared to other cushioning and blocking/bracing techniques.

Interroll® Rolls On
Looking for a pallet-handling application alternative? You may be interested in Interroll Corp.'s of Wilmington, N.C., BL 80 RollerDrive®. According to the company, this motorized conveyor roller can handle palletized loads up to 2,500 pounds, and has no external drive components, which the company says virtually eliminates conveyor noise.
The BL 80 RollerDrive has permanently lubricated 6205ZZ precision bearings that the company says provide maintenance-free operation. The system also is said to have a safe operating temperature range of 40 to 120 degrees Fahrenheit. 

Wood Alternatives
In light of the European Union's new guidelines regulating wood materials used in export packaging and shipping, ITW Reddi-Pac of Glenview, Ill., has introduced Reddi-Crate, a laminated, paperboard container. 

According to the company, Reddi-Crates can be sealed using end plugs and can eliminate solid wood, coniferous packaging components and the subsequent need for heat-treating processes. In addition, Reddi-Crates are produced without splices in continuously extruded lengths from 2 inches to 48 feet. The company also says Reddi-Crates are less abrasive than traditional packaging when shipping fragile items such as glass.

D-CALC America at the Drawing Board
D-CALC America’s Facade 3000 assists users in estimating and drawing when planning for projects.

D-CALC America has announced the upcoming release of its Façade 3000 estimating and show drawing program. The St. Louis-based company designed the program around a CAD interface that enables users to draw the elevations of an estimate, while the program simultaneously generates a complete bill of materials that includes labor.

Based on the properties of the elevation, the user can add additional items such as associated labor, perimeter fasteners or caulk. A complete set of shop drawings are then generated. These can be saved for future use or exported as AutoCAD DXF files. The Façade 3000 supports all Microsoft® Windows® printers and plotters, according to the company.

PPG Introduces Solarban 80
Whether your customers are asking for reflective or transparent glass, the new Solarban 80 from PPG industries of Pittsburgh may meet their needs.

According to information from the company, Solarban 80 is a solar-control, low-E glass that, depending on light conditions, is either reflective or transparent. 


"Solarban 80 glass has what we believe is the industry's best balance of the two critical performance characteristics for architectural glazing: visible light transmittance and solar control," said Scott Smith, architectural market manager, flat glass. "It also provides a dynamic aesthetic, and can have a reflective satin finish in bright light or a transparent steel jade appearance in shade. Indoors, building occupants will be able to enjoy a clear outdoor view, with true color transmittance of objects."

locking systems 
JLM Wholesale Now Stocks Dynalock Line
In order to give customers more choices in magnetic locking systems and accessories, JLM Wholesale of Oxford, Mich., has announced that the full line of Dynalock products is now available through their company. The company will add Dynalock products to its current inventory that includes products from Adams Rite, Schlage, Von Duprin, LCN closers and Security Door Controls among others.


windows and related hardware 
Sign of the Times 
Timeline Vinyl Windows & Doors of Merrill, Wis., has introduced its second generation of double-hung, single-hung and single-slide windows.

According to information from the company, the products were re-designed with a focus on appearance, operation and convenience. Features include new screens with full-width lift bars and compression springs, new profile locks and adjustable keepers and an expanded interlock pickup.

ProfileLocks The windows’ features include new profile locks.

Likewise, the company also offers its new architectural casement windows, available in a wide range of styles and patterns. The windows are available tinted, as single units or insulating units, and with several glazing options for coastal applications. 
Swing patio doors are also available from Timeline. 

SwingPatioDoor In addition to its newest line of windows, Timeline offers swing patio doors.


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