Volume 37, Issue 4, April 2002

Happy to be Stuck with You
        A Spotlight on the Industry's Newest Adhesives and Sealants

They hold glass and metal, windows and doors together, but because they are not seen, adhesives and sealants are often overlooked—but not this month. In this special product spotlight, USGlass is placing adhesives and sealants in the spotlight. Read on to find out about the newest adhesives and sealants available to you.

Adhesives Research Offers Variety of Sealants


Adhesives Research Inc. of Glen Rock, Pa., has introduced a new catalog that outlines its extensive line of cellular foam glazing tapes and muntin mounting tapes. According to the company, its ARClad® series of expanded cellular foam glazing tapes are polyethylene foams coated on both sides with a high-tack, high-strength, creep-resistant adhesive. The glazing tapes offer instant bonding and are designed for applications such as sealing glass in wood, vinyl, aluminum and plastic framing systems. In addition, Adhesives Research says the ARclad® tapes have good sealing characteristics against water and air infiltration, a uniform sight line, cyclic shock resistance and low odor.

PSI Introduces PSI 801-SILITHANE™


Polymeric Systems Inc. (PSI) of Phoenixville, Pa., has introduced PSI 801 - SILI-THANE elastomeric adhesive/sealant. The company created the product using modified silane polymer-based technology in an effort to make the sealant flexible for a wide range of applications. According to PSI, the sealant withstands 500 percent ultimate elongation, is able to be painted and will not stain or corrode the substrate.
SILI-THANE sealant adapts to cold temperatures, high humidity or moisture and won't foam or bubble as it cures, according to the company. The one-component sealant is available in white, gray, limestone and black.

CRL Stays Neutral
Los Angeles-based C.R. Laurence Co. Inc. (CRL) has available an extensive line of adhesives and sealants, including the recently introduced CRL RTV 408 neutral-cure silicone sealant. According to the company, the sealant is a medium-modulus silicone sealant that cures to a tough, flexible rubber when exposed to moisture. It features primerless adhesion to aluminum, stainless steel, chromium, tin, iron, plastics, PVC, phenolic resin, glass, ceramic and most reflective-coated glasses, according to the company. In addition, CRL says it is non-corrosive to most building materials, including glass, and is resistant to cracking and becoming brittle in a range of temperatures from -65 to 400 degrees Fahrenheit. CRL RTV408 is available in clear, white, black, bronze, aluminum, beige and tan.

Bostik-Findley Extends Chem-Calk® Line


Bostik Findley, which is based in Middleton, Mass., now offers several new one-component, urethane, construction-grade sealants, Chem-Calk 915, 916 and Chem-Calk FCB (available in both smooth or textured). Each of these is available in white, antique white, aluminum-stone, almond, black, polar ice, terra cotta, coral red, medium bronze, tan, stone, limestone and bronze. Bostik Findley's new sealants are also moisture-curing, tough, flexible, water-resistant and are compatible with wood, stone, masonry, ceramics, steel, aluminum, marble and most plastics, according to the company.

ADCO Offers Extensive Line
ADCO Products of Michigan Center, Mich., has a number of products available to meet the industry's adhesive and sealing needs. The company's line includes ADCOTHERM™ PIB primary sealant, ADCOTHERM hot-melt sealants for single-seal, two-seal and backbedding applications, dessicant matrix, GT Series™ glazing tapes, acrylic tapes, silicones, polyurethanes and polysulfides. In addition, ADCO recently developed the ADCO ADvantage system, which includes both sealants and equipment for applying the sealants and tapes.
The company also has introduced the Dual Seal Alternative program, which features ADCO's Sure Seal - DSA, dessicant matrix and ADCO compensator-less sealant pumping and application equipment.


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