Volume 37, Issue 5, May 2002

Salem Shapes Up with New Kiln


A new line of kilns designed to create clear-glass basins is now available from Salem Distributing Co. of Winston Salem, N.C.

According to the company, the kilns are able to produce the clear-glass basin because they do not use molds that would otherwise mar the surface. Eliminating the use of expensive molds also decreases production costs, the company adds.

The kilns are available in one- or two-basin capacity, and a selection of basin shapes.

Pistorius Cuts Up With New Saw
Now offered by Pistorius Machine Co. Inc. of Hauppage, N.Y., is the model SC12P manual and semi-automatic chop type single cut-off saw.

According to the company, the saw’s unique modular building design and the wide range of available accessories allows users to custom design the machine to job-match specific cutting requirements. It is available in 12, 16 and 20 inches.

In addition, the saw is equipped with high-efficiency sawdust ducts, has low operating noise and when mitering aluminum is available with the Protex™ metered pulse type lubrication system.

Edgetech and Lisec Team to Offer the Super Spacer® System
Now available from Edgetech I.G. Inc. and Lisec is the True Warm Super Spacer System for residential applications. According to information from Edgetech, the line features vertical, automatic Super Spacer application as well as automatic gas-filling and automatic secondary sealant application.
Edgetech says the new system allows for fast, efficient material flow with vertical-to-vertical glass handling, while accommodating all glass sizes and popular glass coatings. In fully automatic configuration, the True Warm system can produce up to 1,200 standard units per shift with no direct labor.

Energizing Innovations
Now available from UCB Chemicals of Smyrna, Ga., is the new Ebecryl® 871, an energy-curable ink varnish designed specifically for high-quality lithographic performance and value.
According to information from the company, like Ebecryl 870, Ebecryl 871 offers ink formulators a new starting point for high-performance energy-curable inks. It can be used in both the pigment dispersion and letdown portion of the ink. It is also compatible with UCB's standard line of Ebercryl resins and oligomers.

scratch-removal systems
No More Scratches with Glass Technology
The Scratch Hog 2 and the Mini Scratch Hog are two scratch-removal systems available from Glass Technology Inc. of Durango, Colo.

The Scratch Hog 2 uses a series of disposable discs to remove scratches. According to the company, the scratch is removed by using a small disc then progressing to a larger disc, followed by an even larger disc, while at the same time reducing the micron size until a final polish. Discs have microscopic, pyramid-shaped structures impregnated in a uniform manner on a special backing material that allows the repair to be completed quickly and cost-effectively, the company adds.

security glazing
Safe and Secure Bullet-Resistant Doors
Action Bullet Resistant of West Islip, N.Y., has added two new bullet-resistant aluminum doors to its product offerings—the BR 450-4 level 4 and the BR 450-5 level 5. According to information from the company, the doors have completed certification testing to UL 752 standards. Available in full vision, half panel and full panel, the door frames also carry equivalent threat level certified ratings.
In addition, the level 4 and 5 doors are custom fabricated, and can be designed for new and retrofit applications. Sidelites and transoms are available for both. 

glass racks and trucks
Unruh Stacks Up with New Handling Equipment
Several new pieces of accessory equipment are available from Unruh Fab Inc. of Sedgwick, Kan. 
One of the company’s recent launches is the new drawer system. According to information from Unruh, the system is made of steel and built for stoce glass or cases 96 inches by 130 inches. It also features V-grooved casters for easy drawer pull out, and the drawers are rated at 4,000 pounds.
The adjustable floor track system is also new from Unruh. It too is made of steel, and features 10 feet of double row tracking, and 48-, 60-, 72- or 84-inch high poles.
Unruh has also introduced its airflow table, which is 84 by 96 inches, and 35 ½ inches tall. It features a 110-volt blower with 1,000 CFMs. The table has four 6-inch swivel casters with brakes and features all steel frame construction. The company says optional sizes, blowers and voltage is available. 

Wild Horses
The WORKHORSE™ from F. Barkow Inc. is now available, and being used presently by glass dealers in 27 states. According to information from the company, the “workshop on wheels” provides security for tools and protection from the elements. It also offers the convenience of working on the job site.

window film
Worry-Free Window Films
Martinsville, Va.-based CPFilms Inc. has recently introduced its Vista safety control window film, designed for residential and commercial applications desiring extra protection form broken glass fragments.

Called Mirage, the new product is a soft, neutral film that is said to reflect 47 percent of solar heat that reaches the windows, and reduce glare by 58 percent. In addition, CPFilms says the film blocks 99.9 percent of ultraviolet light.

Mirage safety film is 6 mm thick, and is constructed of Mylar polyester and a unique bonding system designed to provide protection from broken glass. The company adds that the film offers long-lasting optical clarity without distortion or a yellow, cloudy or frosted shadow. It also has a patented scratch-resistant surface.

TruSeal Unveils New Muntin Endclip Design
For easy placement and secure muntin retention without spacer movement during installation, TruSeal Technologies of Beachwood, Ohio, has available newly designed GridLoc™ muntin endclips.
According to information from the company, GridLoc endclips can be used with TruSeal flexible spacers in insulating glass applications in which a muntin bar has limited support. GridLoc features legs that raise the grid above the bond line, ensuring the grid can be aligned without sticking to sealant. 

metal coatings
PPG Heats Up with New Powder Coatings
Now offered by Pittsburgh-based PPG Industries are new, high-temperature powder coatings, which the company says offer superior durability in prolonged exposure to temperatures up to 600 degrees Fahrenheit.

According to Rob Edwards, PPG’s director of global powder coatings operations, ENVIROCRON HT powder coatings are specially formulated for applications such as automotive, appliance and lawn and garden, in which resistance to high temperatures is essential.

In addition, ENVIROCRON HT powder coatings have adherence characteristics that allow customers, in proper circumstances, to recoat or touch up products on the manufacturing line instead of scrapping them, added Edwards. He also said the coatings show no apparent degradation in properties when exposed to high temperatures over prolonged periods of time. While the coatings demonstrate high performance at up to 600 degrees, Edwards said they can also endure short-term temperatures of up to 850 degrees.
In addition, PPG has updated its Duranar® Coil Coatings Color Guide to include 15 mica and metallic coating colors. According to the company, these high-performance fluoropolymer coatings come in five different Duranar systems to accommodate varying architectural and environmental needs.
PPG also says the Duranar coil coatings offer excellent performance in areas such as color and gloss retention, film erosion and chemical resistance. They are also said to resist chalking, fading, chipping and peeling.

shower doors
Southeastern Aluminum Introduces New Enclosure

Southeastern Aluminum Products of Jacksonville, Fla., has added a pivot door system for 3/8-inch thick glass to its Signature line of heavy glass enclosures. According to the company, the new design eliminates the need for notches and complicated hinge hardware requiring screws, springs, ball bearings or rods.

The company says the Signature pivot door hardware is a clamp-on device with a base plate that utilizes the weight and turning motion of the door to self-center itself in the standard closed position. No notches have to be made in the glass, which, according to the company, reduces both the cost and required labor time of glass fabrication. 

In addition, the door’s clamp-on hardware makes for easy installation and quick horizontal adjustment, according to the company. The hardware can be installed as a wall mount, from floor to ceiling or in a standard header configuration. It works as either a standalone door or in a custom combination with a variety of fixed panels.

Shower Door Hardware
Get a Handle on Things
Mirart is introducing its improved line of acrylic handles and towel bars for frameless shower enclosures. The company's 1-inch-diameter handles are accented with metal sleeves in chrome, polished brass and white. In addition, the handles are available in gold, satin, antique brass, nickel, pewter, copper and oil-rubbed bronze, according to the company. The bars are available back-to-back or single-sided mount with low-profile ends.

SAF Announces Next-Day Turnarounds
Based in Atlanta, Southern Aluminum Finishing (SAF) has announced the launch of its Next Day Out Extrusions Service for those who may be needing quick turnaround on aluminum extrusions. The company says recent process improvements at its Atlanta manufacturing center have made the service possible.

“SAF is one of the few sources in the world with such a deep inventory of aluminum extrusions located next to an anodizing line,” said John McClatchey, SAF president. “For decades folks have relied on SAF for exact quantities of custom anodized aluminum extrusions. With our fast and easy Next Day Out Extrusion Service we hope to increase customer loyalty while giving new customers a reason to experience the SAF excellent customer service.”

Vistawall Reveals a Vision
Now available from Vistawall Architectural Products of Terrell, Texas, is the new Vista*Vision 5.0 estimating/price catalog software on CD.

According to the company, users will find the consolidation of multiple-input screens includes elevation-screens combined into one window with tabs and the door-placement process combined into a new door interface. In addition, the elevation edit screen now contains a more Windows-based environment, which includes right-click options, dimension boxes for selected horizontal and vertical members and multi-selecting capabilities.

Other features of the new version include a CAD button, which creates a DXF file that can be used in Autocad; a door Macro button with a new door-placement interface that auto sizes, removes necessary horizontals and sills and places the door and/or frame. A knee-wall Macro button also allows for fast creation of elevations with knee-walls, the company says.

doors and door hardware
CRL Introduces Electromagnetic Locks and More
C.R. Laurence Co. Inc. (CRL) of Los Angeles recently introduced a variety of electromagnetic locks and accessories, as well as custom fabricated cladding.

The locks are available in both single and double-magnet models with a range of holding forces. The company offers the locks in shear lock and mounted models.

According to the company, the shear lock model is designed for use with single- and double-metal doors and frames, as well as glass doors with top rails or metal frames.

The surface-mount model is a sealed stainless steel housing that provides a tamperproof lock, even in severe weather, according to the company.

Also new from CRL is the company’s custom fabricated cladding. Available in five architectural finishes, custom finishes are available as well. CRL says that once supplied with drawings and dimensions, it can fabricate the cladding to the specifications. 

The five available finishes are: clear anodized, duranodic bronze, polished brass, stainless steel and polished stainless steel.

International Door Closers Closes In
Based in Anaheim, Calif., and Nashville, International Door Closers Inc. has announced a new overhead concealed door closer (patent pending), that will join its product line in late spring 2002.
According to information from the company, the series 300 OHC closers are multi-sized with adjustable spring power for sizes ranging from 8½ pounds of opening force to medium spring tension, fully adjustable after installation.

Likewise, the closers offer barrier-free operation to comply with Federal Accessibility Standards ANSI A117.1. Closers also conform to UL1oC and UBC7.2 (1997) for fire safety. 
The series 300 accepts most all of the standard parts and accessories available currently for use with International series 100 and 200 OHC door closers.

In addition, International Door Closers offers a new offset pivot set that replaces existing Kawneer 50-300 series offset pivots.

According to information from the company, the series 7000 pivot sets for 1/8-inch recessed aluminum storefront doors comes with all screws and fasteners, and include the two-door portion reinforcement plates.

The pivots are cast from A-380 alloy and are machined to close tolerances. They are available in AL, BL and DU finishes.

Mayflower Sails in with HES Electric Strikes
Now available from Mayflower is the HES 1006 series electric strikes. According to information from the company, the strikes are fire-rated and tamper-resistant. They also feature a dual interlocking plunger design that, along with tamper-resistant features, transforms the 1006 from a standard electric strike into a secure locking device. The strikes are factory tested to exceed 3,000 pounds of static strength and 2,000,000 cycles of operation.

Finishes available include bright brass, satin brass, satin bronze, nylon black coated, bronze toned, satin stainless steel and polished chrome.

Pull on Designer Pulls from Hiawatha
Now available from Hiawatha Inc. is the company's new line of designer pulls. The pulls and push bars provide a distinctive appearance to offices, restaurants, boutiques and other buildings where a unique interest is important. The pulls feature curved projections and offsets as well.
The pulls and push bars are available in 1-inch diameter stainless steel, brass, bronze and anodized aluminum finishes. Sizes range from 10 inches center to center to 33 inches center to center. Custom sizes are available as well.

Strike in With New Door Hardware from Adams Rite
Based in Pomona, Calif., Adams Rite Manufacturing Co. has introduced its 7300 series compact strikes. The 7300 series is designed to fit jamb sections as shallow as 1 1/16 inches with a strike opening of 5/8 – by 1 3/8- by ½ inches. According to information from the company, the electric strikes are 12- or 24-volt devices that allow remote electrical control of any door equipped with its series 4500 or 4700 deadlatch of key-in-knob sets.

Also new from Adams Rite is the 4591 deadlatch paddle. According to information from the company, the paddle is an American with Disabilities Act-friendly alternative to knobs or levers. It features a contoured, ergonomic shape and smooth operation for either pushing or pulling.
It is available in a variety of finishes, and can be ordered with monitor switch options. 

glass and glazing
Something New, Something Blue
Float glass operations for Visteon have announced that Versalux™ Blue is now available in 3/8-inch thickness. Traditionally available in ¼ and 5/16 inches, the new Versalux Blue thickness is intended to appeal to those who desire increased breakage resistance for design considerations, such as security and wind loading.

According to information from Visteon, the glass’ slate-blue color will not fade. Versalux Blue will be offered in several standard sizes, and may be mixed with other Versalux products on a truckload order.

In addition, Visteon has also introduced the Versalux Green 2000T. According to information from the company, the Green 2000T offers high visible light transmittance for bright interiors and excellent heat absorption for energy savings. Its medium-green appearance also offers low reflectance.

Making a Switch
With the latest launch from Pulp Studio Inc. in Los Angeles, it no longer takes window treatments to shut the world out. Now, with SwitchLite Privacy Glass™, glass can change from clear to translucent by simply flicking a switch.

According to information from the company, the change is possible due to liquid crystal sheet that is permanently bonded between two layers of glass. When the glass is off, the liquid crystal molecules disperse light. However, once voltage is applied, the same molecules arrange themselves in a pattern that permits parallel light to pass through the glass, according to information from the company.

Ultra! Ultra! Read All About It
The Ultra-Glide® and Ultra Pile® Plus are the newest products from ULTRAFAB Inc. 
The Ultra-Glide is a low-friction, high-performance bulb weatherseal that, according to the company, features excellent compression set resistance and weatherability. 
The weatherseals are made with a specially formulated TPE material throughout the bulb wall for low surface friction applications. In addition, there is no extruded coating to wear off, and no beads of polyolefin to reduce sealing effectiveness, according to the company.

The Ultra-Glide is available with any of ULTRAFAB’s T-slot or push-in backings.
Also from ULTRAFAB is the new medium density pile, Ultra Pile Plus. According to the company, Ultra Pile Plus is suitable for storm door and window manufacturers, as well as replacement pile. 
In addition, the company’s patented, manufacturing process is said to eliminate any possibility of off center pile, which might bind or break an extrusion. The Ultra Pile Plus is available with .187- or .270-inch backing widths, and with pile heights up to .400 inches.

DeNunzio Reflects on Mirror Possibilities
Based in Somers, Conn., DeNunzio Inc. has available an extensive gallery of framed mirrors.
Ovals, squares and hourglass shapes are some of the mirror choices available in the company’s Florentine collection. Available styles include baroque ovals and squares, wood pier designs, art nouveau, concentric beads and more.


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