Volume 37, Issue 5, May 2002

Is Your Company One of the Best?

Then contact Tara Taffera at 540-720-5584 ext. 113 and fill out the survey sent to you to see if you rank among the best.  Winners will be announced and featured in the August issue of USGlass magazine!


Empty Picture Box Empty Picture Box hen fill out the survey below to see if your company will be included among the "USGlass Third Annual Best Companies to Work For!"
Last year (See USGlass, August 2001, page 32), we conducted comprehensive research to determine which companies in the industry were among the best to work for. We surveyed all USGlass subscribers to find out which benefits were most important to them and when we received the results, each of those benefits received a weighted average. We then researched which companies offered these benefits to determine our list of the best.
Now that we know what is most important to employees, this year we are asking all companies who want to be included among the "Best Companies to Work For" to fill out the attached survey and fax it back to 540/720-5687 no later than June 24. These surveys will help us calculate which companies will make our list.
Please call Tara Taffera at 540/720-5584 x 113 if you have any questions.
Best Companies Survey
Name Title Company______________________________
Number of Employees (please circle one)
Address Phone Fax
Name of Benefits/Compensation/HR manager
Pay Increase
How often are employees reviewed for a salary increase?
Other Benefits
Please list other benefits offered by your company
What is the one thing that makes your company unique?
What makes your company one of the best in the industry?


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