Volume 37, Issue 7, July 2002


Edgetech and Lisec Welcome Guests to Open House in Cambridge, Ohio

PLANTTOURS On a spring day in May, Edgetech IG welcomed several of its customers and some potential ones to its headquarters in Cambridge, Ohio. Guests toured the plant and saw its latest machinery addition, its joint venture with Minneapolis-based Lisec America, the Automatic Super Spacer® TSS™ application machine. On hand for the event were Lisec America president Hubert Hastelsteiner, Edgetech president Mike B. Hovan, along with visitors from distant window companies such as Andersen Windows and the Pella Corp. 

Edgetech’s own Jim Plavecsky discussed the latest trends in the industry at a luncheon provided by Edgetech for its guests.

“Most of our customers are enjoying a business growth this year,” Plavecsky said. “The ones that are growing are taking market shares away from others.”

In the turbulent post-September 11 economy, Plavecsky said window companies are still faring well—despite the setbacks of many other manufacturing industries.

“The window industry is surprisingly stable,” he said.

A hot topic of the day—and the season—was Argon gas retention.

“Companies are really saying now, ‘if I’m going to use Argon I better do my homework and make sure it stays in there,’” Plavecsky said.

With visitors from several existing customers and potential customers, such as window giant Andersen, Plavecsky also made some predictions for the fenestration industry’s future.

“I think the trend is going to be for more codes to be made and more to be enforced,” he added.
In addition, he alluded to big future plans for Edgetech and said he expects sound-reduction glass products to be the industry’s next hot item.

“I can’t tell some of the top-secret stuff we’re doing, but I can tell you we’re doing some things with sound attenuation,” Plavecsky said.

Hastelsteiner, president of Edgetech’s newest partner, Lisec America, then took the stage with some comments on the two Midwest companies’ joint venture.

“What we’re really interested in is decreasing glass handling throughout the manufacturing process,” he said.

Hastelsteiner then shared a video with the large, lunch-filled group about their advanced, automated warm-edge solution for insulating glass production, the Automatic Super Spacer TSS application machine, which minimizes glass-handling in the insulating process.

“The record shows that we’ve had no failures with this system,” he said.

Associates from both companies offered tours of the facility and an up-close look at the machine, the new Super Spacer TSS application machine. According to both Edgetech, developer of the Super Spacer, and Lisec, the machine is fast, accurate, consistent and reliable. The spacer materials are changed easily from one roll to the next and the machine employs Lisec’s automatic Super Spacer application technology. The machine is able to apply Super Spacer to units as small as 7 by 14 inches and shaped as both rectangles and shaped units.

Several members of the Canadian Window and Door Manufacturers Association flew to Ohio from that group’s meeting, which was taking place in Buffalo, N.Y., to attend the event.

Glenside Glass Co. Celebrates 50th Anniversary
Glenside Glass Co. based in Glenside, Pa., celebrated its 50th anniversary June 1 with open houses at both its Glenside and Doylestown, Pa., offices. 

The company was founded 1952 by Chuck Pianko and Dave Fowler, and today serves the architectural flat glass industry with a variety of glass products. In 1955 the partners purchased property and began construction on the building that today houses their Glenside operations. Soon after becoming incorporated in 1960, the company opened its second location in 1965 in Doylestown, which it named Doylestown Glass Co.

Today the company sells, installs and repairs aluminum doors, entrances, hardware, windows, storefronts and curtainwall for commercial, remodel and new construction, and has numerous other capabilities as well.

Pilkington Releases Financial Results for Year Ending March 31
Pilkington plc has announced its financial results for the year ending March 31, 2002. According to the report, profit before goodwill amortization, exceptional items and taxation was 228 million pounds (approximately $339,861,597 USD), compared to 222 million pounds (approximately $330,917,871 USD) in 2001.

“To deliver these results in the most challenging economic conditions for some years was a tremendous performance,” said Nigel Rudd, chairperson. “It is a measure of just how robust Pilkington’s businesses have become. Although the trading environment continues to be difficult, Pilkington’s increased resilience and competitiveness means that we are well placed to benefit from any upturn in our markets.”

For this period of operation, Pilkington reported that turnover from continuing operations, including joint ventures and associates, was 2.8 billion pounds, unchanged from last year. Operating profit before exceptional items and goodwill amortization, including joint ventures and associates, was 293 million pounds (approximately $436,802,475 USD), compared to 294 million pounds (approximately $438,293,268 USD) in 2001. 

Likewise, profit before goodwill amortization, exceptional items and taxation was 228 million pounds. After deducting 10 million pounds (approximately $14,909,746 USD) for goodwill, profit before exceptional items and taxation was 218 million pounds (approximately $325,032,475 USD), compared to 216 million pounds (approximately $322,050,525 USD) in 2001.

In its building products operation specifically, sales (including joint ventures and associates) were 1,464 million pounds (approximately $2,182,940,674 USD), a 2-percent increase compared to last year. Likewise, Pilkington reported that operating profit improved by 6-percent to 232 million pounds (approximately $345,954,624 USD). 

In the automotive sector, sales (including joint ventures and associates) were 1,275 million pounds (approximately $1,901,259,252 USD), a 6-percent drop compared to 2001. Operating profits also dropped 17 percent to 79 million pounds (approximately $117,811,669 USD).

GED Awarded 2002 NorTech Innovation Award

  Based in Twinsburg, Ohio, GED Inc. recently received the 2002 NorTech Innovation Award. According to information from the company, GED and 3M were honored with the award for 3M Accentrim™ products and GED’s equipment that manufacturers windows and doors using Accentrim products.

Awarded by Enterprise Develop-ment Inc., part of Case Western Reserve University’s Weatherhead School of Management, the NorTech Innovation Awards recognize “good ideas that enhance the value of the business or increase the organization’s ability to carry out its mission.

Strybuc Industries Purchases Two Companies
Strybuc Industries of Sharon Hill, Pa., recently announced its acquisition of Window Components Manufacturer Inc. (WCM) and Wind-Door Parts (WDP).

According to Strybuc, WCM was one of the first companies to offer window and door parts for the replacement industry in the United States and gradually gravitated to manufacturing die cast items for awning, casement, jalousie, closet door and mobile home products. Currently, WCM also manufactures injection molded parts, stamped items, extrusions, block and tackle balances and offers a full-time line of packaged and carded items for display.

According to Strybuc, WDP has been providing replacement parts to the glass and hardware industry for more than 30 years. Additionally, with this merger the company will continue to expand its product lines in order to furnish its customers as a single-source supplier of window and door products for both manufacturers and resellers.

Kawneer Closes Franklin Plant
Norcross, Georgia-based Kawneer has announced the closing of its Franklin, Ind., manufacturing facility by the end of July 2002 as part of a production realignment. The plant closing will affect about 225 hourly and salaried employees. This reduction is part of Alcoa’s strategic review of its fabricating operations worldwide announced last November. Alcoa is the parent company of Kawneer.

The Franklin facility is the center for entrance and framing customer operations for the South and Midwest. Included in this realignment, Kawneer will relocate this portion of the Franklin operation to a new 80-person customer operations center in nearby Greenwood, Ind.

“The market demand continues to lag behind the available capacity. Our ongoing effort to remain competitive requires that we continue to review our manufacturing model. These decisions are always difficult because of the direct impact on our employees and their families. We will provide appropriate help and support through this difficult time,” said president William Cralley.

PGT Installs Win-Guard Windows in AIA Florida Headquarters 
The Florida chapter of the American Institute of Architects (AIA) recently selected WindGuard Impact-Resistant Windows for its Tallahassee headquarters building. According to PGT, the windows offer protection from wind-related severe weather conditions, ultraviolet protection, and noise reduction.

While the tint reduces the heat and glare coming through the existing window exposures, the glass’s lamination decreases traffic and street noise. 


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