Volume 37, Issue 7, July 2002


London Trains Falling Victim to Glass Graffiti

Vandals in the United Kingdom have taken graffiti to glass, reported the Independent Newspapers (UK) Ltd. According to the paper, vandals use hardened cutters to scratch windows on trains, and the damage “has become so bad that some train operators are considering withdrawing late night services.” Buses and other public places with large windows are also finding they must replace thousands of tons of glass.

According to Independent Newspapers, one possible way to hinder the graffiti artists is to install etch-resistant glass lites in windows. While some telephone booths and station waiting-room windows have already been made “etching-resistant,” the material cannot be installed on trains, as it is not strong enough to meet safety requirements.

Windshields as a New Kind of Crime Deterrent 
A thief being taken to jail recently by California police officers had his escape thwarted by the unusual effects of going through the police cruiser’s van. The thief smashed out the car’s rear window and leapt onto the freeway on-ramp at 40 mph. In the process, the windshield ripped off his pants—and he wasn’t wearing underwear. 

Trying to make a clean getaway, he stopped a catering truck driven by two ladies and demanded they drive him to a store to buy clothes. Once he was in the store, the ladies called the police. n


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