Volume 37, Issue 7, July 2002


door hardware

Overhead Concealed Closer Introduced

IDC300 Based in Anaheim, Calif., and Nashville, International Door Closers Inc. has announced a new overhead concealed door closer (patent pending), that will join its product line in late spring 2002.

According to information from the company, the series 300 OHC closers are multi-sized with adjustable spring power for sizes ranging from 8½ pounds of opening force to medium spring tension, fully adjustable after installation.

Likewise, the closers offer barrier-free operation to comply with Federal Accessibility Standards ANSI A117.1. Closers also conform to UL1oC and UBC7.2 (1997) for fire safety.
The series 300 accepts most all of the standard parts and accessories available currently for use with International series 100 and 200 OHC door closers.

In addition, International Door Closers offers a new offset pivot set that replaces existing Kawneer 50-300 series offset pivots.

According to information from the company, the series 7000 pivot sets for 1/8-inch recessed aluminum storefront doors comes with all screws and fasteners, and include the two-door portion reinforcement plates.

The pivots are cast from A-380 alloy and are machined to close tolerances. They are available in AL, BL and DU finishes.

spotlight on protection glass

Decorative glass adds beauty and elegance to the décor it enhances. If not protected, fingerprints and other surface contaminants are difficult, if not impossible, to remove from sandblasted decorative surfaces. ClearShield Technologies of Melrose Park, Ill., says its product protects glass like “non-stick” cookware to keep decorative glass clean and looking like new. This easy-to-apply protection is a profitable value-added technology that adds to your bottom line, says the company. 
The surface of glass is not completely smooth. In fact, magnification reveals a rough surface of peaks and valleys. Organic and inorganic contaminants react chemically with the glass, firmly bonding to its surface. As a result, decorative glass becomes stained and discolored easily and difficult to clean and keep clean.

ClearShield says it provides a wide range of solutions for all types of glass for factory or on-site application. The company says its product is a unique polymeric resin that protects glass from contamination. It reacts chemically with the glass at a molecular level to modify its surface properties. The polymer forms a strong bond with the glass creating a new multi-molecular surface that becomes part of the glass.

ClearShield acts as a barrier against fingerprinting and other contaminants, and is more resistant against the attack of moisture and alkalinity, says the company. As a result, the glass stays clean longer and when needed, cleaning is quick and easy.

According to the company, ClearShield is non-toxic, non-flammable, environmentally friendly, does not require any special protection during handling and has unlimited shelf life.

For decorative glass already stained or fingerprinted, ClearShield enables the renovation of the glass surface to its original “as new” appearance. After the glass is protected, a simple and economical after-care program is recommended which keeps the glass looking like new for life. 
ClearShield says its product does not require UV for activation and is ideal for both interior and exterior applications including commercial and residential windows and doors, architectural glazing such as curtain walls and skylights, shower enclosures, glass furniture, mirrors, boats and vehicles.

Benteler Extends Reach with Oven and Press Technology
laminating oven
The German company Benteler, with its U.S. base in Fort Wayne, Ind., has added new features and technologies to its oven and press system. According to the company, the features pay respect to the growing capacities and use of tempered, heat-treated and different types of reflective glass.

One additional feature is the variable width control, which allows automatic adjustment for shapes or triangular  panels. A prescription control has also been developed using product codes to call up correct operating settings. The new lift top enables access to the interior of the oven for servicing or cleaning.

HHH Offers New Tempering Furnace
HHH Architectural Tempering Systems of Vancouver, Wash., has designed a new convection-tempering furnace. According to the company, the furnace uses revolutionary true convection technology to produce high-quality heat-treated glass products. More specifically, the company expects the machine to be used to create post-temperable, soft-coat low-E products.
The furnace provides AC variable frequency drives, a friction drive to eliminate costly end caps and “Hot TIR” inspection of each Vesuvius-manufactured roll prior to installation in the furnace. In addition, the company offers a four-week start-up program and a three-year guarantee. 

Niles Shapes Up with Bending Processes
Niles Aluminum Products of Niles, Mich., offers a process that can curve metal in its pre-finished condition. According to the company, this can save customers money compared to curving raw aluminum. 

“Our process saves money and speeds turnaround time, which helps my customers meet tight deadlines,” said Don Ort, president of Niles. “We do not anneal or preheat metal to make it bendable, which may damage the finish. As a result, tensile strength of the metal is maintained and there’s no need to re-temper materials. We also have the capacity to bend thermally broken extrusions, ordinarily without damage to the thermal barrier.” 


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