Volume 37, Issue 8, August 2002

The Best of the Best
Unveiling the Winners of the Second Annual USGlass Marketing Awards
by David Jenkins

The dog days of summer can only mean one thing . . . it’s time for the Second Annual USGlass Marketing Awards, which honor marketing excellence in a variety of areas. (For a list of judges, see March 2002 USGlass, page 44.)

                                                And the Winners Are. . .

First Place—Billco Manufacturing, Zelienopole, Pa.

First Place—Linetec, Wausau, Wis.


First Place—Simonton Windows, Parkersburg, W.Va.

First Place—Style Solutions, 
Archbold, Ohio
Second Place—Metallon, 
Thomaston, Conn.
Third Place—Pilkington, 
Toledo, Ohio

First Place—TruSeal Technologies, Beachwood, Ohio
Second Place—C.R. Laurence, 
Los Angeles

First Place—TruSeal Technologies, Beachwood, Ohio

First Place—Glass Doctor, 
Waco, Texas

Creative Marketing
BILLCO Billco’s CD shows its products in operation.

By fusing technology and creativity, a company can put a new spin on tried-and-true marketing strategies. Such was the case with Billco’s product demo CD-ROM, which won the “Best Alternative Media” category by breathing new life into the passé press-release format. 

Cramming a cluttered desktop’s worth of information onto a 5-inch disc, the CD is a valuable tool for potential customers — while most advertisements simply tell a product’s capabilities, Billco’s CD shows the product in operation through informative, gimmick-free video clips.

“The integration of video with their multimedia CD allows customers to view Billco’s complete line of equipment in action. This tool provides customers with a unique combination of visual and technical information at the click of a mouse,” said judge Mike Descoteaux.

Another example of a product blending creativity and technology was the winner for “Best Exhibition Booth.” Judge Mandy Brame described Linetec’s futuristic, neon-tinged display as “a lovely booth with good use of light and interesting materials.” However, these comments are quaint compared to the exhibit’s majesty. Simply put, Linetec’s booth blurred the line between marketing tool and awe-inspiring work of art.

Linetec’s trade show booth ranked high in creative marketing.

Using an innovative two-tone design approach, the booth essentially splits into two separate, color-coded halves—the left side is primordial gray, the right side is ultramodern “Linetec Blue.” This two-tone concept is emphasized by the booth’s “dividing line” center, which displays unfinished gray-tone products “floating” over a neutral gray background, traversing a multicolored line, and into a Linetec blue area where the finished products are now shown in color.

Perhaps the booth’s most dazzling details are the lucent lighting effects. Poster frames “float” inches off the wall panels, with a wash of light from behind creating halos around the graphics. Left-side posters assume a whitish halo; right-side posters assume a bluish halo. 

On the Campaign Trail
Simonton Windows won the “Best Product Relaunch Campaign” category for its Metallon marketing materials.

Accented by vivid, four-color photography, the relaunch materials focused on how vinyl window frames could be transformed with Metallon finishes of brass, bronze, copper and nickel. The brochure and sell sheet provided extensive features and benefits information and supported the selling program of the company.

Brame commented on the packet’s “nice use of the flap and removable spec sheet inside,” also noting how its “metallic inks drive the metal message forward and the cover photo shows the depth and detail of the product.”

In other “campaign news,” Style Solutions nabbed the award for “Best Print Campaign” for its homebuilders’ brochure. Judge Jeff Williams exclaimed, “Wow! What a creative brochure. Funny, interactive and useful. This is the ‘must see’ catalog for anyone building a home. Great consumer appeal. Light-hearted approach to a traditionally very serious subject.” As with most campaigns, the competition in this category was fierce—Style Solutions narrowly beat-out Metallon and Pilkington, who took second and third place honors respectively.

Sealing Up the Victories
TruSeal Technologies truly “sealed” up the victories this year, winning both “Best Website” and “Best New Product Campaign.” 

TruSeal won both “Best New Website” and “Best New Product Campaign.”

“The main objective of the website design was to present an informative, user-friendly website that showcased TruSeal’s five main product offerings and conveyed each product’s benefits to the window manufacturer,” said John Marzich, Truseal representative. “The look and feel of the website also worked cohesively with TruSeal’s print collateral. The new website re-energized the “single-product company” reputation by showcasing new product information and company news on the website. 

So far, TruSeal’s website has been very good for business. “The new website has had a significant impact on the core business worldwide. We have been approached by potential customers and businesses that are interested in working with us to go to market (Dupont and BP Solar). We are able to recommend the website to many for literature, product information and technical bulletins. In addition, sales inquiries have been generated from the site that have resulted in sales,” said Marzich.
On the product side, when TruSeal developed DuraSeal, the pressure was on to effectively market this important product.

The first step was to conduct intensive researching, and TruSeal reviewed not only its own previous market introductions, but also those of other spacer companies. In addition, interviews were conducted internally with sales force and key management to extract information integral in positioning and marketing DuraSeal.

A Beautiful Makeover

Boasting a new image flawless in appearance, creativity, content, design elements and audience relevance, Glass Doctor notched the only perfect score in this year’s awards, handily wrapping up “Best New Look.” 

Judge Kathy Ziprik was impressed by Glass Doctor’s “extremely comprehensive marketing program,” pointing out its “strong, consistent use of graphical elements.” In addition to labeling Glass Doctor’s new look as “very eye-catching and appealing,” Ziprik raved that it was “a true transformation for the company” and an “A+ winner.”

“The new look is more than Yellow Page ads or national television commercials. It’s the finer details that make this makeover complete,” said Robert Tunmire, president of Glass Doctor. “It’s the Glass Doctor jingle that customers hear on the phone as we dispatch vans to their homes. It’s the glass cleaner with our own company label that we use to clean our finished product. It’s the customized donut boxes that we fill and deliver to our corporate accounts. The Glass Doctor name is everywhere, and customers cannot help but think of us in that time of need.” 



David Jenkins is an editorial assistant for USGlass magazine.


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