Volume 37, Issue 8, August 2002

a message from the publisher

You know, maybe in my next life I should write for People magazine, because I wanted to run an article about what people in the industry are doing for their summer vacations, but the saner and wiser editorial staff nixed it. “Oh, Deb,” they cried in horror and in unison, “then we won’t have room for that great IG story,” at which point I relented immediately. 

Almost. I’d love to know about some great (or not-so-great) vacations you’ve taken and would love to know how they were. Just e-mail me at deb@glass.com. If you tell me yours, I’ll tell you mine. Okay, I’ll tell you mine anyway. 

Part of my time on the road this year was spent in Tulsa, Okla. Mark Meussner is a very nice man who also happens to be the director of the Visteon Glass sales and manufacturing operations there. A few months ago our associate publisher, Lisa Naugle O’Connor, and I got a chance to spend some time with him at the plant in Tulsa and learned quite a lot about the float process. The last time I’d visited a then-Ford (now Visteon) plant was many years ago, and it’s amazing to see how much upgrading the company has done. 

“We basically redid the plant,” said Meussner. “We chose our equipment very carefully and found the best, both in manufacturing and in quality control and inspection. It gave us more efficiency than we anticipated—in terms of first-line quality, in staffing and much more. And it’s helped us get ready for the future.”

Meussner said that though rumors of Visteon’s sale of the glass division continue, such a sale is not likely. “I have personal assurances this is not the case, and I also know what’s coming in terms of new products and there’s a lot of exciting new things on the way. You can see a real investment in research and development and in the future.” Indeed, the plant was very impressive, as you can see from the postcards. Many thanks to Mark and to Tina Battenfield for their hospitality.

Speaking of vacations, you may want to plan yours around some of the educational events USGlass has coming up in the next few months. Our 2003 Educational Planner is enclosed with this issue. Whether your tastes run to Hawaii or San Antonio or Vancouver, B.C., the Glass Expos are a great way to educate yourself and your staff in some very nice cities. You can check out the latest schedules on our website at www.glass.com®.

And speaking of glass.com, please take a look at our new and improved site re-launch. Marketing director Holly Carter is putting together a top-notch site to serve as the information center for the glass industry. Holly is also creating a web advisory board to help develop content for the site. If you are interested in serving, please contact her at hcarter@glass.com.

Have a great end of summer. 


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