Volume 37, Issue 8, August 2002


UGC Breaking Up; Most Western Operations Sold to Randy Steinberg

Randy Steinberg, a former founder of United Glass Corp. (UGC), has purchased the Los Angeles, San Diego and Phoenix operations of GlassWerks (GLWA).

“We are quite pleased to be independent once again,” Steinberg said.

Steinberg’s group is operating under the umbrella of Glasswerks LA Inc., with the following divisions: Glasswerks PHX (Phoenix), Glasswerks SD (Escondido, Calif.), Tempwerks (Vernon, Calif.) and Glasswerks LA (Los Angeles).

“Our intention is to introduce new products and to expand our fabricating capabilities,” Steinburg said. We have purchased a fast-track automatic arrissing line from Ashton Industrial for our Los Angeles facility. We are in the process of opening a new, 70,000-square-foot facility, which will specialize in bent tempered products. We also have a sixth facility in the planning stages. Our goal is to reassume a dominant position in the glass fabrication industry.”

GlassWerks’ Northern California operations, including facilities in San Francisco, Sacramento and Lodi, will remain with UGC and be called Northern California Glass Co., and will operate under the name Hartung Glass Industries.

Nick Sciola, UGC’s west president, will oversee the recently formed operations. “UGC continues to improve its infrastructure and evolve from an initial roll-up of successful individual companies to a single-purpose manufacturer,” said Sciola. 

“This development recognizes a market that we believe has tremendous long-range growth potential and fits exceedingly well with the infrastructure that has been developed at UGC since its inception in July 1999,” said Lawrence O’Connell, UGC chairperson and chief executive officer. “The combination of great customers, superior suppliers and dedicated employees will further enhance the success UGC is enjoying.”

Clover Glass Installs Laser-Etch Machine
Clover Glass Shop Inc. of Richmond, Va., has purchased and installed a laser-etching machine from Cam Tech Industries of Calgary, Alberta. A technician from Cam Tech came to Clover and provided the company with three days of basic instructions on laser etching.

“I was impressed with the technology of the laser,” said Kenny Walwer, president. “I decided to add it to our operation. Being able to put any image on glass, marble, wood, etc., and offer it to our customers was a very exciting prospect.”

Door & Window Maker Magazine 
Named Best New Publication of the Year

DWMCOVER USGlass’ sister publication, Door & Window Maker (DWM) magazine, was recently presented with the prestigious American Society of Business Publication Editors’ regional award for the Best New Publication. The award was presented June 10 during the regional awards dinner in Boston.

“We are so pleased to receive this award,” said Tara Taffera, DWM publisher. “Our whole staff put a great deal of work into this venture, so it is nice to see our efforts be recognized.”

ASBPEAWARDSMALLBLUE The Eastern region is one of the most competitive regions, with entrants from Washington, D.C., and New York competing with one another, as well as with magazines from 14 other states.

ACI Plant in Denver Faces Stiff OSHA Fine for Safety Violations
ACI’s Denver plant is facing proposed fines of $207,000 by the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) for such safety violations as electrical hazards, unguarded machinery and inadequate training of forklift drivers, reported the Denver Post

According to OSHA, ACI was cited for “alleged serious, willful, repeat and other-than-serious violations of the [OSHA] Act.”

Of the 25 violations for which ACI Distribution of Denver was cited are: failure to guard open-sided floors, determine load capacities for overhead storage areas, provide railings for stairs, provide goggles and face shields where corrosive chemicals are used and provide personal, protective equipment, reported the Denver Post.

Although ACI Distribution of Denver is facing serious fines, company officials remain optimistic. “This corporation has one of the better safety records in the glass industry, and OSHA inspections are not unusual in this industry,” said Bill Minderman, vice president and CAO for ACI’s corporate office in Memphis, Tenn. “What the fines are [now] and what they end up being is a function of mediation, discussions and review … And what the inspection records and what actually happens once [the violations] are discussed are [often] two different things.”

Tiffany Lamp Sells for New Record Price in Recent Auctions
Louis Comfort Tiffany's glass creations have topped the auction records in New York, with prices ranging from $2,000 to $2.8 million—the record-breaking price for any Tiffany lamp, paid for a Pink Lotus table lamp, according to an article by Reuters

"An 18-inch Peony lamp in 1980 would have cost $20,000 to $25,000," said Arlie Sulka, director of a New York gallery specializing in Tiffany glass. "Today, it's $125,000 to $175,000."

Tiffany glass bowls purchased for $4 each in 1975 now are worth thousands of dollars each. Others have tried to replicate the distinctive style of glass, but none have been successful yet. 


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