Volume 37, Issue 8, August 2002


scratch-removal systems
AEGIS® Launches Scratch-Removal System
AEGIS’ Scratch-Removal System.

Now available from AEGIS Tools International of Madison, Wis., is the company’s new scratch-removal system. Designed for applications such as windows, tabletops, tempered glass, architectural glass and more, the system removes light to medium scratches of any length, according to AEGIS. 

According to the company, the system utilizes the newest scratch-removal technology with 3M™ Trizact™ abrasive discs. The discs consist of precisely shaped pyramids of aluminum oxide or cerium oxide fine grade minerals. AEGIS says that as the tops of the pyramids wear away, fresh cutting mineral is exposed continuously. The continual exposure of new mineral ensures a fast continuous cut rate that removes defects such as scratches.

AFGD Introduces LamGuard® Laminated Glass
Atlanta-based AFGD’s subsidiary, Glass Products Inc., of Carbondale, Pa., now offers LamGuard laminated glass, which is Dade-County-approved for use in hurricane systems.

According to the company, LamGuard is a durable glass made by permanently bonding a tough, protective interlayer between two pieces of glass under heat and pressure. The company says that upon impact, the external glass may crack, but shards of glass tend to adhere to the interlayer, keeping the glass within the frame.

In addition, the company says that window and door systems made with LamGuard provide home security against burglaries and other forced entries. Also, the interlayer is said to help screen out up to 99 percent of the sun’s harmful UV rays.
PPG Combines Reflective Architectural Glass Technologies
Solarcool Solex Pittsburgh-based PPG Industries announced the creation of Solarcool Solex, a product born from the marrying of two of PPG’s most successful glass products. The new architectural glass combines the technology of reflective Solarcool coated glass and light-green Solex tinted glass in a single product that provides interior glare control while transmitting desirable visible light.

Solarcool Solex can be installed in buildings with the coating facing out, on the first surface, or facing in, on the second surface, giving an architect multiple aesthetic options with which to work. “With the coating on the second surface, the glass has a natural-green reflective aesthetic and takes on a greener hue, while it tends to become more reflective when the coating faces out, allowing it to be more of a mirror of its surroundings,” said Kenny. Solarcool Solex glass is produced at PPG’s Wichita Falls, Texas, plant and currently is available through North American fabricators and for export..

marking systems
Matthews Adds New Color to Marking System
matthews Pittsburgh-based Matthews International has introduced the CC101 pulsar contact coder, a new, economical reciprocating marking system that allows effective variable marking in up to 10 standard colored inks. Alternative pigmented inks of any color can be custom- formulated to mark both light and dark substrates, or mark specific product applications where colors may be frequently changed.

A product line extension of Matthews’ CC100 contact coder, the CC101 pulsar contact coder is a pneumatically operated printer that marks products and packages at speeds up to 160 units per minute. According to the company, a primary advantage of the coder is the ability to use thick, pigmented inks by pulsing air to a specially designed ink cartridge, resulting in vibrant color marking which is easily discernible on light or dark substrates.

Nature-Inspired Patterned Glass from AFG Industries
AFG Industries of Kingsport, Tenn., has introduced several different patterned glass possibilities, which the company says offer both subtle obscurity and exceptional clarity.

The first new pattern, Glacier™, features an ice-like appearance. The Glacier design has a fire-polished look, rather than a matte or sandblasted look.

In addition, AFG has a new category of patterned glass, Heavy Patterned™. One design in this category, Rain™, is available in such thicknesses as ¼, 5/16 and 3/8 inches. According to AFG, these new patterned glass thicknesses allow the texture to have edgework flexibility for use in applications such as partitions, furniture and frameless shower doors.

A Machine You Can Count On
The model P-135 is a new method for counting lites of glass from Record Products of America Inc. based in Hamden, Conn.

According to information from the company, the lightweight, battery-operated machine can count both vertically stacked lites as well as crated lites regardless of thickness.

To operate the machine, the P-135 is placed adjacent to the stacks, the user press a button and the glass thickness and number of pieces are displayed on an LCD screen. The machine displays the sum total of lites within thousands of crates or L-bucks. The company adds that the machine actually learns what types of lites it is counting and alerts the operator of possible problems or discrepancies.

Taking the Edge Off
Los Angeles-based C.R. Laurence Co. Inc. (CRL), has unveiled its new PE11 POWR Edger—a single-speed automatic glass edging machine. Designed to provide a simple and reliable method for edging and polishing glass and mirrors with thicknesses of 1/8-inch to ½-inch, the PE11 can be operated with minimal training and can accommodate a weight capacity of 250 pounds. Changing from grinding to polishing is done by turning the selector wheel, and the speed is adjustable up to 66 inches a minute. The edger features precision ground casting and high-grade sealed bearings. Interior parts are built for maximum corrosion resistance and no external floor drains are needed.
A 7-inch diameter flat edge and seam wheel for 1/8-inch to ¼-inch glass and a 7-1/4-inch diameter by ¾-inch wide polishing wheel are included with the PE11. Additional wheels can be ordered to produce flat and seam, miter and pencil edging on glass up to ½-inch thick and are available from the CRL. The PE11 runs on 110 volts AC and no special wiring is required.

Need a Lift?
lift To prevent back strain, pinched fingers and damaged units caused by attempting to lift and move overweight or awkward window and door units, LCS Precision Molding of Elysian, Minn., has introduced the LCSR2466 lift handle. According to the company, the lift handle enables a more secure grip on units up to 400 pounds and is screwed to side jambs to be used as a temporary handle, resulting in a stable handhold when loading vehicles or moving units around.


cleaning aids
Rawn America Offers New Stainless Steel Cleaner




Now available is a new stainless steel cleaner from Rawn America. According to information from the company, the cleaner is designed for use on stainless steel and removes and prevents water spotting.

In addition, the cleaner is said to help preserve the original factory finish of the stainless steel surface.

insulating glass
STEELing Space
Nirotec from Helima Helevation is the company’s new stainless steel laser-welded spacer.
According to information from the company, the warm-edge spacer offers low heat loss, and the geometry of the profiles has been designed to satisfy bending specifications.

Also from Helima are the company’s contoured muntins. The muntins are available in a number of connector types.

Graco Heats Things Up
Minneapolis-based Graco Inc. offers its Therm-O-Flow™ Plus systems, which feature heated, ram-mounted, supply pumps that transfer hot-melt and warm-melt sealants and adhesives up to 204° Celsius (400° Fahrenheit) for the manufacture of door and window products. According to the company, power ratios up to 65:1 are available to handle high-viscosity materials (up to 5 million mPa) and high flow rates.

Therm-O-Flow systems feature a heated Teflon® inductor plate, heated outlet hose and heated dispense valve to ensure material conformity at the point of application. New features introduced with Thermo-Flow Plus are a patented MegaFlowTm plate for higher melt-rate applications and new electronic controls.

Therm-O-Flow utilizes Graco's Check-Mate pumps, which are designed to deliver high output and reliability, even when pumping high-viscosity and abrasive sealants and adhesives. 

glass racks and trucks
Brighton Glass Company Receives Patent for Space-Saver
Brighton Glass of New Brighton, Pa., recently was granted the patent on its Slic-Rak® glass rack expander. According to the company, this easy-to-use glass rack expanding system can increase shop glass-rack storage capacity by 100 percent or more. And, when used on truck racks, it can double efficiency and eliminate extra delivery trips. 

In addition, Brighton Glass is now manufacturing and supplying the Slic-Rak® for C.R. Laurence(CRL). CRL product manager, Rick Nelson, explained that, "The Slic-Rak allows you to store your material out of the splash zone. This can prevent chipping from stones, dirt and sand, especially during messy winter conditions and can also eliminate the need for extensive re-cleaning of glass at the job site." According to information from the company, the racks can be used to add extra space anywhere where space is limited. 

Wausau's 3250HP Meets Florida Codes
The 3250HP hurricane series thermal barrier aluminum window with large, fixed lites and in-swing casements, has tested to meet South Florida's Dade County Building Code, compliance test protocols PA 201-94, PA 202-94 and PA 203-94. It has received the Miami-Dade Product Control Notice of Acceptance.

According to a news release, tests were conducted by a certified, independent test laboratory to simulate hurricane wind speeds exceeding 250 mph, as well as large and small missile wind-borne debris impact. Cyclic design pressures of positive 80 psf and negative 90 psf were achieved for large missile impact, while positive 100 psf and negative 120 psf were achieved for small missile impact.

Norshield Security Products Introduces New Doors 
Norshield Security Products of Montgomery, Ala., is offering a line of bullet, attack and blast resistant doors. The company's Series 7000 aluminum doors and Series 1000 steel doors are shipped pre-hung and factory assembled. The Series 1700 wood doors are constructed of FibreShield fiberglass armor and wood veneer, laminated into one solid unit. The aluminum, steel and wood doors are also available in a double style.

windows and window products
Vision Offers An Array of Hardware
Vision Industries of Brooklyn, N.Y., has introduced a patented line of recessed tilt latches, offering a standard-size and a unique small tilt latch. Balance shoes from Vision are also now available in a variety of sizes. In addition, the company has a long line of zinc die-casting, injection-molded and stamped parts, such as sash locks, keepers, night locks, weep hole covers, pivot bars and hinges for project and casement windows.

Alumet Provides Variety of Spacers
Alumet Mfg. Inc. of Seattle offers an extensive line of aluminum air spacers to meet the window manufacturer's needs. According to the company, it offers single-seal, dual-seal, rectangular and low-profile air spacers, including a range of corner keys. The spacers have no holes, require little dusting, virtually no edge cracking and micro filtration. In addition, the spacers are equipped with a 100-percent interlocked seam, are top-coated only (with all colors available) and have straight-saw cut ends and an aludized lower surface, a knurled locking strip and corrosion-resistant interior coating. 


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