Volume 37, Issue 9, September 2002


New Glastar Grinder is a Real “Pro”
Chatsworth, Calif.-based Glastar Corp. has introduced a new bench-top grinder designed specifically for custom production grinding. The B14 Pro-Star grinder uses a 2-inch diamond-bonded 100-grit grinding head and has a 1/3-horsepower motor to operate at speeds up to1,625 RPM.

Additional features include a glass eye shield support that can accommodate 1/8-inch glass, an adjustable straight edge guide and a durable 17-inch by 18-inch work surface. The coolant system has a long, flexible gooseneck with ball valve, ¼-inch compression fitting, 5/8-inch by 8-inch drain line and can be used with Glastar’s recirculating pump or city water supply.

Quadra-Tilt 360 Gives Series a Lift
QUADRATILT Laurel, Mont.-based Wood’s Powr-Grip, has introduced the innovative Quadra-Tilt 360 featuring sliding adjustable vacuum pads. The newest vacuum lifter in the Quadra-Tilt series, the Quadra-Tilt 360 uses a four-bar tilt mechanism to minimize the effort of tilting loads between flat and upright positions. 

The Quadra-Tilt 360 features eight adjustable vacuum pads that slide inward or outward on the pad frame to accommodate a wide variety of load sizes and shapes. The vacuum lifter is available with air-powered or AC vacuum systems, and can be used in applications of moving or tilting of loads up to 360 pounds.

glass and glazing
UCB Brings Uvekol to U.S.
The Uvekol® line of ultraviolet-curable laminates has recently been released in the United States by UCB Chemicals Corp. of Belgium. According to the company, Uvekol®-based laminated glass delivers superior optical clarity and is engineered with sufficient impact resistance and strength that does not require additional polycarbonate or polyester film to meet the toughest building codes such as those in Dade County. 

Available in a variety of color options, the laminated glass featuring Uvekol® technology to buffer noise, making it an option for airport terminals, schools, hospitals and residential applications.

Halfen Announces Adjustable Curtainwall Clips
C-W CLIPS Halfen Anchoring Systems, based in Converse, Texas, has introduced a line of multi-adjustable curtainwall clips that will be available in three sizes for wind-load and dead-load applications. 

The new line of serrated aluminum clips for edge-of-slab curtainwall anchoring will allow for up-down and in-out adjustability. The curtainwall clips can also be combined with Halfen anchor channels and tee-bolts to achieve adjustment in all three dimensions.

Enclos Tests Blast-Resistant Curtainwall
Minneapolis-based Enclos Corp. has tested a custom curtainwall system for the Bronx criminal court complex in New York successfully. The full-scale, bomb-blast testing took place at White Sands Missile Range in New Mexico, at its Large Blast Thermal Simulator (LBTS).
“The advantage to utilizing the LBTS is the ability to test a full-scale curtainwall mock-up. By constructing a large portion of the wall, you can test the reaction as a whole, making it a more accurate measure of the performance,” said Kevin Cole, manager of design for Enclos. “The test was a success. The specimen responded as predicted by analytical methods and clearly met the specified criteria.”

Enclos previously tested curtainwall systems at White Sands for the now complete Lloyd D. George courthouse and federal building in Las Vegas. After the tragedy at Oklahoma City in 1995, more governmental buildings began requiring heightened security measures, including blast-resistant exterior wall systems.

Enclos is contracted currently to employ this technology on three other courthouses and federal buildings throughout the United States.

Pinpoint Laser Systems Unveils its MicroShim
Pinpoint Laser Systems of Newburyport, Mass., recently introduced the adjustable MicroShim for precision machine leveling, positioning and mounting applications. The adjustable MicroShim allows users to reposition machinery at any time. It also can be locked permanently into place using a special bonding agent. According to information from the company, the MicroShim’s lifting capacity of 10,000 pounds makes slipping shims into place simple and eliminates the need for large spacer blocks and mounting pads often required for supporting traditional shim products. 

The MicroShim uses a stainless-steel bolt and bar-nut assembly system that allows the user to adjust the relative position of two overlapping wedge plates to set the desired height in increments of 0.001 inch. 

energy-efficient products
Levolux Unveils Aerofoil Fins
Levolux of England has introduced aerofoil fins that it says are efficient in cutting solar heat gain while adding a distinct aesthetic look to a building’s outer design. The Levolux aerofoil fins may be installed vertically, horizontally or on an angle, and enable good outward visibility. The fins are non-retractable and provide large areas of sunscreening. The aerofoil fins are available in a range of finishes including mill, anodized or polyester-powder-coated. Stainless steel fastenings and fixings are used to ensure a corrosion-resistant system.

decorative glass
Digital Glass Decoration
T2 Solutions and IIMAK have teamed up with Matan Digital Printers and Lintec to develop two new ways to decorate glass. Through one method users can either print directly on Lintec's WINCOS window film with process colors, spot colors or satin-etch custom color, which the company says offers the look of sandblasted glass. Clear films are available with three adhesives—low-tack, medium-tack or permanent—as well as iridescent films in a variety of colors. 
Through the second method, the company says users can imitate the look of sandblasted patterns. Using the system, users can print frit-based inks digitally onto special decal paper, which can be applied to glass. According to the company, the glass is then fired at 1,150O Fahrenheit, making the image permanent. 

window films
FTI Exceeds the Standards
Film Technologies International (FTI) of St. Petersburg, Fla., has announced that it has developed a proprietary window design concept using its Safe-Gard® film and double-strength glass that passes the 2 by 4 missile impact and cycling requirements of the Dade and Broward County editions of the Southern Florida Building Code.

According to information from the company, the new window design allows window manufacturers to offer windows and doors that meet the referenced codes and that are less costly and lighter than products employing PVB laminated glass.

doors and door hardware
Access Hardware Now Supplies Schalge’s Cobra 
Access Hardware Supply of San Leandro, Calif., is now featuring the Cobra programmable locking system by Schlage. This battery-powered, electronic, cylindrical lockset allows users to program up to 100, three- to eight- digit user codes right at the keypad, and features red and green LED indicators for visible access and programming confirmation.

The Cobra also features the Vandlgard™ clutching lever to minimize lock damage from abuse or vandalism, as well as an emergency override to tie into existing SFIC keying systems. The Cobra’s design comes in various finishes and lever styles and runs on standard alkaline batteries.

A Winning Combination
The new Simplex® 5000 is now being offered by Winston-Salem, N.C.-based Kaba Ilco. The newest addition to a lineup of push-button combination locks, the fully mechanical Simplex 5000 offers greater strength and durability made possible by its new clutch-free design and cast stainless-steel internal drive parts. According to the company, the new lockset is easy to install, includes one-handed operation, can be utilized for thousands of combination changes and has a two-year warranty.

The Simplex 5000 lockset’s combination takes only seconds to change without removing the lock from the door, allowing owners to easily change combinations when employees, tenants or guests leave. The lock accepts 15 major industry-standard key-in-knob cylinders allowing managers to maintain a master-keyed security system. 


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