Volume 37, Issue 9, September 2002

Tools and Supplies

Mirart Tools Around New Mirror Products

The mirror grozing tool and the Mirror Wacker™ are two new products for the mirror industry from Mirart Inc. of Pompano Beach, Fla.

According to the company, the grozing tool is designed to help installers increase the size of outlet holes by chipping away a little at a time.

To aid in the removal of installed mirrors, Mirart now also offers its Mirror Wacker. According to the company, the tool works on the same principals as a dent puller. Because installers can control the glass, Mirart adds the tool makes an installer’s job safe and easy.


Capital Tape Holds Up With New Products

Capital Tape of Cleveland has expanded its line of ultra-high bond products, by adding several thicknesses. They are available in white, black and clear.

According to the company, the tapes feature superior semi-structural adhesion and resistance to heat, humidity, UV and chemicals. They can be used in applications such as grid mounting, cladding and decorative trim attachments.


Coming Clean

Chase Products Co. based in Broadview, Ill., has introduced an aerosol glass cleaner and a specially engineered cloth wipe. According to the company, Chase glass cleaner with ammonia is part of the company’s Signature line of cleaning products. The cleaner, which comes in a 12-ounce foaming spray, clings to vertical surfaces and removes fingerprints and soil from glass without streaking or smearing, according to the company.

In addition, Chase says the product’s SureGRIP® can is designed to be easy to grip and reduce stress on the fingers, wrist and forearm. It includes a SprayAnyWay valve and a TowelABOARD® cup containing DuPont® nonwoven cloths.


Cutting Up with Olfa

Two new cutters are now available from Olfa North America of Terre Haute, Ind.

The XL-2 extra-length, heavy-duty cutter is designed for jobs requiring additional reach. The cutter features Olfa’s LBB Ultra-Max® blades, as well as a ratchet wheel blade lock, a stainless steel blade channel and a non-slip rubber grip.

Olfa also offers the NA-1 HandSaver®. This cutter features a cushion grip handle and is designed to reduce hand fatigue, according to the company. It also has a stainless steel blade channel that holds Olfa’s ABS stainless steel blades.


MTI Launches Acuglass Cutting System

Speed, precision and repeatability are just some of the qualities that Machine Techniques Inc. (MTI) of Aurora, Ohio, says describe its new Acuglass cutting system.

According to the company, since the machine’s launch two years ago it has seen a number of design improvements. It now features a pull-out cutting wheel lubrication reservoir, a dual-level frame and triple-thick table top construction for maintaining extra flat table surfaces for consistent glass scoring and a combination air float and table suction ensure no glass movement during processing. It is also capable of running at speeds of more than 4500 inches per minute.

The Acuglass is a free-standing, industrial-grade control cabinet that houses extra high performance AC Servo drives for smooth, fast and accurate cutting. It also features air conditioning for the CNC control for extra reliability, the company adds.


Prestik Improves Clone Glass Washers

Toronto-based Prestik has addition several new features to its Clone flat glass washers. The Prestik 60-inch washer and larger models now include: a low-E detector on entry conveyor that can alert the operator if the lite is wrong-side-up; top and bottom brush drives; redesigned air knives to dry glass straight edge leading; a low-E brush bristle; and a touch screen to control all functions.


CRL Drills in with New Pressure Drill

Los Angeles-based C.R. Laurence Co. Inc. (CRL) has introduced its universal pressure drill, which, according to the company, greatly reduces the pressure needed to drill safely and efficiently.

Bill Gore, CRL product manager, explained, “The CRL universal pressure drill makes it possible to drill without applying all your body weight and arm pressure. Ordinarily, in order to get the best results, ½- inch drill bits take up to 210 pounds of pressure. With this product only 28 pounds are required, making the job less tiring and easier to perform. Drill life can be extended up to ten times more than with standard hand drilling.”

A new plumb level and square hand-held laser line tool, featuring several self-leveling line patterns is also new to CRL’s line. According to the company, the PLS2 palm laser lets users choose between a single, vertical beam, a single, horizontal beam, a 90-degree crossed line beam and a 90-degree crossed line beam that can be fixed and turned on an axis as needed, allowing quicker and more accurate installations on mirrors, windows, shower enclosures and similar applications.

The PLS2 has a line length of 60 feet at a distance of 30 feet from the laser source, a 100-foot range and features multiple additional functions. The palm laser operates on three AA batteries and comes with a wall bracket and carrying pouch.


The Upside of Cutting Corners

MAJ Tools of Scranton, Pa., has released the J-channel depth and miter gauge, featuring a coated Z-shaped plate molded to fit along the J-channel trim, allowing for more exact guidelines to cut miter joints, square-finish box joints and continuous piece borders. The D& M gauge works with J-channel sizes ranging form ½-inch to 11/8-inch in depth. According to the company, the gauge eliminates the need for protractors, J-depth cutters and squares, while guaranteeing perfect miters every time. The D&M gauge comes in a nylon tool pouch with a belt hook and illustrated instructions


Larco Introduces New Tri-Code Receiver

Brainerd, Minn.-based Larco has added to its product line a new, digital receiver designed to accommodate all major automatic door transmitting devices.

According to Larco, the universal receiver replaces and is compatible with the three most popular transmitters in use. In addition, the unit offers hundreds of user-selectable digital codes for high security.

The new unit has an output rating of 5 amps 28 VAC or DC, and offers user-selected power input of 12 VDC or 18-34 VAC/DC.


DeWalt Introduces New Metal Blades

Baltimore-based DeWalt offers dry cut metal-cutting saw blades for ferrous and non-ferrous and stainless steel materials, which it says last up to 40 times longer than abrasive wheels and cuts up to eight times faster than portable band saws.

The new blades include the following: 12- and 14-inch heavy gauge metal blades for cutting 1/8- to ¼-inch sections and 2-inch materials; 140-inch light gauge metal blades for cutting 25-gauge to 1/8-inch sections; and 12- to 14 inch stainless steel blades for cutting 26-gauge to 3/16-inch sections, and 1-inch solid materials.

Also, DeWalt offers light-gauge, metal cutting blades for cutting thinner materials. The company says this blade has an innovative tooth and gullet to prevent material from snagging on the blade.

In addition, the company offers heavy-duty, miter saw stand support boards up to 16 feet long. According to company information, the DW723 miter saw stand is designed to hold large materials (up to 400 pounds), and has a saw mount that works with all brands of miter saws.


Sealant Equipment & Engineering Unfurls Program-A-Swirl

Sealant Equipment & Engineering’s new, patent-pending Program-A-Swirl® is designed to dispense adhesives or sealants in a circular pattern or as a continuous bead.

By dispensing in a swirled pattern of closed loops, the Program-A-Swirl maximizes adhesion between two substrates and uses less material to “wet out” a greater area, according to the company. Swirling is achieved when the servo motor spins the system’s nozzle. When the servo motor stops, the nozzle “self-centers,” allowing the tool to alternate on-the-fly between swirling patterns and dispensing beads.

The versatile Program-A-Swirl system is available in two styles. One can be used with a static mixer nozzle for two-component, reactive-resin materials. The other version is designed to dispense single-component materials. Program-A-Swirl is typically mounted as an end-of-arm tool in robotic applications, or fixture-mounted in automation tooling.



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