Volume 37, Issue 10, October 2002





Pistorius Introduces New Frame Assembly Machine

Pistorius Machine Co. Inc. of Hauppauge, N.Y., has introduced the newest addition to it’s line of computerized joining machines for production framing. According to the company, the VN-2E utilizes six positions, with four fasteners in each position. Profile data stored in the machine’s memory, and the Cervo controller retrieves the profile’s clamp and fastener positions automatically after the operator keys in the part number. 

If You Can’t Take the Heat …
EFCO To eliminate breakage of newly tempered glass, EFCO Furnaces Ltd. has introduced its heat soak oven as a solution to the problem of on-site, installed breakage due to spontaneous disintegration. When placed in the EFCO heat soak oven, glass is subjected to a controlled thermal cycle that raises the temperature to 554° Fahrenheit, holds it for a period of time, after which the temperature is cooled. 

EFCO heat soak ovens are available in a range of sizes with electric resistance or direct gas fired heating.

CTD Offers Sharp New Ideas In Saws
PF 200 Los Angeles-based CTD Machines Inc. has added the PF200 automatic cut-off saw system and the PF45 automatic double mitre cut-off saw system to its machinery lines. The PF200 uses the time-tested 200 series cut-off saw and the PF45 utilizes the model D45AX double-mitre saw, in combination with lineal positioners to push feed material and cut materials automatically to a variety of predetermined lengths. 

Using optional software, a cut-list can be downloaded from a variety of programs.

Both machines have a 12-inch blade capacity, use hold-down clamps and lineal positioner and support tables. The saws utilize an autofeed cut-off system, made possible through an integration of CTD’s saws and Tiger Stop lineal positioners. PF45

Both the PF200 and the PF45 use a 16-foot positioner or feeder to feed, clamp and cut wood, plastics or aluminum and include safety interlock features.
Also from CTD is its PF400 automatic cut-off saw system, which uses the 400 series cut-off saw combined with the lineal positioner. It includes a 71/2 horse power. three-phase motor with magnetic starter, 16-inch blade    PF45
capacity, hold-down clamps, lineal positioner and support tables.

SETV Whips Glass Into Shape
BICUT The Société Europénne de Techniques Verriéres (SETV) has introduced BICUT, a new machine designed for the cutting and shaping of laminated glass. According to the company, by guiding the glass around contours in the cutting pattern, BICUT enables users to produce perfect circles and other shapes in a single pass without turning the glass, resulting in a quick and accurate cutting system.

architectural metals
Miami-Dade Approves New Petersen Panels
The product control division of Miami-Dade County’s Building Code Compliance Office has granted Petersen Aluminum Corp. of Elk Grove Village, Ill., a Notice of Acceptance (NOA) for its Snap-Clad™ 24-gauge steel and 0.32-inch aluminum panels. Most counties in Florida follow Miami-Dade’s product codes, which are based on PA 100 test specifications. The panel substrates also comply with the high-velocity hurricane zone of the Florida building code.

Petersen’s Snap-Clad panels are produced in factory-formed lengths up to 55 feet, but longer lengths are available through the factory. The panels carry a UL 90 rating over a wide variety of substrates and are suitable for use in roofing, mansard and roofing applications. The panels are available in 33 standard colors on steel and 27 colors on aluminum.

CRL’s Spider Fittings Climb In Popularity
Los Angeles-based C.R. Laurence Co. Inc. (CRL) has introduced a line of spider fittings for use in all-glass curtainwalls. Consisting of a wide assortment of stainless steel spider fittings for column and glass-fin attachment, the line includes accessory fittings and assembly tools.

The spider fittings are available in polished or brushed stainless steel finishes and the column and fin spiders are stocked with countersunk swivel glass attachment screws for ½-inch to 5/8-inch tempered glass.

REHAU Introduces Two New Window Options
Based in Leesburg, Va., REHAU now offers its 4500 series tilt-turn architectural window design and the 500 series.

According to information from the company, the tilt-turn window offers a high-end, multi-chambered window system that it says is engineered to exceed current window test standards. 

REHAU says the window’s dual-sealing system forms a barrier against the elements, with an uninterrupted inner compression seal around the entire window. The line also includes a multi-point locking system.


Also from REHAU is its new 500 series, which consists of single-hung, single-slider, double-hung, double-slider and picture frame window designs. The series can be used in either new construction or replacement applications.

The design features a 1 ¼-inch beveled face frame that is available with an integral nailing fin for new construction. The company adds that common sash profiles allow equal glass in operating units.

Doors and door hardware
REBCO FRP Door is Tough Stuff
RFPDOOR Paterson, N.J.-based REBCO Inc. has introduced a fiberglass reinforced polyester (FRP) door designed for heavy traffic areas. Underneath the scratch and stain-resistant FRP face sheet is a foam urethane core center that cushions impacts and an aluminum sub-frame that enables the door to remain undamaged through constant abuse and accidental impacts or vandalism. The heavy-walled sub-frame uses mortise tenon joints and multi-point fastening for added strength. Each door is fully furnished with heavy-duty, fully replaceable, extruded aluminum trips caps and double-pile weather-stripping is included for all pairs of REBCO FRP doors.

The continuous pin and barrel hinges contain a hinge guard for door edge protection. The hinge is adjustable up to 3/8-inch allowing the REBCO FRP door to accurately attach into hard-to-fit existing frames.

A variety of options are available to customize REBCO doors, including vision lites, recessed pulls, astragal kits and mortise lock cut-outs. Clear and bronze finished doors are on-hand for immediate delivery and a variety of other colors and custom door sizes are available for swift delivery.

adhesives and sealants
Sealed with a Kiss
KISS VALVE Sealant Equipment & Engineering Inc. of Plymouth, Mich., has introduced the compact 2200-245 series of Tip-Seal Kiss® valves, designed to provide automated application of drops or beads of adhesive and sealant materials, including urethane, silicone and other moisture-sensitive products.
Due to its restrictive internal design, the double-air-operated valve series features high flow rates that, according to the company, can translate into low supply pump operating pressure, little downtime and low maintenance costs. 

The Tip-Seal Kiss valves utilize carbide hardened, integrated needle-and-nozzle assembly equipped with an abrasion-resistant seal. The valve’s stainless steel spring ensures shut-off by closing the valves if main air pressure is lost.

Numerous drill-throughs and locator holes present in the valve allow various materials to be applied manually, robotically or fixtured. Multiple valves can be supplied from one common material header and transfer pump station. The Tip-Seal Kiss valves’ diverse configuration possibilities accommodate a variety of production requirements. 


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