Volume 37, Issue 11, November 2002


New in the Bath
Manufacturers Shower Customers with Bath Enclosure Products

Looking for the latest innovations in shower and bath enclosures? Look, no further. Whether it’s hardware options or even new online ordering innovations, you’ll find the latest products for the shower enclosure industry in the next few pages. 

Showers Online Makes Glass Sizing Easy
Looking for a quick and easy way to calculate final glass sizes for specific projects? Then look into Showers Online, the frameless shower glass-size program offered by C.R. Laurence Co. of Los Angeles. According to Brad Murphy, CRL program manager, the program works with most any enclosure design configuration. Additionally, the user can choose from more than 200 enclosure designs or generate a custom job configuration. 

“Job site measurements are entered, and out-of-plumb and/or out-of-level conditions are specified,” said Murphy. “Then, hardware that will be used for the project is selected. Upon completion of data entry, the user selects the print icon to generate complete glass sizes and their accompanying templates.”

The company adds that the program has some important safety features. For example, if a door is too wide or too heavy, a prompt will appear on the screen advising that another hinge is needed. The customer will then be alerted as to what width is suitable for a specific door height.

Cindy Measel of Downey Glass Industries LLC in Pompano Beach, Fla., says she loves the time-saving aspects of Showers Online. “The program itself is mistake-free when configuring the math,” she said. “If the correct numbers are entered by us, the program will provide the correct sizes in a few short minutes.”

New Etched Glass Designs Add Beauty to the Bathroom
Coastal's etched-glass designs.

Jacksonville, Fla.-based Coastal Industries Inc. has introduced a new collection of limited edition glass etching designs, signed by the artist and handcrafted to add beauty to any shower door, according to the company. The new designs include: a marlin fish, palm trees, Frank Lloyd Wright scenes, mountains, east coast lighthouses and an art deco theme.

The etchings were created for Coastal by renowned illustrator and designer, Reinhold Ferster. “We are so excited that now we can offer our customers such incredible glass artwork. We’ve found over the years that customers see glass designs on their shower doors as a form of self-expression,” said Ray Adams, vice president of sales and marketing for Coastal Industries. Although Coastal had offered customers numerous glass designs, Adams feels that this line is even more striking and creative than previous design lines. 

A complete catalog of glass etching designs will be available from Coastal later this year.

New Latch Options in the Bath 
Southeastern Aluminum Products based in Jacksonville, Fla., has made a number of improvements to its CrystalLine hinge show enclosure system. Now available with three latch options including a knock-on handle with nylon bullet latch, knock-on handle paired with a magnetic latch and through-the-glass C-pull handle with a magnetic latch. Regardless of the preferred latch option, the hinge door now comes with an improved drip system that is easier to install, has better “splash-out” protection and a cleaner, less obtrusive appearance than similar products. 

In addition, the company offers new CrystalLine corner brackets that make notched and butt-glazed applications simple. To speed up the process of installation, the company also offers vertical vinyl bead that has been redesigned to show a smaller profile and to be easier to push in-between the glass and metal.

The CrystalLine frameless hinge door with C-pull option is also available in a brushed nickel finish to complement the popular trend in bathroom hardware.

BEMA Changes Design Award Categories to Emphasis Glass Thickness
Responding to industry trends, the Bath Enclosure Manufactures Association (BEMA), has changed the categories for the 2002 Design Awards to emphasize glass thickness instead of the enclosure’s cost.

“Today’s enclosures express individual homeowners’ lifestyles with their many designs, sizes and colors,” said BEMA president Tom Sulock of Agalite Shower Enclosures. “They also add to the value of the home, prevent mold and are easily cleaned, durable and long lasting. There is definitely a bath enclosure for every taste and budget.”

Entries for 2002 will be categorized by either using glass under 3/8-inch thick or glass more than 3/8-inch thick. According to BEMA, judging criteria is based on the complexity of the design and how it works with the bathroom’s overall design. All installations must use hardware or enclosure material supplied by a BEMA member, and must be installed between January 1, 2002 and December 31, 2002. Entries are due by January 10, 2003.

BEMA1                             BEMA2 

Left: BEMA's 2001 winner for under-$25,000 category.  Right:  BEMA's 2001 winner for over-$25,000 category.

Coastal Industries Celebrates 30-Year Anniversary

8291 30 LOGO GRADIENT Coastal Industries, based in Jacksonville, Fla., is proud to celebrate 30 years in business. In honor of its anniversary, the company has introduced a new customer loyalty program, “Quality Counts.” The company says that customers will receive such benefits as volume discounts on large quantity orders, distinctive “Quality Counts Partner” showroom decal, a free subscription to the Coastal View newsletter and more. 

Coastal, which employees 200 employees in a 250,000 square-foot-facility, has a motto of, “Quality for Every Lifestyle.” The company says that it allows every customer access to a high-quality product at an affordable price.

Coastal also says that it is proud of the product lines unveiled in 2002. One of these, the Paragon Series, is designed with fewer parts making the product easy-to-install. The CrystalBallTM software was also introduced, which allows its distributors and fabricators to configure, design and custom a product application in an error-free, user-friendly environment.


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