Volume 37, Issue 12, December 2002


glass racks and trucks
Wakefield Harps On Glass Rack Offerings
WAFEFIELD Cleveland-based Wakefield now offers harp racks designed to separate and transport single lites of glass. The harp racks feature a grooved base designed for ease of loading and PVC covered divider rods to separate and protect the glass. 

Wakefield’s harp racks are available in numerous sizes and with varying slot widths.

UCB Chemicals Introduces Uvekol® System on CD-ROM
UCB Chemicals Corp. of Smyrna, Ga., has developed a CD-ROM titled the UVEKOL® Guide to Glass Lamination. Designed to introduce glassmakers and window and door manufacturers to the technology involved in UV curable glass lamination, the CD utilizes video clips and test results to showcase the vigorous testing procedures to which the laminates are subjected as well as the performance standards the laminates satisfy. Also included on the CD are case studies demonstrating uses for the Uvekol process in architectural applications.

doors and door hardware
CRL Egress Control Handles Now Available
CRLEGRESS Los Angeles-based C.R. Laurence Co. Inc. (CRL) has introduced electronic egress control handles for ½-inch and ¾-inch tempered glass “P” style doors. An electronic switch releases the magnetic lock at the top of the door when a handle is pushed, allowing for quick egress. An optional keyed outside entry lock is also available to additionally enhance security while maintaining aesthetics. 

The electronic egress control handles are available in polished or brushed stainless steel and in stock size units that fit doors from 36-inches to 48-inches wide and 90-inches to 102-inches high. Installations can be made on single or double doors.

“Our new electronic egress control handles maintain the beauty and view of an ‘all glass’ door while providing a reliable and economical method to control access,” said John Geukens, product manager.

decorative glass
Heavy Glass Option Now Available in Signature By-Pass Shower Door 
Southeastern Aluminum Products of Jacksonville, Fla., has announced a 3/8-inch glass option now available for use in its frameless Signature by-pass shower door. The heavy glass option includes han-ger brackets with thr-ough-the-glass holes and a durometer center guide complete with rigid frame and soft guide fins for smooth operation.

Both the 3/8-inch heavy glass option and the lighter ¼-inch now feature a new sill track with a rounded lip that the company says provides for better water drainage into the shower and prevention of splash out and pooling. The Signature by-pass is available in silver, gold, brushed nickel or white, either knocked down or glazed.

PPG Industries Sets Sail with Caribia™ Architectural Glass
Pittsburgh-based PPG Industries has added Caribia and Solarcool Caribia glass to its current line of spectrally selective glasses. The new glasses, developed in response to an architectural preference study of North American design architects, feature aqua-green color tones and transmit high levels of visible light while reducing infrared energy and UV transmittance. Spectrally selective glasses are designed to take advantage of natural daylight while lowering solar heat loads and reducing reliance on artificial cooling systems. 

Pat Kenny, PPG’s director of marketing for flat glass products, said that the company’s expanded line of high-performance glasses enable users to utilize unique glass aesthetics without sacrificing energy efficiency. “Caribia glass not only provides excellent solar control properties, but also greatly expands the color options in our family of blue and green spectrally selective glasses,” said Kenny. 

According to PPG, single-pane Caribia glass meets the energy- efficiency guidelines of the Federal Energy Management Program (FEMP) and has an LSG ratio of 1.34. 

PPG2 “Solarcool Caribia glass joins our newest glass composition with our time-tested pyrolytic Solarcool reflective coated glass. The result is a new, softly reflective, warm green product tailored to meet stringent energy performance demands,” said Kenny. As is standard with all Solarcool products from PPG, Solarcool Caribia can be installed with the reflective coating on the interior or exterior services. The dual-functionality of the glass gives architects two different aesthetic options.

According to the company, the coating on Solarcool glass is as durable as the glass itself due to the coating’s application during the glass manufacturing process. “As a result, cutting, tempering, heat strengthening, lamination and insulating glass unit fabrication are easily accomplished,” said Kenny.

Solarcool glass is also available from PPG in bronze, dark gray, gray and spectrally selective tints including aqua-blue and light green.

coatings and finishes
iracon Unveils New Insulating Glass
Owatonna, Minn.-based Viracon has added Solarscreen VRE-59 insulating glass to its current line of high-performance coatings. “VRE-59 is brighter and gives buildings an aesthetic dimension that traditional Low-E’s haven’t done,” said Rick Voelker, Viracon technical director.

According to the company, VRE-59 provides solar heat gain reduction while offering a visible light transmittance of 59 percent.

Ferro Draws Coating Inspiration From Lotus Flower
Ferro Glass Systems of Washington, Pa., has released Lotus-Effect, a functional glass coating inspired by the lotus flower, a plant whose flower unfolds dry and clean even when in muddy water. 

Lotus-Effect can be used to treat architectural glass facades, solar panels, shower doors, various auto industry applications and any other glass surface desired to be water- and dirt-repellant.
According to the company, Lotus-Effect materials can be applied by roll coating, screen-printing, electrostatic methods or spraying, and are environmentally friendly.

Guardian Industries Corp. Adds Three New Coatings to Product Line
Auburn Hills, Mich.-based Guardian Industries Corp. has added three new coatings to its Sun-Guard® series. Sun-Guard NP-61, Sun-Guard AG-43 and Sun-Guard Royal-20 can be processed near a project, shortening lead times and contributing to fast-track project completion. In addition to providing solar control, the expanded Sun-Guard line products can be laminated, cut, heat-treated, bent and insulated after the coating is applied.

Sun-Guard NP-61 features a neutral appearance with low-E performance and high light transmission. Sun-Guard AG-43 utilizes a single coating to achieve reflective and low-E properties and Sun-Guard Royal-20 adds a blue appearance to clear glass while providing neutral light transmission, keeping interior colors true.

Sheffield Plastics Introduces HYZOD® GP Prismatic
Sheffield Plastics Inc. of Sheffield, Mass., has ann-ounced the addition of HYZOD GP Prismatic with an enhanced P12 texture to its product line. 

According to the company, the new polycarbonate sheet offers ultraviolet stability, UL® 94 V2 ratings for gauges .125 inches in thickness and greater, excellent light transmission and superb diffusion and hiding power with a refractive index of 1.586 per ASTM D-542.



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