Volume 38, Issue 1, January 2003


My First Live Chat
    What the Industry Was Dying to Ask Me

by Max Perilstein

The year2003 is upon us, which brings, among other things, another year of writing this column for USGlass magazine. In the past I used the January issue to answer my letters. But this year, in getting with the times, I decided to hold a live chat on the Internet. So I teamed up with my computer guru, Marty, who set me up to speak to all of those interested glass folk online in real time. The only time available was from 7 to 7:15 a.m. on Thursday, December 26, and I was sandwiched between a chat with John Davidson and David Soul, the guy who played Starsky on “Starsky and Hutch.”

Following is the transcript of the chat:

Moderator: Good morning, all. Welcome to Live Chat USA. Today, we have Max Perilstein, the writer of “From the Fabricator” in USGlass magazine. Remember, next join us for David Soul. Max, are you ready?

From the Fabricator: Yes, let’s go.

Moderator: OK, we are live, so you’ll see the screen name and question, then please reply. First question, please …

GLStennTeech: I noticed you are now working somewhere else. What’s the real story with that?

From the Fabricator: The real story? Well, that you’ll have to wait for in the book I’m writing. It’s tentatively called “Rolled Up, Over and Out—How Corporate Life Wasn’t for Me.” But for now, I’ll just say that I want to look forward. I’m back in a family business, and while I miss the folks I worked with in Michigan, I am thrilled and honored to be working alongside the great people here at Arch Aluminum & Glass. 

EYE8eweGeesee: Last year you gave Solarban 60 your product-of-the-year award. Who gets it this year?

From the Fabricator: I’m not going out on the limb like I did last year. To me, there is no question that the wired glass debate is getting hotter and heavier every day. So much will happen that this is just the beginning. Also the non-wired, fire-rated glass sector actually has more choices and outlets available than ever before.

GlassISlife02: What do you think about Caribia™?

From the Fabricator: My wife and I would love to go there. We heard there are some great resorts and the food is out of this world.


From the Fabricator: Oops, sorry. Yes, I know the product and the one big gigantic pat on the back I give it is its name! The whole name thing has been a theme for me for years as we set out to confuse the living heck out of inside salespeople and architects. Props to PPG for breaking out the best glass name since Jade Ice.

RollTIDE83: How was it working with Huggy Bear?

Moderator: That’s the next chat. Check back in a few minutes.

Vervester: What’s your take on the economy in the year ahead?

From the Fabricator: I am frustrated by the actions of the chief executive officers from major companies in our world who have cheated their employees and shareholders. While they are out buying $5,000 garbage cans, their employees have been getting their health care benefits cut to nothing. Hopefully the cleansing of that miserable chapter in our life will continue in 2003. As for advice, avoid the stocks I already own, as after I bought them, they all tumbled.

UnhappyMomP: Do you worry that your column sometimes embarrasses your family?

From the Fabricator: Hi, Mom. Nah, I know I’m your third favorite kid out of three so what’s the harm? Luckily, my wife and kids only look at the pictures. 

Moderator: OK, that’s all. Now up is David Soul and then we have a special guest—Gary Coleman!

If you weren’t one of the lucky ones to get on while I did that, feel free to e-mail me at MaxP@archaluminum.net


PERILSTEIN Max Perilstein serves as director of marketing for Arch Aluminum and Glass. His column appears bimonthly.



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