Volume 38, Issue 1, January 2003

New Year, New Gear
        A Glimpse at What’s New In Door and Window Hardware

From panic devices to heavy-duty screen doors, this month’s spotlight on window and door hardware features some of the newest products on the hardware market. Whether you’re looking for an automatic control system to operate hard-to-reach window vents or a lock that’s strong enough to keep out a 4,000-pound elephant, read on to see what exciting innovations in hardware are being offered this year. 

Adams Rite Releases the Small Giant
Adams Rite Manufacturing Co. of Pomona, Calif., has introduced the MS Maglock™, a new lock that combines the strength of a mechanical lock with the convenience of an electromagnetic lock. 
The MS Maglock is designed with a pair of spring-loaded, hardened steel mandibles that clamp the armature instantaneously in the event of forced entry. With the mechanical jaws engaged, the lock, which is only 6 inches by 2 and ¾-inches by 2 inches, has 4,000 pounds of holding force.

Smaller than a 600-pound rated traditional maglock and half the size of a 1,500-pound rated one, the company says the MS Maglock is easy to install on in-swinging doors of all kinds. The lock can be integrated into most access-control systems such as key pads, card readers, push buttons or key switches.

Available options for the MS Maglock include a door position switch to detect attempts to open and a tamper- alert sensor to verify positive engagement of armature and magnet.

Mayflower Showcases Hardware in New Catalog
MAYFLOWER Brooklyn, N.Y.-based May-flower has introduced its first full line catalog that showcases a vast variety of architectural and security hardware and access control offerings.
The 500-page catalog is now available to all interested USGlass readers. 

A Remedy For Those Hard-To-Reach Places
Clearline Inc. of North Wales, Pa., offers window control systems developed to give users an aesthetically pleasing way of operating inaccessible windows in out-of-reach areas. Ideal for applications in buildings that prefer natural ventilation during milder seasons of the year, rather than air conditioning, the window control systems replace bulky hardware and hard-to-use poles that can cause window damage. 

The systems are available in manual or motorized options and can be surface-mounted or concealed in the walls.

Don’t Panic! Get Dorma!
Dorma Glas of Upper Marlboro, Md., has introduced a new panic device for glass doors. The device features top and bottom rods aligned flush with the door surface. According to the company, the device offers the security of a double-latching device, while preventing catch hazards.
It utilizes a ½-inch square metal tube between the vertical edges of two lites of ½-inch tempered glass. The DRS mechanical rail system clamps and secures the two lites of glass and the metal tube at the top, producing an integrated door.

The device latches the glass door at the top and bottom with stainless steel rods that move through the top and bottom rails to a strike plate in a header, jamb or floor. Rods can be cut to adjust for various door heights. 

The company says the absence of surface-mounted rods below the exit device chassis provides a clean opening surface that prevents catch hazards and allows for safe passage by people in wheelchairs. All locking mechanisms inside the rails are hidden by the device’s integrated design, resulting in a design that is both aesthetically pleasing and security conscious. 

Not Your Steel Magnolia
Magnolia Metal and Plastic Products of Vicksburg, Miss., offers a heavy-duty extruded aluminum patio screen door. Available in a components program, knock-down program or completely fabricated and ready-to-mount straight out of the box, the new door utilizes nylon injection-molded internal corners. The heavy-duty extruded aluminum patio screen door is available in three colors and mill finishes.

Completing The Circuit
CIRCUIT PULLS Forms+Surfaces of Carpinteria, Calif., has teamed up with furniture designer Don Chadwick to release the Circuit Collection of door pulls, cabinet pulls and coat hooks.

Inspired by modernist design principles, the line boasts simple appearances contrasted with complex curves and beveled transitions.

LARGEC The line is available cast in solid stainless steel or bronze with a variety of finishes. The large “C” doorpull is ADA compliant and all door pulls, cabinet pulls and coat hook are designed for installation on wood or metal surfaces.

Action Adds New Offerings
Action Hardware Inc. of Charlotte, N.C., has added Detex exit alarm locks and Select Products’ continuous gear hinges to its current variety of door hardware product offerings.

Dropping in on Pacific Door and Closer Co.
Pacific Door and Closer Co. of San Leandro, Calif., has debuted a drop-in replacement for Dor-O-Matic floor closer models 250, 260, 2500 and 2600, which have been discontinued. The product has the ability to adapt a Dorma BTS-75 floor closer to the existing cement case and can be used on doors up to 260 pounds.

Dor-O-Matic Adds To The SC60 Series
Princeton, Ill.-based Dor-O-Matic, a division of IR Security and Safety Americas, has unveiled SC64- and SC65-sized closers. Ideal for aluminum storefront applications, the closers are shipped standard with the mounting hardware for universal installation and TBWMS screw packs.

The SC64 and SC65 closers are available in dark bronze and aluminum finishes and are covered by a ten-year warranty.

Door Controls Intl. Puts It All Together
Door Controls International (DCI) of Dexter, Mich., has released a complete line of access controls to complement its RDM Lock™ electromagnetic lock. The patented Grade 1, UL-listed magnet was designed for applications in which security is top priority. Suitable for indoor and outdoor use, the 1400 series electromagnetic lock was designed to allow for what the company says is a simple and trouble-free installation.

Additionally, DCI has released three kits invented to meet a company’s requirements for access control while addressing security concerns. Based on codes for access controlled systems, the DES–1 Delayed Egress, ACE–1 Controlled Egress and AC–1 Access Control kits make it possible to order all the products needed for an installation in one price. Kits can also be custom built to fit any application.


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