Volume 38, Issue 1, January 2003

And the Winners Are ….
    View the Winners of the Second Annual USGlass Product of the Year Awards

Is there one product you saw highlighted in USGlass magazine in 2002 that you thought was truly innovative? Well, see if others in the industry agreed with you. Below you will find the winners of the Second Annual USGlass 2002 Product of the Year Awards. These products are those that received the highest amount of reader-service leads last year.

Number One
ClearShield Offers “Clean Glass Technology”


Some call it self-cleaning and some call it low-maintenance, while ClearShield Technologies of Melrose Park, Ill., says its product utilizes “clean glass technology.” 

While decorative glass becomes stained and discolored easily and difficult to clean and keep clean, ClearShield says it provides a wide range of solutions for all types of glass for factory or on-site application. The company says its product is a unique polymeric resin that protects glass from contamination. It reacts chemically with the glass at a molecular level to modify its surface properties. The polymer forms a strong bond with the glass creating a new multi-molecular surface that becomes part of the glass.

Clearshield is a polymeric resin applied to glass either at the factory level or on-site. The product acts as a barrier against fingerprinting and other contaminants, and is more resistant against the attack of moisture and alkalinity, says the company. Once applied, Clearshield protection is immediate and requires no ultraviolet for activation or any other activation process. As a result, Clearshield says the product is ideal for indoor and outdoor applications such as shower doors, interior and exterior commercial and residential windows, decorative glass and automotive glass. 

Number Two
Digital Glass Decoration with DecoTherm™

ROYCROFT T2 Solutions and IIMAK have teamed up with Matan Digital Printers and Lintec to develop new ways to decorate glass using the DecoTherm system. 

The company says users can print frit-based inks digitally onto special decal paper, which can then be applied to glass. According to the company, the glass is fired at 1,150°F, making the image permanent, a process the company refers to as “digital sandblasting.”

Images can also be printed onto Lintec’s WINCOS adhesive-backed window films. 

Number Three
A New Twist to Glass Decorating

UV CURE Coates Screen of St. Charles, Ill., offers a unique option for screenprinting glass—ultraviolet (UV) curing capabilities.

According to the company, UV inks offer an enhanced color range. The company says UV inks are an economical alternative to acid-etching and sandblasting since the inks can be formulated to provide different surface textures when printed and cured.

Number Four
AFG’s Self-Cleaning Glass “Radiates”

In January 2002, USGlass published a story on self-cleaning glass, and although AFG’s Radiance Ti™ self-cleaning glass was not yet introduced, response to the product was high. The product was launched in the first quarter of 2002 and is available for installation in both residential and commercial structures. 

“Radiance Ti allows our customers to maintain their ENERGY STAR® programs while adding self-cleaning features to their windows,” said D. Roger Kennedy, president and chief executive officer of AFG. “Radiance Ti’s self-cleaning capabilities and the spectrally selective Comfort Ti performance characteristic offer the commercial and the residential construction industry a unique glazing option.” 

Number Five
Guardian Plans to Introduce Low-Maintenance Product 
Guardian Industries’ low-maintenance glass was not yet launched when the product was mentioned in the January 2002 issue of USGlass, but it earned enough reader responses to make it one of the 2002 product of the year winners. In the January issue, Guardian projected that the product would be launched in the fourth quarter of 2002. However, the company now says that its DiamondGuard™ LMG will now be available in the summer of 2003.

The company says its product is different compared to other low-maintenance or self-cleaning products on the market in that it provides excellent water and dirt management properties while providing color neutrality, optimal insulating glass configuration flexibility and remarkable scratch 

Number Six
Pilkington Offers Seraphic Glass

PILKINGTON Pilkington (in Australia) has available its Seraphic decorative glass, which is a ceramic frit glass available in various patterns and colors for use in exterior, interior and overhead glazing. 

In addition, Pilkington offers its Colourback interior partitioning to enhance office environments with a range of solid opaque colors, frosts, etched effects or transparent colors. The Colourback interior partitioning is manufactured using the Seraphic 
architectural designer glass. 

Number Seven
Denunzio Reflects on Mirror Possibilities
DENUZIO Based in Somers, Conn., DeNunzio Inc. has available an extensive gallery of framed mirrors. Ovals, squares and hourglass shapes are some of the mirror choices available in the company’s Florentine collection. Available styles include baroque ovals and squares, art nouveau, concentric beads and more.

Number Eight
MTH’s Unique Glass System 

  Chicago-based MTH Industries offers the GlassWedge™ system for use in installing glass-rail panels. The product has three components: a high-impact plastic isolator channel with an inverted wedge on one channel leg; a high-strength aluminum wedge; and a heavy-extruded aluminum shoe. 

First, the operator slides on the isolators, then drops the panel into the shoe and then drives the wedges. 

READY                                         DONE
Using the Glass Wedge system, two wedges are used to lock the glass to the shoe. 
Just as has been done in the past when glass rails were installed, the heavy aluminum shoe is installed first, keeping it as plumb as possible.

However, this patented system uses flat-head cap screws instead of the socket-head cap screws used usually. The installer slips the plastic isolators on the bottom of a glass.
Next, the installer places the glass with the isolators on the bottom edge in the shoe. The isolator keeps the glass in a near-vertical position even without the wedge. When the installer is satisfied with the spacing and top height alignment for a group of panels, a locking operation is then completed.

Number Nine
SURFACECLEANER Rawn America Offers Stainless Steel Cleaner 

  Rawn America of St Paul, Minn., offers a cleaner designed for use on stainless steel that removes and prevents water spotting. The company says the cleaner helps preserve the original factory finish. 

Number Ten
VENCEVA Solutia Touts “Advanced” Solutions for Glass
St. Louis-based Solutia Inc. offers Vanceva, a laminate brand of Advanced Solutions for Glass.™ 

Glaspro Inc. of Santa Fe Springs, Calif., is just one fabricator and distributor of the Vanceva line.
“Vanceva is an outstanding line of interlayer products with unmatched aesthetic and performance qualities,” said Joseph Green, Glaspro president. “We’re pleased to be part of the Solutia team and to be offering a wider range of solutions that enable designers to think about glass as performing functions they never thought possible.”


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