Volume 38, Issue 2, February 2003


Glaspro Inc. Offers Southwall Technologies’ XIR Laminated Products
Southwall Technologies’ XIR Laminated 72-41 film products are now available from Glaspro Inc. of Santa Fe, Calif. According to a news release issued by Glaspro, the products offer solar control while also providing maximum daylighting.

catfish XIR was used in Catfish Town in Louisiana. 

Glaspro also announced that several XIR Laminated 72-41 products are the only monolithic products to meet the new 0.40 or lower Solar Heat Gain Coefficient (SHGC) standard for new construction in Texas. Some SHGC products include low-E, Clear4, low-E clear, Moss Green4, Moss Green, Tahoe Blue3, Tahoe Blue, Pacific Blue5, Mojave Bronze, Carmel Gray3 and Carmel Gray. 

Glaspro adds that the products with less than 0.40 SHGC offer up to 62 percent light transmission.
XIR Laminated 72-41 film is sealed between PVB and two lites of clear glass. Glaspro says it is ideal for applications such as skylights, solariums, large glass facades, control towers, sports complexes, medical facilities and more.

“We’re thrilled to be offering this unparalleled product line to our clients,” said Joe Green, Glaspro president. “With XIR Laminated, we create amazing glass solutions with energy performance superior to tinting or coating.”

Twenty-Four-Hour Fab and Delivery Services Earn Edge Seal Recognition

Edge Seal Technologies of Walton Hills, Ohio, was honored recently with a Best Business Practices award for its ability to fabricate and deliver within 24 hours custom glass products to customers in the Midwest and most of the East Coast.

Edge Seal (Front row, left to right), Mike McHugh and DeAnna Negron. (Back row, left to right), Joe Hudson and Al Boomer.

Edge Seal was one of seven companies to receive the best practices award in 2002. The company was also recognized for making an annual list of the fastest growing companies in Northeast Ohio for the fifth time in the last ten years. 

The award was presented December 11 at the annual Weatherhead 100 banquet by Enterprise Development Inc., an economic-development organization affiliated with the Weatherhead School of Management at Case Western Reserve University. According to a news release issued by Edge Seal, the Weatherhead 100 recognizes companies in the region with the highest five-year growth rates.

“These awards recognize the vision, investment and effort needed to develop the capability to reliably make and deliver overnight thousands of high-quality custom units to customers in a large geographic area,” said Mike McHugh, Edge Seal president. “Thanks to these systems and our dedicated employees, customers can order fabricated glass today, including units with tempered and laminated glass, etching and more than 60 varieties of muntins and receive their products in manufacturing sequence tomorrow.” 

Pyroguard Earns UL Classification
CGI International of Merseyside, United Kingdom, has announced that its Pyroguard non-wired fire glass has recently obtained classification by the Underwriters Laboratories (UL). Tests were conducted at UL’s Northbrook, Ill., facility.

According to CGI, Pyroguard was tested for 20 minutes (non-hose stream) and passed positive pressure fire-ratings classifications for use in hollow metal and wood doors, sidelites, borrowed lites and transoms. 

“The UL approval completes the set of approvals we need for Pyroguard to be installed by 
whoever locally marks and glazes the door or screen,” said Gratten Williams, CGI North American sales manager. 

Spec-Temp Installs New Glassline Shuttle
Antwerp, Ohio-based Spec-Temp recently installed a new Glassline twin servo rack and pinion loading and unloading shuttle. According to the company, the additions are custom designed to meet processing and quality-control requirements, while improving drilling efficiencies and production throughput. 

The twin-servo design uses one servo-driven shuttle to load and position glass parts to be precision-drilled, while the other shuttle unloads the drilled glass and positions it in-line for washing, packaging and shipping.

Briefly …
Adhesives Research Inc. has signed a distribution agreement with Union Chemical Ind. of Taiwan. Under the agreement Union Chemical will serve as the Taiwanese sales agent/distributor for Adhesive’s industrial and electronics pressure-sensitive adhesive products… Mayflower Inc. of Brooklyn, N.Y., is now distributing Schlage locks… Bensenville, Ill.-based Brant Technologies will now distribute Lo-Vel and Hi-Sil silicas from PPG for the coatings market. Brant will distribute the products in Illinois, Minnesota, Wisconsin, North Dakota, South Dakota and Northern Indiana.


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